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So over time, they also learned, unless they are sure of winning, they are not black and always win.

But … Can they really have this kind of thing?
The match between Lazio and Inter Milan was not ups and downs at all, let alone exciting.
Unlike the confrontation between Lazio and Inter Milan in the previous two seasons, this game was unremarkable. From the first minute of the game, Lazio firmly grasped the initiative of the game.
Inter Milan can only be led by Lazio.
The final result was that Lazio beat Inter Milan 3-0 in the match.
There is no suspense in the whole game.
Lazio fans never worry that their team will lose to Inter Milan at home, and Inter Milan fans never thought that their team could beat Lazio away.
The players of both sides were also very polite in the game. There were no rude fouls and no disputes, which was extremely harmonious.
Some journalists who focus on black Mourinho may say that this is the game that really returns to football itself, which makes everyone focus on football …
But I believe that if they really say so, then the fans of Inter Milan will definitely spit at them.
They would rather win a game rudely than lose by a gentleman.
Now the gentlemen make them very unhappy, but they can’t influence the team’s decision.
In the game, Changsheng saw with his own eyes that inter Milan fans missed Jose Mourinho’s slogan, which read: "He didn’t win the championship, but he made us have dignity!"
Now Leonardo has no champion and no dignity.
After the game, Chang Sheng didn’t bother to talk about the game. He didn’t regard Leonardo as an opponent at all.
Since every opponent, what is there to say?
Waste of saliva.
So he simply didn’t come to the post-match press conference and asked dimatteo to attend it instead.
In the face of reporters’ questions, dimatteo explained that "there are often some things to deal with."
But he refused to say what it was …
So the media all know, what’s the matter? Constant victory just doesn’t take Inter Milan and Leonardo seriously.
So I don’t want to talk to each other at all.
Because no one provoked him before the game, he didn’t come simply because he didn’t want to delay his time.
And Leonardo didn’t talk much about the game.
When he was in AC Milan, he lost to Changsheng twice, and he had nothing to say.
As a result, the game was in a strange atmosphere from the beginning to the end.
Against Inter Milan, Lazio used the A-team. Although Chang Sheng didn’t take Leonardo seriously, he didn’t want the players to think that he was proud of underestimating his enemy, so the lineup and tactics were still arranged normally.
Although Lazio will have a Champions League group match in three days, and it is still away.
After the game, the Italian media said it was the most boring match between Lazio and Inter Milan. There are no gimmicks from the players of China’s national team in the stands.
But what can we do about it? Their constant smearing eventually caused Mourinho to leave Inter Milan, resulting in a complete imbalance in the strength of the two teams.
Lazio is getting stronger and stronger, while Inter Milan is in decline, so it is not surprising that this result.
After the game, Mourinho also joined in the fun. As far away as Spain, he commented on the game and thought that Inter Milan should not lose without fighting back.
In addition, it also criticized the Italian media.
What about winning? From beginning to end, I have never expressed any views on the game against Inter Milan, neither in public interviews nor on his personal website.
After the game against Inter Milan, after 15 rounds, Lazio won 15 out of 15, with a score of 45 points.
Such points are even points that many teams may not be able to get in a season, and they got them in the fifteenth round of the league.
The second-ranked AC Milan scored 33 points, and the difference between the two sides has expanded from 10 to 12 points.
No one can threaten Lazio’s position in Serie A..
Lazio’s schedule will be a little busy next.
They are going away to play the last game of the Champions League group match.
Then they will go directly from Germany to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.
Take part in the World Music Cup there.
Since FIFA took over the World Club Cup, this competition is no longer just held in Tokyo, Japan.