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Born in Dali Temple, he is good at breaking people’s hearts.

Cruelty leaves no room.
His cold voice told the truth that the other party could not accept.
"You have to die to atone for your sins. No matter how beautiful and intelligent a woman like you is, there will be no man to love and no one to love."
"No, no,no. How come … I don’t want to …"
After saying his word, Qing Mo Yan suddenly reached out and grabbed the hilt to send it in.
The tip of the sword went out from behind her.
She opened her mouth as if to say something, but she could spit out a lot of blood.
The bright light faded from her eyes, and the blue ink face blurred.
Are you really going to die?
No, I don’t want to hate it. I hate it. Why do you want me to die?
You should be dead!
When consciousness disappeared, she saw something she had never seen before in her life.
Around her, there was black death, and her brother was killed by her, so he was in it
What can I see these?
She fled in panic and found a woman lying next to her.
She looks exactly like that female face.
Wait a minute. If that person is her, then who is she?
"You are dead." Blue ink Yan’s faint voice rang, and her appearance was reflected in black and white eyes.
Illusion is like a cloud.
"Ah ah ah!" She screamed out
So she’s really dead, and now she’s a ghost.
Blue ink Yan pulled out his sword blade from her corpse, and it stung her eyes so much that she couldn’t help retreating.
She can’t hurt the blue ink face
Her brother descended into a ghost and gathered around her together with the dead.
In that darkness, she saw those dead people.
"cheat! Cheat! "
"It’s all because of you!"
"You have no yin and yang eyes, so we listened to you …"
"It’s all because of you …"
Her eyes were wide open with fear, and the darkness was reflected in her eyes.
The surge of dead breath engulf her.
Blue ink yan to retreat.
Black dead even fell to the ground body also didn’t pass swept over.
Green ink Yan looked at nun 1′ s body and turned it into decay in the dark, just like it had been corroded and finally turned into bones and broken into residue.
Green ink yan according to RuXiaoNan taught him spell hand knot purification seal.
Hatred has been removed, and all the dead are in his purification. The moonlight shines in from the window, and the ghosts are shining silver in the moonlight, Xu Xu Huacheng.
There is nothing left in the room except a mess of tables and chairs.
Blue ink Yan eyes light cold and cheerless finally glanced at the house backwards sword turned and walked to the door.
A familiar figure ran to him.
"Qing Moyan, are you all right?" The moonlight is shining like jade cat’s eyes, and the only thing she can pretend to be is him.
Blue ink Yan evokes the lip angle "How can I have something?"
He took her by the shoulder and changed his gentle tone.
Just now, that heartless and cruel man who can destroy people by any means has disappeared.
Chapter 23 into the valley of poisonous insects!
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
Blue ink Yan and others left the village overnight.
Ru Xiaonan doesn’t know what happened to the nun in the room at the last moment, but he looks a little pale, although he looks the same when talking to her.
But … there’s still something wrong.
RuXiaoNan with animal sensitive feel a little nervous.
Looking back, the village is out of sight, and it is covered by trees in the forest. It seems a little cold in the forest in spring night.
Looking up at the starry night in the forest, there was no silence around, even the chirping of wild animals.
Green ink Yan rode through Lin Xuanyu and others around.
Even Shi Datian followed, which surprised RuXiaoNan.
They’re going into the valley of poisonous insects to find the "witch girl", Qing Moyan, trying to confirm whether the other party’s identity is a worm mother, but it’s not necessary to follow, okay?
"Be honest" with a low warning from the top of your head