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"I said what are you doing this guy squatting in front of the computer? It turned out to be looking for a war movie. However, you see how boring the ancient Chinese war movies are. They are not as interesting as some TV series. I still like foreign special effects films like clash of the titans. "

"Wait, what did you say?" Qin Shaojie suddenly asked.
"Ah?" Ouyang Yao is one leng. "I said, I like special effects blockbusters like clash of the titans. What’s wrong? "
"No, the above sentence."
"The above sentence? I said that foreign movies are better. "
"Yes, yes, that’s it." Qin Shaojie suddenly jumped up with excitement, hugged Ouyang Yao and kissed him. Damn it, I don’t have a clue. I’m so stupid that I didn’t think about foreign wars. Angels, this has something to do with Catholicism, and we have to ask Ethan, a less devout Catholic.
"This guy, crazy again?" Ouyang Yao looked at Qin Shaojie who had run downstairs, wiped the saliva on her face and said inexplicably.
To say that angels have nothing to do with magic, Qin Shaojie doesn’t need to be so concerned. But the * * used by the mysterious man before he fled made Qin Shaojie think that it was the teleport used by the legendary vampire. But the northern ghost war denied his statement again, only telling him to find out for himself about the war nearly a thousand years ago.
In a small restaurant, Qin Shaojie and Ethan sat together and ordered some side dishes and beer.
"Ethan, you are a Catholic, aren’t you?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"yes." Ethan quickly replied, but his eyes looked at Qin Shaojie inexplicably, wondering why he asked this.
"But you kill people."
"I have killed people, and I will pray. God will forgive me."
"Well, let me ask you a question." Qin Shaojie said. "Almost a thousand years ago, what wars happened in foreign countries?"
That’s it? Ethan gave Qin Shaojie a helpless look. Just this matter, he told me whether it was a Catholic’s job to kill or not.
"Crusade." Ethan thought about it and said.
"Ha ha, yes, this is it." Qin Shaojie said happily. "Then tell me, what is the reason for the failure?"
"Multi-line war plus internal contradictions." Although Ethan didn’t know what was wrong with Qin Shaojie today, he answered his question quickly.
"No, no, I want to listen to another version." Qin Shaojie said.
"Another version? What do you want to ask? " Ethan is really confused by Qin Shaojie now. Is there another version of the Crusade?
"I want to hear the fairy tale version." Qin Shaojie said. "Crusaders are called Crusaders because they believe in Catholicism, right?"
"Oh, I see." Ethan suddenly realized.
"Let’s just say." Ethan picked up the beer on the table and took a sip before he said. "You want to listen to fairy tales, that is, before Catholicism appeared, people believed in the Nordic gods. Later, with the appearance of Jesus, Catholicism gradually began to replace the Nordic gods. Later, the war between the angels and the gods began, but in the end the angels won. Since then, people’s beliefs have changed with the defeat of the gods. Later, the Crusaders began the crusade. They took God’s mission to introduce Catholicism from the west to the east, but in the end, they failed. "
"How did it fail?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"You know the real reason, but in legend, it means that when angels entered the East, they were intercepted by a group of eastern yogis, that is to say, people like you. Originally, the angels had to fight again, but the blood clan took the opportunity to rise and founded the dark Vatican to confront them. Therefore, they were distracted and failed. " Ethan shrugged his shoulders and said. "These are legends. I don’t know if they are true. Why do you ask these questions?"
"So, at the beginning of the group of so-called angels, should be the yogi had a fight with us in the east, because the group of vampires make trouble, so, eventually the crusade failed? If you say so, it seems that it is impossible for Magic Road to form an alliance with these angels. " Qin Shaojie said to himself.
According to the arrogant character of those guys in Magic Road, they will be so angry if they break into his magic road altar for the right way, not to mention those barbarians and dark creatures. Not to mention being led by it.
Qin Shaojie now seems to have some want to understand, why the North Ghost War will directly deny his idea. But just because the mystery man is special, it makes more mysteries unsolved.
Chapter 266 You are my woman
As Qin Shaojie thought, although he failed to catch the mysterious man, the spiritual world was temporarily stable, and Qin Shaojie could use this time to sort things out.
In the instructor’s office of Jinghua University.
"You … why are you here?" Yi Xiaohui looked at Qin Shaojie standing in front of her desk, and some didn’t know how to face it. When you talk, your head can’t help but drop a few minutes and try not to make eye contact with Qin Shaojie. Now, she still doesn’t know how to face Qin Shaojie.
There is nothing to be ashamed of if he is a student and a teacher. But have you ever seen a teacher fall in love with his students?
Honestly, there is. Nowadays, men can marry men, even cats and dogs, and even photos. It’s nothing to play with teachers and students. However, Ai Xiaohui, who came out of that small village, can’t accept this kind of thing that violates ethics in her mind … although she has a substantive relationship.
"Why can’t I come?" Qin Shaojie said smilingly. "Don’t I come to see my guide, who else do I need to report to?"
"No, no, that’s not what I meant." Yi Xiaohui said with his head down. Fortunately, there is no one else in the office at this time. Otherwise, she is afraid to speak.
"I mean, you’re not …"
"You mean I’m silly? Hehe. " Qin Shaojie laughed. "That’s false, just to draw some people out. Now that my goal has been achieved, why should I play dumb? "
"Then what are you doing here?" Ai Xiaohui asked, this guy, the number of appearances in school is very few, always asks for leave, and I don’t know what method is used, but he won’t be fired.
Did he come to see me? Yi Xiaohui thought.
"I want to talk about dropping out of school." Qin Shaojie said.
"Oh, drop out." Xiao-hui yi heard Qin Shaojie say so, and her mood was depressed again. It turns out that he didn’t come to see me.