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Changying is very appreciative and satisfied with his student. "Well, let’s all drink less as before, which makes the snow dance troublesome."

Su Chen is startled. Will Dean get out of control and vomit? Perfect similarity
Vicky scratched his head and laughed. "I just got back from the tropical rain forest after a narrow escape, so I advised you to drink more. I didn’t expect to frighten the snow dance to cry haha …"
Xuewu blushed. "I’m still so nervous because of the alcoholism."
The eagle reached out and touched her daughter’s head. "I won’t drink even if this guy kneels down to beg me."
Has his eyebrows. "Who will kneel to beg you! Really! "
Snow Dance chuckled, "Well, let’s try your and father’s skills quickly!"
Vicky pointed to a big plate of barbecue and said, "Try my cooking first. I cook barbecue first-class!"
The original Su Orange is still a little restrained, but seeing that the Dean and Mr. Vicky are so childish and hospitable, Su Orange is completely relaxed because of their emotions.
The dinner atmosphere has also become relaxed and pleasant.
Chapter ninety-four Yuan Qi Egg
After dinner, I saw that it was getting late. Su Orange said goodbye to the snow dance and sent her out.
Looking at the beautiful and lovely moonlight and dancing in the snow, I don’t know whether I drank wine or not, so Su Orange has some thoughts surging.
At present, the girl looks so much like Mu Xue, almost exactly the same. How she wants to hold her tightly in her arms!
A breeze blows through the night, leaving a trace of reason in the brain, pulling back the nerve that Su Orange is about to get out of control.
See Sue orange stupefied looking at his eyes full of pain, entanglement and affection, like a thousand words and dancing, and never before did a boy dare to look at himself so boldly!
I want to reach out and finally hold my hand into a fist. Su Orange raises a natural and unrestrained smile at the corner of her mouth. "Thank you, Dean and Miss Snow Dance for your hospitality. Thank you very much! It’s getting late. I should go. Don’t bother much. "
"Good Su Chenjun Road be careful to come home to play sometimes!"
I’m really afraid that if I hesitate for a moment, I’ll lose my mind and do strange things to scare Miss Pure Snow Dance.
A kitten ran to the feet of dancing snow and meowed like a spoiled brat. She was very dependent on dancing snow.
"Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you later! "
Snow dance picked up the kitten’s mouth and smiled beautifully.
Sue orange could not help but reach out and gently caress the kitten and said, "Goodbye!"
Then turned around and strode away.
Continue to snow dance behind you, softly saying, "Be good and don’t be naughty!" What do you want to eat later? Goose liver bibimbap or tuna bibimbap? "
Sue orange corners of the mouth can’t help but see a smile, but she doesn’t look back. Even if she doesn’t look back, she knows how cute it is to discuss dinner snow dance with the kitten seriously at this time.
Back to the dormitory, I took a shower and went to the upstairs bedroom.
Looking at the quiet campus and the soft moonlight in front of the French window is a bit complicated.
Snow Dance … Now her mind is full of her beautiful figure, which gradually coincides with Mu Xue in her memory.
"Daddy …"
A weak voice came to pull back Su Orange’s thoughts.
Looking back, I saw Qiuqiu sitting in bed holding a penguin doll.
"Qiuqiu, are you all right?"
She didn’t come to the warehouse to see Qiuqiu after she got enough energy value from noon and exchanged the specific medicine for Qiuqiu. I didn’t expect this guy to run out by himself, and his mental condition was good.
"In the afternoon, dad threw a medicine at others and left it alone. The medicine was so bitter that I didn’t know to give Qiuqiu a candy to eat."
Qiuqiu pursed her pink mouth.
Ok! It took her a lot of effort to get the specific medicine. This little guy is also picky about the medicine. It is too bitter and there is no sugar …
"Good medicine tastes bitter and it is not good for sick children to eat too much sugar."
Su orange put up a parental spectrum.
"Daddy is too stingy to exchange candy for Qiuqiu!"
Qiuqiu continued pouting with a full face of injustice.
"all right! What would you like to eat? I still have some energy values to exchange for some snacks for you, but this time it won’t happen! "
"I want to eat vitality eggs."
"What is a primordial egg?"
"A particularly delicious food that can supplement physical fitness!"
Qiuqiu snapped a few small mouths and swallowed.
Does Su Orange really have such a thing when searching for vitality eggs on a mobile phone search engine?
Wait … Isn’t this dog food? Sweat …
Since Qiuqiu’s initial recovery from a serious illness is to replenish energy, exchange it for one!
Take a look at the mall and I’ll go! One thousand energy values of a primordial egg are simply cheating!
However, seeing that Qiuqiu is like a greedy cat, I have exchanged my little energy value for two vitality eggs. The reason is that I can buy two discounts for one energy value. Let the child have a good time!
"wow! I love to eat vitality eggs. "
Qiuqiu is full of joy with one hand and one vitality.