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As soon as the unified voice shows that the iron sword has fallen, it has already disappeared.

"Wang Wang"
Suddenly I heard a small white bark.
A line of words appeared on its head.
"Master, I have a bad feeling that you must be careful."
"An ominous premonition?"
Liang Ping’s knife-shaped eyebrows were slightly stunned. "Tell me what else you know."
"Wang Wang"
Xiaobai barked softly again, but there was a long period above his head.
"all right"
Liang Pingnai shrugged. "Xiaobai, thank you for waking up."
Holding the moon shadow sword in his hand, the moonlight is unusually white, which seems to form a strong contrast with the orange/yellow sunshine in the sky. In the middle of the square, an oblique sword shadow is reflected and shot into a dark corner of the north wall.
When you look intently, it looks very dark in that corner.
"Isn’t there a hole in it?"
Carefully and tentatively walked past.
The towering wall is a dark and deep tunnel that can’t see my fingers. It seems that there is no light in the tunnel, which makes people feel scared.
Suddenly, the tunnel suddenly sounded like a match head was lit in the secret room.
In a flash, the sound became more and more obvious, and Liang Ping suddenly felt as if he were in a sea of fire.
"Is there a flame on the first floor?"
"and this is the weakest place to the first floor."
According to my knowledge of Chen Hai, the goods really like to play some strange games, which may be true.
But how strong the burning feeling is, it is a way to see a trace of fire in the tunnel
Liang Ping heaved a sigh of relief to cheer up and was ready to walk down the aisle.
Small white clever behind Liang Ping even depressed breathing very low.
Even so, it is always difficult for dogs to breathe.
There is no oil lamp in the tunnel, and there will be no light, but Liang Ping’s moon shadow sword is like the same glow stick, reflecting a vague and visible path.
The closer we get to the depths of the tunnel, the more obvious the roar of the flame becomes.
Liang Ping’s heartbeat suddenly became obvious, but the pace became more firm.
Suddenly Liang Ping’s moon shadow sword seemed to resist a stone wall.
Looking intently, it was the end of the tunnel. Looking back, it was about 2 meters deep. The tunnel was like a strange steamer.
Walking around, I found that the aisle is not wide, about 1 meter wide and about 3 meters high. It is not too free to move.
The most important thing is that the feeling of steaming and roasting is unbearable.
"Xiao Bai, shall we go out?"
Small white smell speech "woof woof" light bark.
But a line of blue fluorescent text appear on its head.
"Master, don’t you think it looks strange here?"
Liang Ping was silent for a moment.
"It’s really strange."
"But it’s too hot here."
I have just been caught in a heavy rain in Yindu, and my gray robe is still wet with sweat again, so I feel uncomfortable.
But to get to the first floor, we must always try to find some ways.
Just as I was thinking about it, I found a lot of words on the wall of the tunnel through the moonlight of the moon shadow sword.
"Is this where the password is?"
"It’s really hard to come."
Find the source of the text and finally see the title
"Password" indicates that please read the column text carefully.
Hellman is an ancient martial arts field with a glorious history of more than a thousand years.
However, the Lingzhou mainland has undergone earth-shaking changes since ancient times.
At first, Lingwu Zun evolved into Jianzun later, because the cultivation progress of Lingwu was slower than that of Qizong swordsman.
See here Liang Ping mind a surprised.
"Maybe this is not a vice made by Chen Hai?"
Without much thought, it is to continue to browse.
The three-headed dog in Hell, the master of Lingwu, is the real strong one who bears the brunt of Lingzhou mainland.
If you want to enter the fire of hell, you must break the seal, release the three-headed dog in hell and give Master Lingwu a free world.
Liang Ping suddenly felt a little funny.
"What is this and what?"