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"After all, Ollie and Orca got this because my sister wanted to leave the underground city. Naturally, it can’t be too difficult. Otherwise, if they can’t get out, they might as well not do it!"

An Jinxiu nodded
There is nothing wrong with this truth!
Everyone suddenly.
They attach too much importance to this chain.
I pushed myself too hard and forgot what the original intention was.
Isn’t it just that An Jinxiu can freely enter and leave the underground city?
Everyone feels nothing at this thought.
Step into the front cabin
On the left is a delivery door.
And on the right …
Lots and lots of engineering materials!
An Jinxiu found that these materials seemed to be involved when she answered the questions just now!
As soon as she spoke, An Xiaoya had a new guess. "These may be your rewards for answering questions, but that blackboard may be more proud, so I will put it in the house for you. Anyway, you will see it when you leave."
Everyone thought of the twisted blackboard and agreed to nod.
This possibility is really high!
An Jinxiu tried to pick up a material before.
Then I found that I was able to collect it.
So her heart directly accepted these things!
Five people through the door back to the front of the card.
Now Okana has just turned pale and bowed his head and wiped his gun
"Come back?" He didn’t even lift his head.
An Jinxiu nodded. "Well, I’m back!"
Oka looked at An Jinxiu and then cocked his head.
Probably looking at himself and saying,
Then he handed an Jinxiu something with a complicated face.
"Here, you know how. You can go!"
Congratulations to the player for completing the chain [from Underground City]. Underground City looks at intimacy level +1 and gets money and 1 gold.’
Chapter 22 Fanwai New Year Special (Happy New Year! )
This is the winter after ten years.
Chinese New Year’s Eve
"Amin, should we compete for a place in the New Year’s activities in today’s game?" An Xiaoya will hang himself in the Yanmingshen after cleaning up things at home.
Because of the variable An Xiaoya, there should be 60 levels in the future, and the highest level is now 74.
It is An Xiaoya people.
And the masters are almost level 7.
Like every New Year’s Day, New Year’s activities are launched in World.
It was New Year’s Eve and it was late to ten o’clock.
There are two hours of New Year’s activities, but the prize is rich, which makes everyone rush.
In the first nine years, except for the time when An Xiaoya happened to have a baby, An Xiaoya and Yin Ming were famous or among the best in every New Year’s activity.
Yin Ming firmly caught An Xiaoya so that she wouldn’t fall down because of violent movements, but after carefully considering this problem, she shook her head. "I think we should give others a chance to live!"
He said very seriously, "If the two of us continue to win the first and second place this time, Xiaowan may have to come over with a belly, and Gong Liang will definitely fight hard with us!"
An Xiaoya trembled at the thought that Xiao Wan, a restless guy, might be killed with a belly. "Well, you’re right. We have to leave someone else with an open hand!"
Next to a door hit.
Two little people with a straight face came out from the inside.
Dressed up as golden couple by An Xiaoya, the two little ones saw their parents show their love again on a daily basis as soon as they went out.
Accustomed to all this, the brother and sister said that this is not a problem.
The problem is that today is their fifth birthday cake.
"By the way, what about Amin’s first and second cakes?" AnXiaoYa also asked to get up.
Yin Ming replied "in the game room" without stopping his head manually.
Two little people dressed in red walked hand in hand to the game room as soon as their feet turned.
After the two little things turned around, An Xiaoya was a thief and looked at his man with a smile. "A Ming, do you think that Xiao Yi Er will be surprised to see their birthday presents?"
Yin Ming stopped at this time and actually didn’t do anything to hold An Xiaoya in her arms. "Must be a surprise!"
"You almost got in this year. Don’t you just want to surprise the little guys at this time?"
He pampered and touched An Xiaoya’s hair.
Girl, it’s hard work!
What kind of birthday presents will the little ones see?