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Long-legged sister smell speech with puzzled eyes staring at Liang Ping was silent for a long time.

"Hee hee"
Suddenly, the cute girl with long legs laughed. "You are really not serious. Although you look a little fierce, you are too young and handsome after all. If you go to die like this, I will be reluctant to part with you."
Long-legged sister’s hands are not honest again, and she is exploring at random in Liang Pingshen.
Liang Ping felt a limp and numb tunnel. This long-legged girl must be experienced and thoughtful. Only a pair of skillful hands can make people feel good.
Can’t help but carefree stuffy hum 1.
Long-legged sister is full of fragrance, and her body immediately leans over at the right moment, and her sweet tongue skillfully swims around Liang Ping’s neck.
Liang Ping really can’t stand it, but she is struggling to push her long-legged sister to the ground.
Long-legged sister exclaimed, her face suddenly turned cold and angry. She got up and cocked her index finger, pointing to Liang Ping’s nose coldly. "Are you here to find fault? Is this the ultimate hell? Fengyue Street? You came here just to have fun and pretend to be a lofty girl. I’ve seen a lot of perverts, but I’ve never seen you so perverted!"
Long legs sister cold hum is ready to leave of cutting.
Liang Ping immediately grabbed the long-legged sister’s hand in the previous step and said, "Don’t go yet."
Long legs sister eyes immediately become sharp.
"What do you mean, playing without playing and not letting people go? What are you going to do?"
"Ha ha, it’s my first time here. I don’t know the rules. It’s called Fengyue Street. What’s your name?"
Liang Ping is determined to be soft when he sees that it is hard.
I didn’t know that the long-legged girl became stronger when she changed the wind.
"To tell you the truth, the girl’s name is Xia Hongmei, and she is also a number one person in romantic street. As you saw just now, if you want a girl to bend her fingers, there will be hundreds of people working for me."
Long-legged sister had a good time, but Liang Ping was impatient.
"Well, I’ll ask you how to get to the dark hall if I pretend to be less/force labor."
"Yo yo yo"
Hong-mei Xia struggled to jilt Liang Ping’s hand and twisted her face. "I’ve never seen a girl who is so uninteresting, but I’m really not going to tell you. What do you say?"
Liang Ping smiled coldly and looked cruel. "There is a limit to the endurance of labor and capital. If you don’t say it, then I will find a way to make you say it!"
"That’s good. I won’t say anything even if you kill me."
Hong-mei xia turned his back on Liang Ping with a proud face.
Liang Pington feels helpless in the face of such a soft and hard bitch.
"Well, since you don’t want to talk, I’ll find someone else."
Voice slightly fell Liang Ping is ready to turn away.
I don’t know that this is the case. Hong-mei Xia’s attitude has turned sharply in a 36-degree way. She chased him in a panic and pulled Liang Ping’s hand and said, "Okay, okay, I’m actually joking with you. I want you to be good. I promise to tell you everything."
Liang Ping felt ashamed.
"A needle in a woman’s heart seems to be the case."
"Hee hee"
Hong-mei xia tactfully smiled. "Of course, isn’t that what you men love?"
Liang Ping was really overwhelmed and took a deep breath. "Then can you tell me how to get to that dark hall now?"
Xia Hongmei’s face hesitated for a long time before she replied word for word, "Actually, you have to go to the dark hall, but I finally got you such a business. You should always accompany me for a while and save some noodles for me."
Liang Ping looked stunned. "What do you mean?"
Xia Hongmei’s face was pink. "Actually, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve been here for more than a year, and you’re the first one to accept my guests."
Liang Ping looked at Xia Hongmei unbelievably. Her tall nose was black, her beautiful eyes were slightly upturned, and her cherry mouth exuded a very feminine light fragrance. Her soft black hair made her look pure and refined. Although it was not absolutely perfect, it was also full of sensuality.
"I don’t believe you when you say that. If you don’t have business like this, then other people’s business must be bad."
"Oh, I’m telling the truth."
Hong-mei Xia looked cute. "People here don’t like me like this. They like rough. Many men like it. It’s not a woman who likes it. It’s not a man who is called ugly here like me. Nobody wants that kind."