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"This should be more than the holy army?" Jiang Shang fondle must say.

"If the shaw brothers have the strength of the top strong, the holy army will be trampled on in the morning and evening. However, even now, if the holy army comes to attack Huamen, it will do its best to return in frustration. I am afraid that only the strong in the realm of immortality will dare to break through. " Shen Gongbao chimed in.
"Ha ha, although the array method is strong, it can’t hold countless strong people to storm. The sword array of Wanjianshan is very strong, but it can’t last long in the face of the joint bombardment of thousands of powerful people." Xiao Lingyu shook his head and laughed.
"Your Huamen is different from Wanjian Mountain. There is only one sword on Wan Jian Mountain, but there are nearly 2,000 powerful people guarding this Huamen. They won’t watch the Ten Commandments being attacked at will." Jiang Shang very satisfied tunnel.
"It seems that when we leave this trip, some things prepared for the Xiao brothers are a bit redundant."
After seeing the rich collection of Huamen Treasure House, the peacock Ming Wang said with a self-deprecating face.
Before he left with a strong pulse of the earth, he went to a place where only he knew the hidden treasure, in order to open the treasure and give financial support to the big forces formed by Xiao Lingyu.
But the treasures obtained by the earth’s strong men such as Peacock and King Ming are insignificant compared with the collections in Huamen Treasure House. After all, they just got a treasure, but Xiao Lingyu has cleaned hundreds of hidden treasures.
"Now that the Xiao brothers are on the right track, we can rest assured."
Peacock Ming Wang was very satisfied with Xiao Lingyu’s performance, but he then said, "Xiao Laodi should work harder himself. Once the evil spirit wakes up, all your efforts will come to nothing."
After talking and contemplating, Peacock King Ming and other earth strong people left Huamen’s headquarters, and they also want to gather all the monks of the earth as soon as possible to form a strong force and take care of each other with Huamen.
In order to ensure that the Huamen and the Godsworn of the Earth will not be hit too hard when evil spirits invade, Xiao Lingyu began to invite those Huamen disciples who are willing to make a soul oath to practice in the chaos spectrum, so as to constantly create strong people.
Brother Huamen gradually realized the strength of Huamen, and also realized that Xiao Lingyu, the master of Huamen, went against the sky. In order to make rapid progress in cultivation and have the strength to protect himself when evil spirits invaded, they were willing to make more and more soul vows.
The time flow rate of chaos spectrum, which is ten thousand times, has become the guarantee for the rapid rise and continuous growth of Huamen.
Linger’s search for the treasure of Tongtian Shengdao has become the reliance of Huamen’s rapid accumulation of cultivation resources and expansion of wealth.
Even though many big powers have realized the threat of Huamen, they can’t do anything about it now, but many big powers’ bosses are so comforting themselves in their hearts. When the evil spirits invade Huamen, there should be great damage. After the evil spirits invade Huamen, it may not be so powerful.
But no one can predict how far Huamen will develop when evil spirits invade.
Except for Wanjian Mountain surrounded by thousands of strong men in Huamen, there is no major event in Tongtian Shengdao, and almost all monks are waiting for the invasion of evil spirits.
Of course, some timid monks have quietly left Tongtian Holy Island.
Not every monk has the righteously right to give his life for the first world war when evil spirits invade, but most monks understand that once the holy island of Tongtian is occupied by evil spirits, they will no longer be able to get the psychic stone, and they will never lose the possibility of promotion to immortality, so more monks are willing to fight to the death.
Xiao Lingyu also wants to cultivate immortality before the evil spirit named Lijia wakes up in his body, so when the collection in Huamen’s treasure house is enough for Huamen to last for hundreds of millions of years, he also enters the chaos spectrum and begins to practice and realize the achievement method.
If you want to advance to the realm of immortality, you must first complete the cultivation of chaotic id, and then create the achievement method of ten turns.
The key to the cultivation of chaotic id is to create an inner world in your body with yourself as the world, so that you can gather the natural power of heaven and earth in your body and make yourself have the natural power of heaven and earth.
Because no one in his ancestry has ever been to Jiuzhuan, he has no experience to learn from in the cultivation of chaotic id, so he has to explore it all by himself and try it by relying on the description of the achievement method.
The only way for a monk to form a natural world in his body is to turn the inner space into the inner world, that is, to expand the abdomen continuously, so as to form a natural law with great power of heaven and earth, and a world with life and everything.
As for how this world is formed, there is a method in the achievement method of nine-turn chaotic id, and this method is actually the chaos, reason, nature and reason that Xiao Lingyu realized before.
Chaos yin and yang, and then everything is born from yin and yang.
Xiao Lingyu saw the universe from the initial chaos to the prosperous world countless times in his practice. He was very familiar with the formation of one world and watched it over and over again, but he could create a new world in his own body, but it was not as simple as looking at it.
Xiao Lingyu began to consult the jade slips obtained from the hidden treasure for this practice. He wanted to synthesize the experiences of various families and hope to find the safest way.
Needless to say, Xiao Lingyu was finally inspired after reading many experiences left by predecessors.
After some research, he invited all the monks out of the chaos spectrum, and then moved further away from the Huamen station.
Before leaving, Xiao Lingyu told his three wives that he was going to have a very important practice. If anything happened, please ask them not to think of themselves and practice hard in the future.
Even eating food, Xiao Lingyu didn’t bring it. If he didn’t know how to leave the chaotic spectrum, if his relatives and friends couldn’t get the recognition of the chaotic spectrum, he would even leave the chaotic spectrum.
Huamen is now strong enough not to be afraid of the strength of any party in this celestial world. Any strong person and his relatives and friends should not encounter too much danger in the future.
I don’t know when the evil spirit Lijia will wake up. Xiao Lingyu has no choice but to try his best to improve.
However, if this attempt fails, the evil spirit * * of ten will die with himself.
On a deserted island in the East China Sea, Xiao Lingyu dug a simple abode of fairies and immortals, and with his powerful spirit, he stunned the tens of thousands of sea creatures in Fiona Fang, and then he calmly entered the state of cultivation.
Suddenly, one day, with this island as the center, the natural power of heaven and earth in tens of thousands of miles of space in Fiona Fang began to gather crazily to Xiao Lingyu’s body.
Those great powers of heaven and earth, together with the chaotic divine power released by the chaotic baby, constantly scour Xiao Lingyu’s abdomen and expand it …
The midnight should be sent out before 22: 30.
Chapter 954 uniting the inner world
? Chapter 954 uniting the inner world
Xiao Lingyu saw the universe from the initial chaos to the prosperous world countless times in his practice. He was very familiar with the formation of one world and watched it over and over again, but he could create a new world in his own body, but it was not as simple as looking at it.
For this practice that is a bit of a fate …
Chapter 955 Never compromise
? Chapter 955 Never compromise
However, Xiao Lingyu’s inner space is as stable as the celestial space, and it may not be unable to withstand the explosion of the chaotic Force.
After careful preparation, Xiao Lingyu resolutely invited his chaotic baby out of the abdomen and suspended it above his head.
Because it is your own energy bearing …
Chapter 956 Start with you. 1
? Chapter 956 Start with you. 1
If it weren’t for Li Jia’s living state, which far exceeded Xiao Lingyu’s, he couldn’t reunite the force of this blasted soul.
But Xiao Lingyu’s soul blew itself up this time, which also brought great trauma to Li Jia’s remnant soul, and in order not to be with Xiao Lingyu, Li Jia also gave up the erosion …
Chapter 957 Start with you 2
? Xiao Lingyu has returned to Huamen, but his temperament is obviously different from before, and he is cold and silent. In most cases, he is practicing in seclusion.
In an attic deep in Huamen’s compound, Miaoying, Qingxuan, Anya, Linger, Yueru and Jiang Lanyue are all around a long table, and their expressions are a little depressed.
"What’s the matter with that guy? Is it neither too cold nor too hot for us? " Wonderful surplus strange tunnel.
"Is there any problem with cultivation?" Qing Xuan is also frowning.
"I don’t think so. He went out to practice for so many years. Before he left, he said that if he didn’t succeed, something would happen. But now he has come back safely, he must have successfully completed his practice. What’s the problem?" Anya answered.