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Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Xuan Aoyuanzhen

Remember, suddenly stop this work practice. Take out a three-finger-wide Yu Pei. At the moment, the mountain was flashing with a faint silver light. She reached in with her gods and looked at it. She couldn’t help sighing and immediately got up and came to the room where Iodine Model and Wang Daoxian were located.
At the moment, the ban outside the room is shaking. And there is also a "bang" crackling sound. Obviously, someone is attacking.
Jiman figure that entered the room. He saw Yan Mo commanding a magic weapon to attack the array outside the room, and he also called Wang Daoxian, who was at a loss, to attack the array together.
Momo saw Jiman come in and snorted. I don’t stop, I still go my own way.
Jiman saw this, and his heart flashed a trace of helplessness. However, she knew it was useless to persuade, so her face suddenly turned cold and said faintly, "If you don’t stop, I will tie you up like last time, but this time it won’t be just for one day!"
Yan Mo saw Jiman’s cold face, and there was some anxiety in his heart, and then he thought of the last teaching. I still have some lingering fears. It’s just that she doesn’t want to be so casual, and her face is not red and white for a while.
When Wang Daoxian saw this, he knew that the model was a child’s mind and wanted to find a catty. Down the steps, so I hurried up and advised, "All right, iodine model, don’t be willful. Stop quickly, if you have anything, tell your senior Ji well. "
After hearing this, Yan Mo found the steps down, and she took back the magic weapon, but she felt very wronged and wanted to cry. But in front of Jiman, she felt a little embarrassed. At that time, she was depressed and couldn’t find any relief. She had to stomp her feet and ran to the training room inside, paying attention to it alone, and she ignored how Wang Daoxian shouted.
All the prohibitions in the room were arranged by Jiman, so of course she couldn’t be stumped, but she didn’t go in rashly, but quietly looked at it through the law outside, and saw that Mo Iodine was sulking inside and didn’t do anything out of line, so she couldn’t help but relax.
"Elder Ji shouldn’t blame Momo either. She’s just a person who can’t stand it, and she’s a little worried about her crazy elder, so she’s upset, so she does this kind of thing. She’ll be fine in a while, and I’ll persuade her." Wang Daoxian carefully begged Jiman for Xu Yan.
Jiman was about to answer, but suddenly he felt a shiver in his heart, like a calm lake falling into a stone, causing a ripple, which suddenly made her speechless. Two tears involuntarily fell from the corner of his eye, but her face. But with a faint smile.
Wang Daoxian looked at all this, and felt puzzled. He even wondered if he had said something wrong just now, and his heart suddenly felt uneasy.
Just when he was at a loss, he suddenly heard the other side say, "Tell Iodine Mo that his brother will come back soon!" "
Yang Xiu quickly went to the home of the Twelve Peaks in Nanling, while thinking about some information that he had just got from a monk in Jiedan period about the six immortals in recent years.
Let’s talk about the fairy mansion under the sea at that time. Although the factions were tight-lipped at that time, the monks didn’t know much about it, but over the years, the things that were born in those years have already spread out, not to mention that everyone knows, but it is no longer a secret.
It is said that the "Purple Lancang Langgong", that is, the undersea fairy house, finally belonged to neither the original gate nor other famous schools with names, but a force that most monks had never heard of.
When Yang Xiu heard it at that time, he was very moved and thought it was Bai Zhi. Because he felt in his heart that his ban on Bai Zhi was still there, since the other party didn’t have an accident, on the same day, Bai Zhi scattered "black cartilage crisp" in the tower of Purple Lancang Wave Palace, which still had a great chance to refine the magic weapon of the town government of Purple Lancang Wave Palace.
It’s just that he clearly told Bai Zhi to collect the storage bags of those monks and left. After all, he is not from any faction inside. Even if he refines the magic weapon of the town government, he will not be able to keep it after being known.
So it’s better to just take the storage bag. Think of hundreds of people who put Godsworn Dan’s storage bag in the bag. If it were replaced by Lingshi, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have to worry about Lingshi for the rest of my life.
However, after hearing what the other party said, Yang Xiucai knew that he was happy for nothing. I heard that it was a sect called Sin Valley that got the fairy house. I heard that the other party not only got the fairy mansion, but also the storage bags of all the monks in it at that time, which was also found by the other party. This matter has also become a big part of the fix true world.
When Yang Xiu heard this, he was somewhat indecisive. How could it be that "Sink Valley" got all the friars’ storage bags? Since Bai Zhi isn’t dead, he won’t get nothing anyway.
"It seems that after leaving at that time, what happened inside!" Thought of here, Yang Xiu’s face can’t help some gloomy, dialogue zhi, there are some doubts, let he was going to find the mold, immediately went to find his plan, also have to plan again.
In the past hundred years, the biggest thing in life may be the strong rise of the demon soul alliance.
The Demon Soul League is the demon soul organization that drove the Nanling Sect out of the Twelve Peaks of Nanling in those years. Now it is known that these demon souls were tens of thousands of years ago. It was transformed by those dead monsters sealed in the Trans-Grand Canyon.
In ancient times, the monster beast had the ability to move mountains and rivers, and its strength was strong. Therefore, the demon soul transformed after their death, although it has been sealed and suppressed for so many years, is much weaker than before getting up, but human monks are generally not strong now, so they still hold up a human monk.
In particular, the leader of these demon souls, who is called the man of the bodhi old zu of the Xuanjiao Sect, has reached an incredible level. It is rumored that he is Mao who has been distracted and reached the realm of anti-emptiness. No one can be its edge.
In those days, while Yang Xiu and others were fighting for the immortal mansion under the sea, the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao also took those evil spirits and abused the realm of fixing the true. Wherever the demon soul goes, people die and die, and for a while, those schools that fix the truth near the Grand Canyon have moved one after another, making people panic. Although it was almost a whole catty. The sects of the fix true world are United, but it’s still hard to cope. After all, the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao is too strong. In front of him, there are not enough monks to see.
Finally, something happened, and these demon souls slowly converged.
I heard that the ancestor of Xuanjiao went to the first gate at that time. I plan to rob the first gate of the day after tomorrow.
However, because of underestimating the enemy, it fell into the defensive mountain array, the sun, the moon and the stars array of Shidimen.
Although the array of the sun, the moon and the stars, which is composed of thirty-three bans on life and death, and ninety-nine bans on disillusionment of the stars, is fierce, there is no corresponding strong Lingbao suppression like the Delong Sword Sect, and it can’t do anything to the Xuanao bodhi old zu, which can only cause some troubles.
What he didn’t expect, however, was that Shidimen actually had a late distracted founder, Taoist Yuan Zhen. Although Taoist Yuan Zhen’s cultivation is not as high as his, he just has the acquired Lingbao in his hand. Falling soul beads.
The lost soul bead deserves to be a precious treasure of the day after tomorrow. Once the Taoist priest Yuan Zhen offered it, the Taoist priest of Xuanjiao, the anti-imaginary monk, was powerless to fight back. In the end, he learned early and quickly used the secret method to escape.
However, he didn’t expect the Taoist Yuan Zhen to pursue the victory, intending to kill them all, so he followed all the way, followed the Xuanao bodhi old zu, in the lair across the Grand Canyon, and the result was a burst of darkness. The sun and the moon are fighting with no light, and the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao is cooperating with his "28-star array", which can barely resist the attack of Taoist Yuan Zhen.
Because of this incident, the demon soul alliance stopped the pace of further expansion and quieted down. But even so, it is south of Delong. East of the single fruit country, north of the southwest boundless coastline. It has become the sphere of influence of the demon soul alliance, and it is difficult for outsiders to penetrate it.
After this incident, the momentum of the first gate is also more prosperous than before, and the fix-true world has to get along with it, which can be said to be standing on the position of responding.
The Nanling Sect, however, completely lost the Twelve Peaks of Nanling and moved to a small mountain in Taiwu Mountain, not far from Shidimen.
Yang Xiu, while flying, thought about these information, of which Taoist Xuanjiao and Taoist Yuan Zhen, of course, were the most shocking to him.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen is to say, at least now, it has little to do with Yang Xiu, but Xuanjiao bodhi old zu made him frown.
He remembered the five-tailed white fox and bald ape that day, but everyone was guarded by a demon soul equivalent to the fit period, which showed that the other party must have a close relationship with the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao. Maybe it was the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao who came to look for the relocation order.
By such a catty. Giant wall Johnson thinking, but let Yang Xiu some depressed.
It seems that not only can we no longer go to Nanling Sect, but even places that have any connection with the past can’t go again, otherwise it won’t be so easy to get rid of it once it is discovered!
After making up his mind, Yang Xiu has no distractions, and will soon enter the range of twelve peaks in Nanling.
After it was occupied by those demon souls, there were three demon souls who sat here all the year round, and there were about 13 or 14 demon souls in their infancy. As for those demon souls in the Dan period, don’t count them. So don’t alert the other side, or you’ll be in trouble.
Therefore, after he entered the range of the Twelve Peaks in Nanling, he used the stealth technique to gather good breath, and no longer used the gods to look too far away, so as not to accidentally attract the attention of those powerful demon souls.
His divine knowledge has been better than that of ordinary people after practicing the "Been Earth Tactics" combined with meditation, so be careful and don’t worry too much.