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The road down is not long, but it turns a few corners. All the roads are paved with huge stones, except for a dozen stone steps at the mouth of the cave, and other places are very flat.

They came to a hall one after another. The layout of the hall is simple, but it is very bright. I can’t see where the light comes from when I look east and west. Twenty-eight stone chairs are placed in the hall in order of twenty-eight stars. When I came in, I saw that the guardians had sat in their own positions, even the unicorn beast was no exception. In the array, there is a huge transparent ball, which shows some images from time to time. There is no place for us to sit except those stone chairs.
"My Lord, this is where we guard the phoenix. We are much more powerful here than going out. My Lord, please forgive our rudeness. " Kirin beast seems a little uneasy sitting in a stone chair.
"What do you mean by this?" I looked at the unicorn beast and asked.
"My Lord, for thousands of years, as soon as we enter here, we will involuntarily sit in the stone chair. Only when something happens can we leave easily. So please forgive me. "
"Well, it doesn’t matter. I admire you very much. Isn’t it boring to stay here for thousands of years? "
"What do you mean, stuffy?" Kirin seems to be puzzled.
I’m dizzy. Look at these NPCs. They are really missing something. Otherwise, if they are all given worldly desires, isn’t it really suffocating?
"Er …" I really don’t know how to tell him, so I have to change the subject: "If someone comes to destroy it, how can you find it here?"
"This is not difficult, the ball in the middle will tell us all about the outside. As long as there is an abnormal situation, we will all go out collectively. My Lord, if only you could save Phoenix as soon as possible. Not good, there are enemies! "
After the unicorn beast said this, all our eyes turned to the ball.
Chapter 224 Ma W Group
A dozen black shadows flashed quickly inside the ball. After careful counting, I found that there were only thirteen figures. Although there are not many people, the expressions of the 28 guardians are very dignified. The unicorn beast said, "My Lord, there are thirteen newcomers, all of them are magic people!"
"Magic man? What are they doing here? "
"Steal the Phoenix." Kirin beast’s answer is crisp and neat.
Stealing the phoenix? Phoenix is a spirit beast. What’s the use of them stealing it? In my mind, the spirit beast is far less aggressive than Warcraft. What do they steal the Phoenix for? Moreover, these phoenixes are not alive. At best, they are just some wood Naiyin.
I asked, "Why did they steal the Phoenix?"
"I’m not very clear about this. It is said that they stole the sealed phoenix back to the underworld and unsealed it, and then turned it into Dark Phoenix in a special way. You know, Phoenix Bunsen’s rebirth ability is already very strong, and Dark Phoenix can not only be resurrected nine times in rebirth, but also has much higher attack power than ordinary Phoenix. It is for this reason that the demons have been trying to steal the phoenix here for thousands of years. Although our 28-star array is very powerful, it can’t control stealing, so we have lost a total of 12 phoenixes for such a long time. "
Look at the moving speed of those figures, they should not be ordinary magic people, and the guardians must have known them for a long time. I really want to see how the guardians deal with these magic people. Just about to ask questions, Kirin beast suddenly said, "My Lord, we are going to fight. Stay here for the time being!" " As soon as the words were finished, he and other guardians flashed a white light, and then appeared in the vast snow, still arranged in formation.
The function of the ball is too strong, not only can you see everything outside in all directions, but you can also hear the conversation clearly. There were ten of us, and then all of us gathered around the ball.
"Zhou Lao, you have been on the island for so many years, have you ever met such a magic man?" Seeing that Jizhou is so absorbed, I want to ask him something about the Magic Man.
"shh! Don’t make any noise, listen to what they say first, and I’ll tell you. " Jizhou said and looked at the ball with rapt attention.
In the snowstorm, thirteen magic people have been surrounded by guardians, but the magic people don’t seem afraid. When the unicorn saw the magic man, he said, "I have told you many times not to come again. Why don’t you believe me?"
A demon who seems to be the leader: "I have told you many times, and our W group will never rest until it catches the phoenix!" "
"Hey, thirteen to twenty-eight, you will never win!" Kirin beast sneered: "As long as we are guarding this continent, you can’t steal the phoenix from us!" "
"Boy, don’t say so absolutely. For thousands of years, haven’t you let us get away with twelve under our noses? Ha ha ha ha, who said there are only thirteen of us? I’ll show you what they are! Brothers, let your baby go! " Magic man commanded, twelve black phoenix emerged from their bodies, chasing the hovering over the heads of all.
"You! You turned our spirit beast into Warcraft? !” Kirin beast saw Dark Phoenix, subconsciously back back.
"Ha, ha, ha, boy, unexpected? As long as we catch another phoenix, we will never set foot on this continent again. How about that? How about we have a discussion? " The magic man’s face is full of the appearance of victory.
"This matter is never negotiable! Unless we are all dead, you can’t get our spirit beast away again! " Kirin beast’s words are very firm.
"Eldest brother, don’t talk to this smelly boy, hurry up and get out of here!" A magic man made a provocative move towards the guardians while urging.
"Ha ha ha ha, that’s what I mean, brothers, go!" Magic man’s words say that finish, hovering over their heads Dark Phoenix began to attack.
Like my phoeny, Dark Phoenix’s attack is a fire when he comes up. But there are also different places, Dark Phoenix people spray black fire. The guardians all have fire shields. When they see a fire coming, they immediately greet them with shields. However, these black fires are different from red fires. They actually turn corners! Everywhere the black fire went, screams rang out. However, the guardian is still a guardian after all. They are not ordinary people, and the screams soon stopped.
Kirin beast also got burned. He drew a single knife and said to the other guardians, "Brothers, don’t be afraid, we are guardians! Whether it is black inflammation from the underworld or an open flame from the human world, it will not be difficult for us! Phoenix has become Warcraft, pull out your weapons and kill them all! Everyone opens the fire! " With that, there was a faint white light on the guardians, and the Kirin beast jumped up at this moment and single-handedly chopped at the magic man.
Dark Phoenix’s fire-breathing time interval is very short, and immediately a second wave of flames came up. However, black inflammation can no longer penetrate the faint white light around the guardians. Based on the formation, all the guardians cooperated with each other and launched a comprehensive attack on thirteen magic people.
"Isn’t it? Black inflammation doesn’t work for them? Brothers, put away the baby! " Led by the magic man commanded, twelve Dark Phoenix instantly return to disappear. At the same time, they received a tidal attack from the guardians.
The clash of swords was so loud that Jizhou suddenly turned to look at me and said, "Boy, who do you think will win?"
I don’t know. I’m telling the truth. It is unrealistic to judge success or failure by numbers at any time.
Ji Zhou nodded and said, "In terms of the number of people alone, the guardians are more than twice as many as the magic people, but we can’t underestimate those magic people because they are Group W.. Plus their twelve Dark Phoenix, well, this battle is really unpredictable! "
"group w?" Nine of us were attracted by Ji Zhou’s words.
"Well, group W, according to legend, the strength of the underworld is second only to the magic statue of a super combination. The outstanding ability of group W is to control all the controllable Warcraft for their own use, and at the same time, they can also turn animals that are not Warcraft into Warcraft. Don’t think it’s a good thing that they put away those twelve Dark Phoenix now, just watch, the guardians will suffer a big loss this time! "
Duguyihong then interjected: "Boss, do you think people in the divine world will know about such a strong fight?"
That’s true, isn’t the divine world known as knowing everything? There is no reason why they should not know about such a strong fight. I was just about to say something when I suddenly saw two bright spots on the ball: "What do you think that is?"
"hmm? Are people from the divine world here? " Ji Zhou frowned.
"Haha, I guess I was right." Duguyihong looked a little excited.
Qingyun was standing next to him when he tapped his head with his little hand: "Smelly!"
Duguyihong didn’t expect Qingyun to give him such a lecture in front of us, and his face turned red at that time.
"Boys, don’t make so much noise and watch carefully. As soon as this divine person came in, things seemed to end a little badly. " Ji Zhou’s frown tightened.
The people in the fight obviously found the most protoss, and they all stopped for a while. Kirin beast looked disdainfully at the demon humanitarian headed by him: "Rubik’s cube, you actually colluded with the protoss?"
Rubik’s cube hey hey smiled twice, noncommittally to Kirin beast.
At this time, the two light spots have already seen the human form, and the newcomers turned out to be wandering gods and yin gods.
Yin Shen floated above the crowd, hey hey smiled and said, "Fight, why don’t you fight?"