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After putting away the recorder, his body became blurred.

Seeing that his back was torn and his muscles rolled like poppies, a new "person" climbed out of that terrible blood hole!
Then this "person" fell to the ground, slowly got up, and his blood gradually flowed into a clean posture, constantly changing and adjusting, and finally became a sample of Mencius.
And the blood hole behind Alex gradually closed and finally recovered.
Alex turned to look at "Meng Ke" and Meng Ke looked at Alex with a smile.
The two "Meng Ke" smiled at each other.
Alex’s body changed again, and finally he changed into a black Se watch soldier.
This scene is more bizarre than
Alex’s doppelganger ability created a doppelganger to stay in the sample receiver for observation, while the body just jumped out of the window.
At this time, the five majors and five grades are still entangled with Robert in the teaching building, and no one can stop Alex in the battlefield outside.
Alex left Cornell University’s new campus directly.
Su Hao, Lothar and Xiaobai have been waiting there early.
They all breathed a sigh of relief at the safe return of Alex.
Su Hao asked, "I was worried that the scene would get out of hand and wait for reinforcements, but fortunately everything went well … How did it go?"
At this point, Alex has recovered to his own appearance and replied, "Everything is as you expected … that Robert school is really in its original form and has had a big fight with the sample receiver. Both sides are immortal."
Then he told Su Hao about Robert’s battle.
Su Hao was slightly surprised. "Robert’s strength is so strong … but no matter how brave he is, this organization of him and the sample recipients is already immortal. No matter from the perspective of hatred or interests, the sample recipients have reasons to kill him, and Robert even has no time to deal with you for the time being."
"You’re right, everything is just as you expected … but there is another person who makes me feel very uneasy."
"That’s right. The sample recipient is the youngest of the top 5 evolutionists. He has considerable doubts about me … and I feel that this person is deeply hidden."
Su Hao frowned and said, "What is his power?"
Alex replied, "Annihilation … He changed the physical form by injecting biochemical energy, but he can attack those substances … even better than Robert and Dick … even if he and I let Adam pull away, we will pay a heavy price."
Child as he is, he brings me as much pressure as Robert.
"… is really troublesome" Su Hao frown.
At this time, even Su Hao felt a little short-circuited in his brain … This time, Robert and the evolutionist ended up relying on their own advantages to make such a seamless plan, but at the same time, they also pulled the plot to a relatively off track, which led to where they didn’t know.
The scalp is numb. What should I do?
"It’s time for us to go back and meet Karin. Robert has misunderstood Karin. I conspired to deceive him. Once he gets away, he may join Karin … maybe kill her," Alex said.
"I really want to see how embarrassing it is for Karin to see Alex walk up to her intact," Lothar laughed.
"May be upset … compared with I’d like to know what expression she heard that recording?" Xiao Bai also had a proud expression.
Su Hao also said, "It’s not enough to do it one step at a time … wait until you see Karin before making a plan."
They nodded and left Roosevelt Island together.
Soon they are back in their homes.
Karin was still sitting in her research room at this time, uneasy to see Alex suddenly get up and slowly sit back.
She forced out an ugly smile and reluctantly said, "You’re back."
Palm suddenly emitted a cold sweat.
Alex nodded and sat beside her and said, "The investigation is clear, but something went wrong halfway."
Karin nodded wordlessly.
Alex paused before saying, "I want you to leave new york as soon as possible."
Karin was surprised. "What?"
Alex said, "I know everything. You don’t have to look so surprised."
Karin looked at Alex and said, "What … Yao … knows … Tao?"
Alex nodded. "I know much more than you."
Then he hit the recorder.
After the recording was played, Karin’s face changed and she was sweating.
It never occurred to her that Robert’s school, which is upright, respectable and vicious, is also the original form she hates most!
"Although Robert has been entangled in the evolution organization now, he will still escape. He has misunderstood you. I’m afraid he will deal with me first, not me, but you … so you’d better leave new york at once and don’t come back."
Karin has been stunned.
For a long time, she was in tears and had collapsed.
Everyone can accept such a huge gap.
She was going to kill someone, but she still protected her even though she knew she was going to kill him, and the Robert school she trusted was going to kill her at the moment.
Such a contrast is maddening and makes people collapse.