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Chapter 099 Lingbao device spirit

Chapter o99 Lingbao spirit
"Spirit! , Qin Chu tangled in an instant. The old man really stayed there, afraid to cut the action that might lead to hostility in front of him.
Consciousness is recorded. In this space, Qin Chu’s body is only composed of pure consciousness.
And the spirit itself is a powerful consciousness, Qin Chujue ash himself had better not annoy each other. Because he knows that this seemingly harmless marshmallow spirit can tear up his weak consciousness in an instant!
"Why don’t you talk?" That cotton suspicious way, Qin Chu hasn’t reflected, the other party has come to the side faster than lightning. A white silk was shot out of the cotton pile, which instantly wrapped around Qin Chu’s feet.
After pure conscious contact. Qin Chu felt that this hateful marshmallow was searching his memory through his own consciousness.
Qin Chu heart andao. Mind micro-motion, consciousness immediately resist, resist each other’s exploration of themselves!
Then, Qin Chu sad now, his pure consciousness of resistance, there is no use, the other party directly overbearing nullify their cover, careless to explore their memories.
"Ye, do you want to fix the crown of thorns?" The marshmallows in front of me squirmed like a rolling white cloud.
"No repairs!" Cotton candy looks extremely angry!
A powerful force. Suddenly poured into their own consciousness, like a flood.
Qin Chu is convinced that his little consciousness. Can’t resist each other’s impact.
This damn cotton. Is to kill yourself!
Qin Chu never hesitated again. Divine knowledge is the key to one’s own consciousness, and can’t be used casually to take risks. Now we can only use the perception of Jin Than Li. Maybe you can resist it and keep your consciousness!
The pseudo-deity in Jin Dan-li. Instantly moving contains the perception of the power of faith. Suddenly jumped in.
"A baby crying, marshmallows have been scattered.
The mass of white gas suddenly drifted backwards, quickly gathered in the process of retreating, and returned to the appearance of cotton candy. It didn’t seem to be harmed. Just pulling his tentacles, has disappeared.
Taking this opportunity, Qin Chu immediately attached consciousness to perception. Prepare to take it back. Just then, the marshmallow cried in horror, "Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! " While crying, she stepped back.
Qin Chu noticed something was wrong. He felt it had a strong fear of his own!
"It fears the power in the pseudo-pseudo-godhead!" Qin Chu flashed the idea in his heart, and when he saw the reaction of this cotton candy, his heart immediately became emboldened.
Paralytic! Qin Chu scolded 1 in his heart.
"I ask you something, you have to answer honestly. Otherwise, hum, I’ll erase your consciousness. "Qin Chu threatened in a pretentious way. Murderous way, "do you know?"
The crazy jitter of marshmallows. It seems to be trembling, and there is a timid voice: "Well! As long as I know. Tell you everything. Don’t kill me! "
Qin Chu see each other so cooperate. Secretly relieved, but at the same time secretly surprised, identity spirit, how so easy to be fooled?
According to Qin Chu’s knowledge, the general spirits are at least thousands of years old, and they are all well-informed ghosts and elves, and they are very cunning. However, this cotton ball in front of me gives Qin Chu a feeling of being mentally retarded, which is the feeling of a child! Even the voice is angry!
"Why don’t you let the man just repair the crown of thorns?" Qin Chu asked, the crown of thorns is a treasure, although it is difficult to repair. But it is also possible. When gang Cai was repairing his back. Obviously, the crack was repaired, but it was disturbed by the spirit halfway, which gave up halfway.
"After repair. Those pesky people took me to fight with that broken fork. So, I broke it on purpose. Don’t let people fix it. " The divination was honest, but Qin Chu felt naught when he heard it.
Really childish!
"You’ve been here?" Qin Chu asked quietly.
"Well, they never take me out to play except to fight. I hate it!" The little thing is very childish. "They won’t take me out to play, and I won’t help them fight!"
Qin Chu coughed twice. This little thing seems to forget his fear in the blink of an eye. It is really like a child, and unpleasant things will always be forgotten quickly.
"Is your concubine old?"
After a long silence, marshmallow said shyly, "I don’t know. Woke up here. However, I remember that I went out to fight more than twenty times! "
Qin Chu touched his nose. Woke up here? So, this guy doesn’t even know how he was formed?
This mass of marshmallows seems to be harmless to Qin Chu, and my heart has gradually relaxed.
"Can you repair it yourself?" Qin Chu asked.
"hmm!" The cotton candy means, "I can have the crown of thorns repaired at any time if I want!" "
"For a while, after I go out, you can fix it yourself." Qin Chu wanted to think, he must study the special place of Lingbao. This is of great benefit to making your own Lingbao.
"It’s not good to call it a minor repair, and they will take me to fight!" Why don’t cotton candy, "that fork is amazing." I really don’t want to go out and fight, it hurts! "
Eight! Zero! Electricity! Son! Books! w! w! w! ! t! x! t! 8! 0! .! c! c
The spirit will feel pain? Union out of the heart, ask a way! , "You can leave the crown of thorns," you can leave the leaves when no one is around. I often go out to play with the book of light and the sacred scepter. " Cotton candy in high spirits. Then regret, "but they are too stupid, most of the time all don’t understand what I say. Hey, I really want to go out, there is no one to play with me here! You are still the first catty to come in and talk to me. "
"Listening to this, it seems that the Great Book of Light and the sacred scepter are also spiritual treasures?" Qin Chu moved slightly, and at the same time, he has three Lingbao. The temple is really strong!
"Otherwise, I’ll take you out? . Qin Chu asked tentatively.
"Are you taking me out?" Cotton candy was stupefied, and turned slowly, as if in great disbelief. "Do you really want to take me out?"
Qin Chu dark call ashamed, how do you feel the feeling of kidnapping a baby?
"But I need to send it when I go out." What do you think of cotton candy? "If I can’t find a suitable recipient, I will die soon!" "
Lingbao is able to form a spirit, the great reason is that it is made of natural materials and treasures, which is a magic weapon compared with general refining. Have a great advantage.
Qin Chu unexpectedly, casually say, actually can. Qin Chu couldn’t help but be overjoyed. If he could cheat this spirit, he would immediately get another Lingbao.
"What do you need?" Qin Chu asked eagerly.
"At least hold me." Cotton candy without thinking.