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"Come on, I’ll take you to meet him." Yi Xiaoyi left her head at me.

I pursed her lips and walked with her.
"Xue Shao introduces you to a big beauty." Yi Xiaoyi seems to talk to Xue Ming very well at will.
Xue Ming picked up the mineral water bottle and drank two mouthfuls of water. He looked at me, and his eyebrows suddenly burst into laughter. "Isn’t this the one who was very popular in the net a while ago?"
Uh … He actually knows me.
"Auchan’s interview with editor Chen in this issue is also about you, right?" He stood up and held out his hand at me and raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Hello, Miss Lin, nice to meet you."
I stared at him with a little surprise, but I didn’t expect him to note my news.
Yi Xiaoyi gently poked me and quipped, "Why are you so silly? Xue Shao is rarely so active in shaking hands with girls."
I was a little embarrassed by what she said. It’s not that I didn’t stretch out my hand. It’s not that I didn’t stretch out my hand. But in the end, I reached out and shook Xue Ming lightly and said, "Hello!"
Xue Ming didn’t care about Yi Xiaoyi’s teasing and narrowing her eyes and gave me a serious look. "If you come to show business, you will definitely be popular."
"Of course," Yi Xiaoyi patted me on the shoulder with a smile. "She’s what I found out about me … can she enter my eyes?"
I can’t help but lift my eyelids and talk big to her.
Xue Ming looked at me seriously without any contempt, and suddenly said seriously, "I have a movie that is short of a hostess. Are you interested?"
I pointed to myself in amazement. "You mean me?"
"Well, the heroine’s temperament requires a little purity, a little wildness and a little charm. The director has seen a lot of actresses, but none of them are satisfied. I think your image temperament is very agreeable." Xue Ming has no joke.
"Hey, it’s not your circle," Yi Xiaoyi muttered. "You can name her, so you should know who her boyfriend is."
Yi Xiaoyi lifted me high in tone.
Xue Ming ignored her but looked at me as if waiting for my reply.
I chuckled, "I didn’t expect you to think so highly of me. I’m sure I can’t." In fact, I also had a star dream in junior high school. Who didn’t have a few unrealistic dreams when I was young?
Xue Ming was quite disappointed. He squeezed his eyebrows and glanced at Yi Xiaoyi. "I can leave when I’m finished."
Yi Xiaoyi lifted his chest with a veneer in one hand and smiled at him. "Look at your good performance today, I will reward you for taking a photo with a beautiful woman."
Xue Ming glanced at her naively and smiled at me. "I suggest you reconsider this film. I’m also an investor. I estimate that if you are interested in it in the spring of next year, you can tell Xiaoyi." He came to my side and put on a professional smiling face at Yi Xiaoyi.
Yi Xiaoyi took several photos in continuous shooting.
Then Xue Ming left with two assistants.
I looked at Xue Ming’s back out of the studio with a little emotion. "I thought he was cold when he played the man in the movie, but I didn’t expect others to be so kind."
Yi Xiaoyi gave me an idiot look. "Isn’t that acting?" She looked at me again with her hands around her chest. "It’s a pity that you don’t develop into the entertainment industry with such good conditions."
I’m too lazy to talk nonsense to her and get to the point. "Didn’t you say you would take a picture of me?"
Yi Xiaoyi took a sip of his lip and shrugged his shoulders. He handed her the baby photo in his hand and the assistant took me to her office.
I took a hundred photos that day, and she washed them for me, which was still very generous. I was a little fond of flipping through the photos.
There are several women who don’t like beauty photos, and neither do I.
"Eh, why don’t we have dinner together later and I haven’t thanked you properly?" Yi xiaoyi asked with sincerity.
I thought about it, "it’s all right". I’ll be confused when I’m alone.
"That’s great." Yi Xiaoyi smiled. "Do you want to stop calling editor Chen?"
She picked up the desk phone. "I’ll send her a WeChat to see if she has it."
"Hey, can I give you a brain?"
Yi Xiaoyi gave her a desk "You Bai"
I got up, walked over to her desk and moved a mouse. I couldn’t help but want to take a look at the internet. I hope there is no bad news. I was never so worried about Yatai’s crisis.
I was a little scared when I clicked on the webpage, and I browsed around the internet. Except for the news in the morning, there was nothing new on the website, but Hengyuan issued an announcement to investigate the cause of the accident and whether the contractor falsely reported the qualification.
"Er, yesterday, two migrant workers died at the news site, saying that Hengyuan property had a great influence on your family?" Yi Xiaoyi asked after sending the information and leaning over to look at the webpage.
I looked up at her through several web interfaces and sighed, "There must be more or less."
"It’s quite a big deal." Yi Xiaoyi patted me on the shoulder when he saw my face darkened. "Don’t worry about your man’s big plate. He can certainly handle you. Don’t worry about it."
"Alas," I sighed lightly.
Yi Xiaoyi added, "I don’t know how many times this kind of thing has happened in various parts of the country, and it’s not a rare situation. If you are engaged in high-level business, the number of dangers will be high. Everyone’s heart is like a mirror. Don’t look at those reports, but you will be upset."
I got up from her seat and felt a little sad. "This kind of thing is common in the construction industry, but if it is used by people, it will make a company lose its reputation."
Yi Xiaoyi smashed her mouth. "Er, is it so terrible?"
I don’t want to continue this topic with her. "Is there any game hall near here?"
"How do you want to go to the World Trade Center in day order?"
I raised my hand and glanced at my watch. "It’s a little early to eat just after four o’clock. If you have nothing to do, why don’t you go and play with me?"
Yi Xiaoyi’s beautiful eyes turned around and smiled. "Look at your words, then I will lay down my life to accompany you."