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At this time, the Song family Song Xiqian is trying to escape!

From Dongling to the imperial city, she was really caught in another place!
Song mother came to give her daughter a meal to eat. Song Xiqian was in a bad mood and pushed "No!"
"Qian qian, you can’t be so unreasonable! What’s wrong with Ann? His horse is the prime minister. What a boy! And I grew up with you and know each other well. Your father and I both think he is good. "
Song mother earnestly advised her daughter.
Song Xiqian sighed, "Yes, he is very good …" Suddenly her eyes turned and she had an idea. "Mom, I haven’t seen him for such a long time, so let me see him once? Is that okay? I … I miss him. "
"Huh?" Song mother believed it but hesitated. "But your father said he wouldn’t let you go out …"
"Mom, you let me go out. I’ll meet Ann’s brother …" Song Xiqian finally said something to her mother.
"Thank you, Mom!" Song Xiqian didn’t delay out of the Song family for a moment and went straight to Sheng family.
She didn’t know when Ni Jun would come back, so she waited at the door for two hours before she saw Ni Jun’s car coming to the door. Song Xiqian hurriedly ran over and stopped the car "wood, wood!"
Ni Jun Zheng immediately ordered the driver to stop "Stop!"
When the car stopped, Ni Jun hit the door foot and was pulled out by Song Xiqian. Song Xiqian took him on tiptoe and hugged him. "Wood finally saw you!"
Ni Jun is a little overwhelmed. This girl has disappeared for so long. How did he think that he could suddenly see her at home today? Besides, this girl always calls him Wood, and he has never told her that his nickname is Wood.
"Cough" Ni Jun gently coughed two times and was held by a girl. Of course, he would feel embarrassed. "Miss Song, you put …"
His words were blocked by Song Xiqian’s kiss before he finished. Song Xiqian was most annoyed that he didn’t talk when he should talk. He shouldn’t talk when he was talking. A lot of nonsense! Just stop him from talking! What men should do is reversed when it comes to her.
"Ah …"
Ni Jun struggled to push Song Xiqian’s cheeks red. "You, what are you doing?"
"Hum!" Song Xiqian pouted and said, "Don’t you miss me? You haven’t looked for me and worried about me for so long? "
It’s not that NiJun is silent and doesn’t talk … The fact is there.
At this time, Hangan car is also coming towards Shengjia.
He finished his lunch schedule and was about to get back to the presidential palace when he received a message from the Song family that Song Xiqian had gone out for a lunch and had not come back to ask if he was with him. Hang An felt white at this time, Song Xiqian had absolutely no other place to go when she went out!
So he told the Song family that they were together and ordered a car to go to Sheng’s house.
Hang Anlai was very lucky when he stopped just to see Ni Jun and Song Xiqian hugging each other.
"hey!" Hangan hook lip sneer straight to two people one hand a grip on the NiJun.
"You …" Ni Jun consternation how even hang an is here? "Hang …"
Hang An impatiently interrupted him, "Don’t give me that nonsense! Isn’t Sheng Shijun bold? You dare to rob my woman? How can you dig someone else’s corner when you are a lover of Xiaoping fashion? I warn you to stay away from Song Xiqian! Don’t you know that her horse is going to marry me? "
"What?" Nijun looked blankly at Song Xiqian. He really didn’t know, but his heart seemed a little uncomfortable.
"Wood, don’t listen to him. I don’t want him to force me!" Song Xiqian injustice to keep shake head.
Hangan leer at her and grabbed her hand and dragged her away from NiJun "you little useless talk! Come with me! "
"No, no, I’m not going with you!" Song Xiqian stubbornly struggled to resist strength. Without Hang An, her hands were red and she didn’t break free. She looked at Ni Jun for help.
"Hang An!" Ni Jun frowned uncontrollably and stretched out his hand and stopped Hang An. He glanced at Song Xiqian’s eyes and light was very firm. "Let her go. Didn’t you hear her say that she didn’t want to? Don’t force her! "
"Hum!" Hangan felt funny and glanced at him coldly and said, "Is this your responsibility? I didn’t realize you had a lot of people in your heart! Please, the people around you are enough! Don’t be merciful to others everywhere! "
"…" NiJun alpha males don’t quite understand his words.
"Wood!" In the end, it was Song Xiqian who knew Ni Jun better. "Wood, talk quickly. Who do you like, Dandan and me?"
After she woke up, Ni Jun seemed to think of something and said, "Hang An! Danny and I are not what you think. We are good friends! "
"…" Hangzhou An Wei leer at NiJun suddenly smiled "NiJun what are you talking about? How dare you say such irresponsible thing at this time? Do you want to be beaten by me again? "
"No, you listen to me, you go to Danny! Dandan has a lot to tell you! " Ni Jun said too many words in one breath. If he weren’t a friend, he wouldn’t say so many words. "Dandan won’t let people say it, but if you go yourself, she will say it!" Danny likes you! Why are you still white? Everyone knows things that you don’t know! "
"…" Hang Anmeng looked back at Ni Jun again. What did Xue Wei say before the same words? What, everyone says that? But Danny never said it in front of him?
No, it’s not. He’s seen Danny with his own eyes. He likes Ni Jun!
"Smelly!" Hang An’s fist is bound to hit Ni Jun "You should make excuses for yourself and listen to Danny wholeheartedly! Otherwise I won’t spare you! "
Say that finish pulling Song Xiqian car.
Ni Jun waved a fist, and Hang An was stunned by what he was doing. Does he really know? Dandan, by the way, Dandan! Now no one can stop him except Danny! Ni Jun went to the car door and told the driver to "drive to the long summer"
He must see Danny at once. It would be a tragedy if he was late!
Chapter 567 Dan Xin remains out of sight
Section 373
NiJunDang arrived in the long summer.
Ruan Danning in the room is learning makeup from Le Xuewei. She didn’t wear makeup very much before, but now she is in poor health and her face is not good-looking. If she doesn’t wear some light makeup, she will be embarrassed to go out.
"Danny, Xue Wei …"