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"Well, uncle, I know you are kind and kind-hearted, but I promised my girlfriend that I can definitely be the security guard, or my girlfriend will be disappointed. I don’t want to disappoint my girlfriend." Li Yi said.

"Hey, it’s okay for young people to take a trip. Uncle told you the rules. You just need to stick to this person’s hand for three minutes. Not much, only three minutes. Uncle told you that if you are knocked down, you must protect your head." Uncle said with a sigh.
"Uncle, don’t worry, I am a security guard." Li Yi smiled and said.
"Young man, self-confidence is a good thing. You must protect yourself!" The uncle said with a smile.
Actually, even Li Yi can’t apply for this security guard Lin Keer won’t say anything, because Lin Keer knows that Li Yi has this ability. However, when Li Yi saw the muscular man being beaten like that, Li Yi was very angry. Isn’t it just to apply for a security guard? As for the next dead hand, his face was swollen.
Ever since, at this moment, Li Yi broke out all her love and decided to punish the candidate well.
"Is there anyone to apply for? The conditions for applying are very simple, as long as you stick to this security guard for three minutes. Don’t worry, our security guard will not be heavy-handed, and there will definitely be no danger. " A broadcast voice reached Li Yi’s ears.
Damn, shame on you. I thought you wouldn’t do it again. What happened to this muscular man just now? At this moment, Li Yi has not only sympathy for this muscular man, but also anger at this security guard and radio.
"I’ll do it." Suddenly, Li Yi said.
"Ok, we finally have a candidate, so we’ll wait and see!"
"Boy, you can’t. I advise you to go straight down. If I do, you won’t be like this." The security guard said dismissively.
"Hum, how do you know I can’t?" Li Yi smiled and asked.
"Did you see the muscular man before? It’s the end of hard support. You’d better hurry down!" The security guard said.
"That muscular man came to apply for a job, but now he makes you look like that. Don’t you feel ashamed!" Li Yi is really angry. It’s obviously your fault. You don’t admit your mistake. Isn’t that a rogue?
"Shame? What are you ashamed of? It’s good. If I insist on it for three minutes, my job will be lost. If I let him go, who will let me live a good life in this society? Is it you? " The security guard also said some angrily.
"Then you can’t kill yourself!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
Alas, it is difficult for an honest official to decide housework. No one is right or wrong, but at this moment, I should challenge this security guard just to stay with Chloe!
"That’s because he is inferior to others." The security guard said dismissively.
Li Yi was angry on the spot, and her skills were not as good as those of others? Can’t the weak live well? Is the weak just for the strong to trample? Is it to let the strong bully? This is not a society, this is a world where the law of the jungle prevails!
"Boy, hurry down, or you will be worse than him!" The security guard realized his muscles and said proudly.
"Old man, do you think you can beat this shameless creature completely without any effort?" Li Yi asked.
"Smelly boy, you know to ask me when you meet something. Can’t you practice it yourself!" Wuji said with a little reluctance.
"Old man, I don’t quite understand this. If I do, I will choose directly. Now I can only ask you." Li Yi said rather helplessly.
"Forget it, forget it, and practice it yourself in the future. This time it’s like this. I tell you, you can just hit him directly." Wuji said.
"Ok, smelly security guard, see how I can deal with you."
"Ok, let’s get ready to start. We have finished what we should say, and we have said a lot of things we shouldn’t say. Let’s start!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
"Give me a punch." That security guard directly punched Li Yi.
Li Yi is not afraid at all. At the moment, he can control the magic gas to protect himself at will.
As a result, Li Yi directly took care of the magic gas to himself.
"when!" A crunchy, Li Yi smiled.
The security guard didn’t feel so good, just covering his fist.
"You’ve fucking practiced the golden bell jar, why the fuck are you so hard?" The security guard asked.
"This little ye I am like this, have the ability to hit me again! If you don’t have the ability, just admit that your skills are not as good as others, and then you can step down. " Li Yi said in a gray and cheap way.
"I fuck you!" This security guard is directly angry. Before, others abused him, but now he has changed, and he has been abused by others. How can this damn security guard tolerate it?
"Don’t call names on such an idiot, why use such vulgar language as grass mud horse? Others have long used such an idiot, teasing him, forcing him to make three shots, and there are still people like you!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth don’t care about said.
"Eat my foot." This security guard is completely angry. First of all, if this security guard can’t beat Li Yi, his job will be gone. Besides, Li Yi’s language is a bit irritating, which leads to this situation.
"when!" As before, Li Yi smiled, and then the security guard lay on the ground with a face of pain.
The effect of force is mutual. As much as the security guard used to kick Li Yi, he received much strength, so the security guard is now lying on the ground.
"How about that? Is it fun? " Li Yi smiled and asked.
"looking for death." The security guard still didn’t give up, just got up and punched again.
"when!" It’s the same voice, only this time, the security guard is not very painful, but expressionless, and I don’t know how to describe his surprise at the moment.
"It seems that you have learned smarter this time, so you don’t have to work so hard, use a little less effort." Li Yi smiled and said.
"Who the hell are you? Did you deliberately come to the venue? " The security guard saw that he really couldn’t beat others, so he was ready to use a trick.
"Hit a son? I said according to this broadcast, as long as I hold on to this security guard for three minutes, right? Look, it’s been three minutes now, I can step down, and then this security guard is mine. " Li Yi said.
"No, I want to have a competition with you. Only the winner can be the security guard." The former security guard said.