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However, we must find a way to get a new suite for Jiayuan, otherwise it will be unfair to our niece.

Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Idea
Ding Qiunan looked straight when he threw a thick stack of birth certificates in front of his wife.
"Boy, how long did it take you to get so much after you went out?"
"What about you?" Li Chu’s triumphant expression is like a child waiting for his mother to praise him for getting a good grade in the exam.
He picked up the table and drank a few mouthfuls of water.
"I’m telling you, in addition to the Intermediate People’s Court and the old Yi family’s backyard, other departments have done it. Oh, no, there’s a Xu Damao family."
"What are you going to do with the big Mao family?"
"Buy it for 600 yuan."
"I don’t think he will ask for money."
"That can’t be must give otherwise I become? If anyone sues me for this one day, I’m not sure. "
"Not bad, there is no cockiness." Ding Qiunan’s expression of being a Confucian can teach Li Chu some distress situation.
"That’s who I am."
The two couples here are chatting happily, and several people in the Intermediate People’s Court over there have been completely unable to sit still.
The main house changed rooms with Yuzhu at that time, and the one who changed rooms also came back. Several of them in the Intermediate People’s Court discussed it together.
"What now? The front and back yards can be sold and sold. "
"They are so careless. I thought we agreed to advance and retreat together."
Listening to the words of the host in the main house, Qinhuai showed a disdainful expression at the corner of his mouth.
Still advancing and retreating? From yesterday when Uncle Two and Uncle Three talked to everyone about it, she knew it was impossible. Everyone had their own small plans in mind.
Those people in the front and back yards can sell together because their rooms are all about the same size. It is impossible for one person to sell the one that others want to raise prices unless you are not going to change the flat.
It’s even more impossible to sell it to others. Who can sell it to others for 600 without asking around? You ask me for 700. How come I look like a big wrong?
"Now we have a few left? Let’s discuss a countermeasure, otherwise don’t say that if Li Chu pulls the front yard, we will be in great trouble. "
Qinhuai as Sigh next door to her call way
She sat here and didn’t say a word. It’s none of her business whether these families sell them or not. She has made up her mind to sell them to Li Chu for 700 yuan-at worst, 600 yuan. She can accept it when she grits her teeth.
"Why don’t you express your opinion?"
"Hey, what can I say as a woman? But I told Sigh that I would sell my horse if he agreed to 710."
"This ….. this is one hundred less than the price we discussed last night."
"That have what way? Unless you want to watch people pull the front yard, it will be troublesome for us to come out and go in. Besides, the front and back yards are not cheaper than last night. "
"Huai, if you don’t talk to Li Chu, his wife is fine. You talk to her."
"I’m with somebody else? You respect me too much. It’s just that I’m a poor widow. What have I done before? You don’t know that men have not come to deal with me. I’m amitabha and I’m still looking for someone. "
The main house that after listening to the Qinhuai said seven hundred, the heart also secretly pondered it.
His house is a little bigger, and it’s the main house. Last night, he said that 2.5 thousand was also wild speculations, but 2 thousand should be about the same, and at the worst, he had to ask for 1 thousand
Thought of here, he also decided to prepare for a while and then talk to Qinhuai as to let her take herself to find that Li Chu.
Otherwise, he doesn’t know anyone at all, and he doesn’t even know where to look.
The general hospital rushed out of the operating room, and a young doctor ran away, even the families of several patients around the door of the operating room did not take a reason.
He can’t be in a hurry. The patient is still lying on the operating table. It’s uncertain whether he will live or die.
It should be said that the injured person is more appropriate, and this injured person is also working for their general hospital
There were several people around the door of the operating room just now, that is, the workmate inside.
These people are all working for their general hospital to tear down the old administrative building. The man inside accidentally vomited blood when he was hit by a large brick in the chest while working.
After being sent here, it was very quick to enter the operating room, but I couldn’t do it in the middle of the operation. There was still one or two bleeding points, and I couldn’t find them. I just had to churn out everything in my chest.
There is no way to perform the surgery. Master Chen can send someone to call Li Chu.
This kind of thing doesn’t happen once or twice. I think of a knife in my general hospital, but I turn to a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for help several times. Even if the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is the leader of the hospital, he is ashamed and wants to hit the wall.
But now he can silently pray in his heart that Dean Li must go to the hospital, otherwise they can watch the worker hang up the operating table because there is no bleeding after blood transfusion.
Isn’t this the famous math problem?
The young doctor who ran out of the operating room came to an office not far away, picked up the words and dialed out.
"Hello, Assistant Zhao, this is Dean Li in the surgical operating room. No, we want to ask him for a favor here."
"What? Go out? "
"Oh, oh, oh, I’ll hang up. Please take a look. If so, please ask him to come to the surgical operating room as soon as possible."
Zhao Zhijun over there knew the priorities, threw the words at his desk and ran out.
He first ran to Li Chu’s office to get the white coat on the wall, and then knocked and ran to the stairs.
The sound of running led the people in the office on the second floor to come out and have a look.
When I saw Zhao Zhijun running with a white coat, I knew that there must be some critically ill or important patients who returned to the office
"Call me to lead the surgical operating room, please do me a favor."
Short-term violent running made Zhao Zhijun panting, and he still held his breath and said it.
Li Chu saw him appear at the door with a white coat in his hand, and knew that there must be something. People had already got up, took out the needle bag from their desk and walked to the door.
Took his white coat and walked quickly outside the building and said, "You told them it would be there in two minutes."
Just now, Ding Qiunan heard the call from the surgical operating room and sat back in the chair. She is used to it, let alone the call in the middle of the night during the day. I don’t know how many times I called it. Li Chuji went home tonight by car, so it is convenient to go to the door in case it is late.
Chapter six hundred and forty Paradox
When Li Chu appeared at the door of the operating room, the white coat had been put on, which calmed a fierce heartbeat a little. He took a look at those people at the door who were covered in gray people and then pushed the door of the operating room and went in.
There are five operations in the operating room of the new surgical building, and five operations can be performed at the same time.