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Cao Xing looked at this Zhou Yin, who is now only in his twenties, but he can become a satrap. It seems that the family behind him is not small. Although others are born in a family, others are now on the same side as Cao Xing. This Zhou Yin looks like a refined man with a graceful demeanor. There is quite a gentleman’s style. Cao Xing’s first feeling about this Zhou Yin is still very good.

"It turned out that Zhou Taishou and I were ordered to lead the army. This is to help repel the Yellow Scarf Army. How is the war going now?"
Zhou Yinxiao smiled and said, "It’s really bothering the imperial court. Although some remnants of the yellow turban insurrectionary were found around Yingchuan, it’s just a small yellow turban insurrectionary army that came to attack me. I have successfully repelled them with military forces!"
Cao Xing was suddenly surprised when he heard the news. He once again took a good look at this Zhou Yin. What Zhou Yin said surprised him. Yingchuan’s assistant military forces were only three thousand. However, can this Zhou Yin really beat back the Yellow Scarf Army with three thousand military forces?
"Ha ha, General Cao, anyway, you are ordered by the imperial court to help me. I, Zhou Yin, thank you for coming here on behalf of the people of Yingchuan. This is not a place to talk. Let’s go into the city and welcome you!"
Zhou Yin’s performance is still very enthusiastic, without saying anything, pulling Cao Xing like walking in the direction of the city.
At the wine table, Zhou Yin and Cao Xing pushed a cup for a change, which still seemed to be more harmonious, and Cao Xing returned with a smile. But at the moment, Cao Xing was a little depressed. What’s this called? Come on, he just wanted to take this opportunity to come out and have a good stroll and get involved in the Luoyang whirlpool. However, Zhou Yin did have something to do. Cao Xing had already beaten the Yellow Scarf Army away before he came. How to play this time? Isn’t Cao Xing going back now without making any achievements?
However, just as Cao Xing’s distress suddenly closed at the door, an officer suddenly came in and was anxious to Zhou Yin, but he looked at Cao Xing again.
Zhou Yin looked at the soldier and Cao Xing, and then said with a smile, "What’s the matter, but you can tell others whether it’s military secrets or political essentials. General Cao is a man sent by the imperial court, so how can you leak the news of our army!"
Now that Zhou Yindu has spoken, the soldier is no longer hiding anything and said directly, "It’s not good for the prefect’s adult. Our army spies report that Gong Dou has made a comeback with the Yellow Scarf Army, and this time the troops have exceeded tens of thousands and they seem to be Zhang Mancheng in the Yellow Scarf Army!"
When the soldier told the news, Zhou Yin was stunned for a second. Before dawn this morning, he led his troops to assault and directly packed up Gong Dou, the general of the Yellow Scarf Army who came to attack Yingchuan. However, he did not expect that it was still dark at the moment, and this Gong Dou actually made a comeback with people.
And this time, the coach seems to be not the Gong Dou, but Zhang Mancheng, who is quite famous in the Yellow Scarf Army, is said to have been appointed by Zhang Jiao in those years. After a battle, there are still a few places where the comprehensive ability is more than twice that of Gong Du. Plus this time, others can have thousands of military forces, so isn’t it dangerous for Yingchuan?
After hearing this, Cao Xing also frowned and meditated. After a long time, he also knew that the Yellow Scarf Army would return.
The yellow turban insurrectionary army was everywhere all the year round, and the Han Dynasty also found out some ways for them.
Whenever they attack a city, if the city can’t keep the satrap, it will naturally ask Luoyang for help, and Luoyang may or may not send reinforcements, but even if it sends reinforcements at most, it will send reinforcements once.
Early this morning, Zhou Yincai took people to kill this small yellow turban insurrectionary. As a result, the imperial reinforcements came. When the Yellow Scarf Army inquired, it was found that the military forces brought by Cao Xing were only more than 5,000 people plus Zhou Yinyuan’s 3,000 military forces, which was not too much for the large forces of the Yellow Scarf Army.
The yellow turban insurrectionary army has been convinced that since Luoyang has sent reinforcements to Yingchuan once, it will not send reinforcements for the second time. In this case, it will not transfer large troops to Yingchuan once and for all.
Thought of here, Cao couldn’t help but take a deep breath. It seems that Zhang Mancheng, the leader this time, is still quite intelligent. He actually took advantage of this loophole and killed a comeback.
However, this is also in line with Cao’s mind. Anyway, he has no good results when he goes back now. Since Zhang Mancheng came to die, he will fight. However, Cao has no direct mouth, but he will aim at Zhou Yin next to him. He wants to see what Zhou Yin’s reaction is
Zhou Yin was born into a family. Cao Xing came into a family. Zhou Yin met this kind of thing without panic, but he was at a loss. However, he did not expect that in the face of such a crisis, Zhou Yin should still frown and meditate for a moment, and then slowly Cao Xing took a punch.
"General Cao’s yellow turban insurrectionary army is threatening to defend Yingchuan this time and needs your help!"
"Zhou satrap said where words? Cao Xing is here to help you defend Yingchuan. I don’t have to say anything! "
Cao Xing’s words are very bold and unrestrained, and Zhou Yin’s smile is also very magnanimous. The two of them hit it off.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Talents
When the morning comes, you can see that Yingchuan City is full of the dense Yellow Scarf Army. One of the generals, who looks quite well, walked back and forth in front of the battle line and kept beating his horse with his whip. Finally, 10,000 of his 20,000 Yellow Scarf Army rushed to Yingchuan City with a round shield.
But at the moment, Cao Cao looked at these charged yellow turban insurrectionary troops indifferently on the tower. When there were still two hundred steps from the floor, Cao Cao directly called on more than three thousand arrows to shoot. The roots of the charged yellow turban insurrectionary army were ready to be shot directly and went belly-up.
The generals in the rear of the Yellow Scarf Army are all amazed, which is still 200 paces away. These arrows can be shot. Because Cao Xing is practicing military forces and has also made some changes to the soldiers’ weapons, it is naturally impossible to be in Luoyang as convenient as the action in Bianyun County, and there will not be much money for Cao Xing. However, Cao Xing still saves money and asks Che Wu to write back and directly ask Feng Yun to take more than 10,000 special rubber bands.
These rubber bands have higher hardness and stronger toughness. Putting these rubber bands on bows and arrows can make the bows and arrows have a longer range. In Cao Cao’s hands, soldiers can shoot bows and arrows 200 paces away, so these yellow turban insurrectionary troops are caught off guard.
More importantly, Cao’s talent in archery is unparalleled. He teaches archery at most, so many of Cao’s 3,000 archers have become ten archers.
And these yellow turban insurrectionary troops can keep pushing forward at the command of the generals in the rear, and they will almost pour a row of people every ten steps.
It’s hard to move forward by a hundred steps. At this moment, they are still a hundred steps away from the tower. According to the truth, the yellow turban insurrectionary army can fight back with its bow and arrow behind its defense.
It was when the front row of defensive yellow turban insurrectionary troops just landed that they suddenly felt their feet screaming one by one and then falling into the pit.
Watching these yellow turban insurrectionary troops fall into the pit and keep climbing seems to be trying to climb out, but the depth of this trench is too deep, which is more than two meters, and many people can look forward to it.
The yellow turban insurrectionary army is in such a mess that the morale of the defenders of the tower has increased greatly and they have worked harder to shoot arrows. Rows of yellow turban insurrectionary army have once again died in their arrows.
At this moment, some soldiers moved to one altar after another. They picked up these altars and hit the square yellow turban insurrectionary army. Then they threw a torch at it. Suddenly, their faces were ablaze, and the yellow turban insurrectionary army ran around in the fire and cried everywhere.
Looking at more than 10,000 yellow turban insurrectionary troops in a hurry, their momentum has been cut off at the moment, and most of Cao Cao’s nature can’t help but nod his head and look at Zhou Yin, who really makes Cao Cao sit up and take notice. Although he was born in a family, he knows how to fight. Now everything is Cao Cao and he are deployed together.
When Cao Xing talked about the art of war, Zhou Yin spoke eloquently. Cao Xing had to admire this kind of background and hard work. It is doubtful that Cao Xing is the outstanding person in this era, and he is so capable that he can remember the history alone in this heroic age.
But this moment is the time of war, and Cao Cao doesn’t think so much. He directly picked up the bow and arrow on his back and saw that the bow and arrow he took was twice as big as that of ordinary soldiers. Cao Cao slammed the bow and took the arrow in one go and broke down from the sky. At this moment, looking at the front of the Yellow Scarf Army, he was so angry that Zhang Mancheng didn’t notice the arrow coming.