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Jiang Hao smiled, but after laughing, he felt an unprecedented feeling. In this world, there is finally an outsider besides his parents who values him more than his own life.

"Every time you go on a business trip, I have to worry. I can’t sleep alone at night, and I’m also worried about my work during the day. Before I got married, you said you would travel frequently. Don’t look for you during the business trip. No news is the best news. I remember that I don’t even dare to answer the words when I want you to go on a business trip. I’m afraid it’s home or the army. I’m afraid of receiving any bad news. You don’t know how much pressure I have to face alone, but I know that your pressure is definitely greater. I can’t give
Jiang Hao was deeply distressed. A soldier devoted all his life to the country, including his own. When he got married, Qiao Xinwei never complained about anything. When he left, she packed his bags and sent him out. When he came home, she smiled and gave him a hug, and then said naughtily that dinner was ready, but it was just a restaurant.
He knew that her heart was worried, but he never faced the problem squarely. He always asked her to smile, but he didn’t know how many pains and tears he didn’t know were hidden behind her smile.
The most bitter thing in the world is where will you go.
Qiao Xinwei held his waist tightly and asked, "Husband, can you promise me?"
But Jiang Hao promised not to come. "I can’t guarantee life and death. I can say that I will be more careful every time I go out."
Qiao Xinwei endured the pain and laughed. "You don’t even want to promise me a word. I finally lost your mother for so many years." Think about whether my mother-in-law will be like this after worrying about her husband. If my later life will also be a soldier, will I send my husband away and send the white-haired man away? What is the picture of my life?
Jiang Hao said, "Don’t dwell on these illusions. Even if I die while I’m out, it’s an honor, okay?"
"You don’t understand Jiang Hao. You’re not alone. You can’t think like that."
"Stop this topic." Jiang Hao’s face became serious and there was an inviolable majesty
Qiao Xinwei suddenly became cold with one heart and mind. When people are sad, they will turn over all grievances and will double their grievances and afflictions. Now she is like this. Four words burst into her mind. cool thin is right. These four words accurately and vividly form Jiang Hao.
In this way, a person will think for himself and never care about other people’s feelings. Maybe he will say something that sounds very reasonable, but his heart is still himself.
Joe only pushed him to move out two steps slowly.
Jiang Hao noticed that she was strange. She was rejecting him. He grabbed her hand in the first two steps and said, "Don’t look at me like that. I have my responsibilities and difficulties. I don’t want to keep emphasizing these for so long. Do you understand that you must care about these verbal promises? Just say something and I will try my best to do it."
"Ha ha, it’s hard to say a word, but you won’t even say a word to me."
"…" Jiang Hao took a deep breath again. "Don’t get stuck in your heart."
"Is it me or are you born in cool thin and Jiang Hao? You are too selfish." Qiao Xinwei suddenly pushed him and turned away.
"Where are you going?" Jiang Hao chased after two steps, but the car can’t be placed at the intersection. "You are disobedient when you come back, aren’t you?"
After the traffic police directed the traffic to slowly recover, Jiang Hao was the first car. He had to go. He chased for two steps and then turned back. He didn’t look back. Qiao Xinwei looked at the back and honked the horn to command the traffic police in a hurry so that he could return to the car and move forward.
Born in cool thin, hehe, his pillow person is so shaped, and he is born in cool thin.
Ambulance he staggered by, and a question mark suddenly popped up in his mind, even his eyes widened with surprise. Ten years ago, Xiao’s family went to Jiangnan to travel. Xiao Tianai escaped from a car accident. Ten years ago, Qiao Xinwei’s father died in a car accident and the driver escaped. This … won’t have any connection, will it?
The more I think about it, the more I think about it. He remembers that grandma said that the police said that the escape driver had been caught, but after a while, she said that she had made a mistake and didn’t catch him. She didn’t know that the case handlers acted like they did ten years ago, but it was impossible for the case handlers to casually say these irresponsible words to the families of the deceased. And his father also said that Xiao Tianai was caught after he escaped, but he was later released.
Jiang Hao frowned for years, and his keen insight was trained by his working environment. He should have associated these two things together a long time ago.
But at present, the most important thing is to get the heart back
So he turned around at an intersection and went back.
Qiao Xinwei ran back a few steps, raised her head, and the lofty regiment building stood there. She didn’t want to relax herself. She didn’t want to go to work from nine to five every day, but people didn’t feel safe in an unstable environment. She had to work hard to make herself practical.
At a loss, she saw Ji Xiaohai walking forward with his head down across the street. "Ji Xiaohai, why are you here? Why don’t you go to the hospital with Ji Xiaohai?"
Opposite Ji Xiaohai heard the sound and turned to look at it. He smiled lightly and said nothing.
Qiao Xinwei feels chilling again. Are men’s consciences eaten by dogs?
Section 5
She gave Ji Xiaohai a slap in the face before she jumped over the green belt in the traffic emergency road. "You just left. Shouldn’t you deal with Xuan’s funeral? Do you hate her so much? She’s dead. She’s dead."
Ji Xiaohai, on the other hand, felt like a sigh of relief. His tongue licked a slap in the face and said, "Can I say that this is her karma?"
"Pa" a Joe heart only dumped a slap in the face in the past, passing by others have to look here while walking and whispering.
Ji Xiaohai doesn’t mind that the spicy pain makes him more awake. "I have never been so carefree as I am today. Do you know that if Sun Xuan doesn’t die, I will kill myself? I even bought sleeping pills."
"… JiXiaoHai you how can you do this"
"My mother was so angry with her that she was paralyzed. I found a job and lost it. She pestered me like a ghost. Wherever I went, she could find a way to find me a house, money and support. I gave her everything I could. I asked for a divorce, but she still refused to leave the court and was separated for two years. I can’t stand two hours."
Qiao Xinwei found Ji Xiaohai’s mood almost collapsed. She felt so sunny and friendly before. How could a teenager become like this now?
"Aunt Xiaohai, what happened to her?"
"Sun Xuan went to the hospital to make my mother have a cerebral hemorrhage. Fortunately, she recovered her life when she was rescued in the hospital, but she was paralyzed. Every day, she could lie in bed and die. My mother’s life is just waiting to die. She died. Well, because of her, I lost my job, a healthy mother and all her happiness. She died well. I’m going to celebrate tonight. I must celebrate."
Qiao Xinyu knew Ji Xiaohai very well, but now he feels that Ji Xiaohai is so strange. His eyes are slightly wet, and there is a little pain in Sun Xuan’s death. But he shouted to celebrate Sun Xuan, who is your life? Now that you are dead, you still can’t let your lover stop hating you. Your life is ridiculous from coming to going.
"Xiao Hai, aren’t you sad at all?"
Ji Xiaohai calmed down. He looked at Qiao Xinwei and said, "Her death is a relief to everyone."
Chapter 20 Do you want me to have it
Chapter 20 Do you want me to have it
"Her death is a relief to everyone."