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"I didn’t see just two glasses of white wine …"

Having said that, Bo Jingyan directly turned the steering wheel "Go to the hospital!"
Jizhaogang was pushed into the operating room when he was taken to the hospital. Riemann was already asleep in her arms, sitting on a stool and waiting for Bo Jingyan to repose.
After a while, Bo Jingyan opened her eyes and looked at a dull face. Riemann pinched her eyebrows and frowned. She looked very tired. "She’s fine. It’s probably stomach bleeding at most."
In fact, Riemann just sat there thinking a lot of things. Through Ji Zhao, she suddenly thought of her former self. At that time, she just learned the fact that she was brother and sister with Bo Jingyan.
She once wanted to die. Fortunately, Yi Lee finally saved her!
She laughed at herself and thought that if it weren’t for Yi Lee, she would have been buried in the ground for four or five years.
Think how painful she was at that time! But what about him then? Still helping Qin Xueyao hide it from her!
Suddenly, when I heard a man who didn’t care, she didn’t know where she came from. She raised her eyes and looked at him coldly. "It seems that you are very disdainful of stomach bleeding?"
Bo Jing couldn’t understand that she was angry again. Looking at her, Ying Mei couldn’t help frowning and frowning. "It’s strange that you made her like this, not me."
"You men are not all like this!" Riemann sneered, "Are you any better than Yan Yecheng?"
"Why is it all like this?" Bo Jing lip-synched and strode towards her, crouching down to her body. She looked up and said, "I am much better than Yan Yecheng because I love you wholeheartedly."
Riemann too lazy to see his head glance aside cold way "don’t you call Yan Ye city? He provoked himself and didn’t come to deal with it? "
"I’ve already called."
Riemann turned his head to Bo Jingyan again. "What did he say?"
At Riemann’s glance, Bo Jingyan was faint. "There’s something wrong with Ge Shu, too. He won’t be here until tomorrow."
Riemann sneered and said nothing again and again.
Jizhao was pushed out by the cart. Although his face was white and Bai La looked a little weak, it looked healthy.
She didn’t say goodbye to Ji Zhaodao until all her family came.
Jizhao insisted that she come to accompany her one day. Riemann nodded and said yes.
It’s not a short walk to the outside of the hospital. Although it’s less than 4 kg, it’s too much to hold Riemann for a long time. Just halfway through, her arms are trembling.
"Let me hold him."
At this time, Bo Jingyan reached out and said that she would hold Rui Rui in her arms.
"No" Riemann didn’t want to refuse "The horse will arrive soon"
After that, she will go beyond Bo Jingyan and continue to walk. Just after lifting her feet, the man has already held Rui Rui from her hand.
Rui Rui was awakened by Bo Jingyan, and the little guy looked at it with sleepy eyes. It was Bo Jingyan who grabbed his neck and lay back on his shoulder.
After they walked to the door of the hospital, Riemann will take Rui Rui from Bo Jingyan. "Well, give him to me."
Bo Jing said that Li Man was indifferent and his face was low. He said, "Let’s go. It’s hard to get a taxi at this point. I’ll take you back."
Section 56
"No, just give him to me."
Bo Jing said that she knew it didn’t make sense to her, so she simply stopped going back to her and went straight to her car with Rui Rui.
Li Man held the man straight back and his chest faintly raised a lot of anger. "Bo Jingyan, what do you mean now!"
Bo Jing suddenly stopped and looked back puzzled. "It doesn’t mean anything to send you back."
"I don’t want to be involved with you anymore!" She looked at him coldly. "So Bo Jing said, please give Rui Rui back to me."
Bo Jingyan couldn’t help frowning. "I said I wanted to send you back. Do you have to react so much?"
Riemann took a deep breath and couldn’t help laughing, then followed him to his car without saying anything.
She knows what he knows, and she is too lazy to pester him any longer. Just send it, which just saves her taxi fare.
The car soon arrived at Yan Ye City Community. After the car, she took the stairs directly with Rui Rui.
When I went back, it was close to three o’clock, but the Xuan place didn’t say that Yan Ye City didn’t seem to come back yet.
She didn’t think much, so she was so sleepy that she went straight back to the bedroom to sleep with Rui Rui.
The next day, she was awakened directly.
It was a strange number, and she picked it up in a daze. It was Ji Zhao who was hospitalized yesterday.
"Did Riemann Yan Yecheng go back last night?"
Ji Zhaoyin is very depressed, as if he had been hit by something.
Riemann shook his head and said, "I don’t know if he came back, but he didn’t seem to come back when I came back last night …"
"Well ….." She said very melancholy and paused for a few seconds before she added faintly, "Riemann, do you have time? Come and stay with me sometimes? "
Riemann looked at his watch before responding, "But it may be a little late. Is it ok to pass the afternoon?"
"Okay, I’ll wait for you."
"By the way, Riemann was just about to hang up when Ji Zhaoyin came over again. She put it back in her ear and listened to Ji Zhao again." Do you know what Ge Di called Yan Yecheng yesterday? "
Riemann didn’t speak. Ji Zhao didn’t seem to want to wait for her answer. Then he added faintly, "Ge Shu knew that you had split things with Bo Jingyan, and she went to Bo’s to make peace with Bo Jingyan. But Bo Jingyan seems to have rejected her. Riemann said that Bo Jingyan refused her, and she wanted to find Ye Cheng again. She didn’t love him. Ge Di was too selfish. She didn’t want to think that Ye Cheng loved her so much, but she wanted to listen to her cry about her feelings for Bo Jingyan.
Riemann lightly listened to her face but no more expression.
No one can say anything about feelings.
It has always been a willingness to fight and a willingness to suffer.
Ji Zhao may also feel that he has said too much and stopped talking, then half jokingly said, "If Riemann Yan Yecheng didn’t come back last night, he must have stayed with Ge Shu for one night. Be careful. She likes people because you are unhappy."
Riemann smiled with her for a while and then they hung up.
Rui Rui was there all afternoon, and she didn’t know what she was doing. She hid in the toilet for a long time. After lunch, the little guy still held him mysteriously. She must have played some games with her, so she didn’t take it seriously.
When going to the hospital to see Ji Zhao in the afternoon, Riemann asked the little guy, "Do you want to stay at home by yourself or go to the hospital with me to see Aunt Ji?"
Who knows that the little guy wants to answer "I want to stay at home and watch cartoons"
Riemann didn’t think much about it, so he went to the hospital alone.
I took a taxi to the hospital and walked to the door of Jizhao ward. I was just about to push the door and go in when I saw Yan Yecheng in front of her bed. Jizhao didn’t know if he looked very white because of illness.
She didn’t directly enter the door and hovered at the door for a while when she heard JiZhao mocking her voice slightly. "What’s the matter? Your baby Ge Shu is willing to come to see me when she is all right? "
Yan Yecheng didn’t speak. Ji Zhaoyin sounded faint and bitter. "I heard Riemann say that you didn’t go back last night?"
Yan Ye city cold and slightly sarcastic voice finally sounded "what? Even if I want to have something with Ge Shu, what do you think will happen to Ge Shu in that case? "
"Really?" Ji Zhao’s pale face overflowed lightly and laughed at himself. "It seems that I think too much."
"Don’t worry, I said I would marry you, and I will keep my promise. Since I want to marry you, I won’t have sex with a woman other than you." It’s a paragraph in which the man is loyal to the woman’s table, but Duan Liman feels that there is no other feeling except indifference in the words of Yan Yecheng.
"Yan Ye City, you don’t want to do this. That night was my own willingness. You don’t need to do this." Riemann looked at Jizhao and bit her lips and went on. "Is that my first time? Actually, it’s not. I just repaired the hymen, so you don’t have to! You don’t know which man I am! "