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"What is this scroll? You didn’t give me this just now! " Edison was surprised.

Qin Chu started one, and the next moment, Qin Chu appeared in the middle of the room.
"what! This is a scroll back to the city! " Edison’s eyes will pop out!
Edison immediately saw the problem: "How can this be transmitted so close?"
Qin Chu used the scroll to return to its original place, and Edison was full of wonder: "Boy, I really doubt whether you are human or not. The scroll back to the city is a space scroll, which can only be made by the space mage or the dragon. This abnormal thing, you can also make it … "
"My scroll back to the city is too close." Qin Chu depressed, flee for life, can’t use. The battles of some magicians and the magic they cast at will all cover 100 meters. Star saber, for example, now covers a distance of 50 meters. If you meet a powerful magician, Qin Chu uses this thing, and there is basically no hope of running away.
"This I can’t help you. However, there is something wrong with this scroll of yours. The scroll is made of the best materials. You … "Edison felt the material outside the scroll, which looked familiar, but he couldn’t say what was strange.
Qin Chu has a cold sweat. Don’t see that these materials are ordinary skins …
"I’m scroll of the department of space, but there is no half a study. You’d better consult the space wizard. " Edison didn’t see why, so he had no choice but to say.
"Well, teacher, where can I get these elemental crystals?" Qin Chu turned to the fairy stone again.
Edison casually said, "Elemental crystals are collected from all over the world, and there are some in the Magic Guild …" His face turned red fiercely, and his heart was not good. If this boy went to the Magic Guild and replaced this elemental crystal with a scroll, wouldn’t it be revealed that he made a big profit?
"However, the quality of the Wizarding Guild is not very good …" Edison added.
Qin Chu didn’t care, just now Edison gave these, is the top grade fairy stone, Qin Chu use, will also be a little distressed. Instead, you can go to the Magic Guild and get some low-quality ones, so you won’t feel bad about wasting them.
Qin Chu saw that the scroll back to the city could not be solved, so he got up and left. Edison also wanted to study this scroll, but he didn’t stop Qin Chu.
Who knows, as soon as Qin Chu arrived at the door, the old housekeeper James immediately came up: "Your Excellency, you are back. Your majesty has sent three waves of people, please go to the ceremony!"
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Chapter 071 【 Hostility at the ceremony 】
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"a ceremony?" Qin Chu startled, the news was so sudden that he didn’t respond at the moment. ? "What anniversary is it today?"
"The old servant also don’t know. However, your Excellency, your majesty’s messenger is still waiting for you in the hall. " James wry smile way.
Qin Chu slightly one leng, immediately go to the hall, the in the mind is thinking on the way, what day, incredibly want to go to the ceremony?
In the hall, a simple-looking young bodyguard in red is pacing up and down there anxiously. Hearing footsteps, I looked up and saw Qin Chu. I was overjoyed. I bowed down and said urgently, "Your Excellency, at your majesty’s command, please go and watch the ceremony."
"The ceremony? Is there anything today? " Qin Chu touch chin, asked.
The messenger almost fainted, looked at Qin Chu in amazement and stammered, "Count … don’t you know? Today is the day when the empire forms an alliance with the Yue Bai Empire … "
The alliance between Caesar’s empire and Yue Bai’s empire has been widely circulated in the imperial city for a long time, even ordinary people know it, but … the count of the open empire doesn’t know it!
"Yue Bai Empire?" Qin Chu thought about it a little, and remembered that Elibel had mentioned it to himself. Isn’t that the country with dragon knights?
On the way, Qin Chu learned from the conversation with the bodyguard who delivered the letter that the Yue Bai Empire came here to form an alliance with Caesar’s Empire to fight against the invasion of the sea people. Such a military alliance is a very grand thing, and Qin Chu, as a powerful figure of the president of the Medicine Refining Association, is absolutely indispensable!
"Well, I don’t know that Theseus, isn’t that the guy I met that day? If this is the case, then it will be embarrassing. " Qin Chu’s mind is not on the alliance, but thinking about the red middle-aged man.
For Qin Chu, the invasion of Hai people has no concept at all.
The carriage galloped to the palace square. Thousands of guards surrounded the square, strictly guarding the entrances and exits to protect the security of the noble ministers inside.
Guards showed the pass token, Qin Chu under the guidance of guards, rushed to the square.
On the spacious platform, Octavian III was having a cordial conversation with an old gray man, beside whom sat a middle-aged man with red head and Gandalf, a care giver with a wide gray robe.
Next, they are all prominent princes and ministers.
Opposite the stands, it was Cardinal Anthony, dressed in a bright red bishop’s costume and a towering bishop’s hat, sitting opposite, with his eyes closed as if he were asleep. Although I said nothing, the majestic breath still made people around me nervous, and the voice of talking to each other was also deliberately lowered.
Hepburn sat not far from Anthony, and Russell was beside Hepburn.
The little girl is still dressed in white. At the moment, her beautiful eyes are flowing. At the entrance, she is constantly looking around, as if she is anxiously waiting for someone.
Finally, a familiar figure appeared at the entrance. Hepburn immediately stood up and shook his hand excitedly.
"Brother Qin Chu ~"
Hepburn’s beautiful voice is very noticeable in the square. The surrounding nobles immediately looked this way, but after seeing Hepburn, they knew the identity of the little girl, immediately pretended not to see it, and turned their eyes to the next entrance.
Hearing Hepburn’s voice, the gray old man unconsciously frowned. How can he make such a loud noise on such a serious occasion?
Octavian III was embarrassed, but he was helpless. Who let somebody else be the granddaughter of the archbishop …
Qin Chu?’ Immediately, many people associated this name with the president of the medicine refining association. Many people have never seen this young president, so they are all curious and want to see this handsome talent, who is it!
Qin Chu heard Hepburn’s voice and looked up. Hepburn smiled like a flower and waved.
"This lad, this suddenly made me the focus." Qin Chu felt his nose, and it was really bad to be the focus. Qin Chu immediately walked to Hepburn’s side.
"Go and get a chair." Anthony opened his eyes and said to the guards around him.
Others immediately dumbfounded, of course, they know who this chair is for.
But … Anthony is the archbishop of the temple, and his status is natural, so he will sit opposite Octavian III. This Qin Chu, however, is the president of the Imperial Medicine Refining Association, and should be sitting next to Octavian III …
At the moment when Duke Raymond called out his name in Hepburn, the tiger was slightly shocked and immediately looked at the entrance. Look at Qin Chu’s eyes very complicated, "alas ~" can be observed with a low sigh.
"Brother Qin Chu, you are late ~ everyone has signed a contract!" Hepburn smiled.
Qin Chu felt the gaze around her, but she smiled bitterly. Hepburn didn’t know the charm of her smile!
"Who’s this?" The gray old man looked at Octavian III.
"Ha ha, Qin Chu, president of the Medicine Refining Association." Octavian III paused, but did not continue.
Because he saw that the Dragon Knight, not far from him, had frowned deeply, and looked at the eyes of the president of his medicine refining, which seemed extremely unfriendly.
With a change of mind, Octavian III quietly looked at the dragon knight in a playful way. Vaguely remember, this dragon knight came to the Imperial Capital later. "I remember coming, it seemed like a mess."
"My Lord, that’s him." Theseus gnashed his teeth, and though he lowered his voice, Octavian heard him.
The gray old man’s eyes flashed cold, his fingers banged on the table, he suddenly turned and smiled at Octavian III. "Your Majesty III, the banquet is still early. Why don’t you take the opportunity to hold a small activity to help?"
"oh? I wonder if your Excellency Sada has any good suggestions? " Octavian III didn’t refuse, just smiled.
"Your country is based on Wu Liguo, and there are numerous domestic masters. The fame of blade master in the wind alone has spread far and wide to the mainland. I’ve admired it for a long time. Hehe, why don’t your Majesty find some experts and let his men learn from each other, just to help? " This gray old man named Sada said with a smile on his face.
"Well, this may not be convenient today. Sir Sada, today is a little hasty, and all of you here are … hehe. " Octavian III narrowed his eyes, and the deep sneer passed.
Sada sighed, "Ha ha, that’s the only way. Alas, I am disappointed. "
Tone is full of disdain and ridicule, Octavian frown immediately, he has seen, next to the dragon knight, has disdain to raise the corners of the mouth.
The surrounding atmosphere is strange. The nobles around them have already glared at Sada and his party.
"I don’t know, Lord Sada, how do you want to learn?" Octavian iii light way.