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But I dare not stay long. I thought of Zhuqunfeng but forbade her to come.

Pull the stupid hand judo "Baby, let’s go home first"
Benben nodded and said, "Sister, let’s come to see your mother again. Did you really see the elder sister? But I have been desperately looking at it and I haven’t seen it. "
Fang’s gentle smile said, "Don’t go over when you see the elder sister deliberately teasing Benben, or she will know that she has been found."
Stupid nodded.
This time show palace
When Liu Xixi woke up late, he jumped out of bed and scared Mo Yao. He angrily patted Liu Xixi’s beautiful little face full of disapproval. "What are you doing? Scared me to death. "
Liu Sunseeker held his chest late, feeling sad as if he were going to die. He still felt sullenly in front of his chest, as if the temple had an argument with a woman, and he would run out if he didn’t care.
Liu Sunseeker held up his temple at night and felt like he was going to crack with pain.
Mo Yao waited for the bright almond eyes to look at Liu Sunseeker and stretched out his hand and touched her forehead at night. "Are you in pain? I’ll call you doctor too much! !”
She proudly shouted at the door and was caught by Liu Xixi. "Let someone send 20 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of camellia and 20 grams of ginseng to boil a bowl of water for me."
Mo Yao looked at Liu Xiyue in surprise. "Do you know medical skills?"
"No" Liu Sunseeker can refute it effectively at night, but these names seem to suddenly pop out of her mind. Suddenly, her eyes light up. Maybe she used to be a medical woman?
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 632 Not this dynasty
"I-I have been ill for a long time." She didn’t want to say more, so she lied.
Moyao sticks to her and laughs, "I know, androphobia Bai."
It’s not a phobia of men. Liu Xiyu silently corrected it.
Who else is Emperor Xuanyuan? Come on, let me be scared.
When Liu Xixi recovered from her illness, she was dragged by Mo Yao to chat with Oriental Yun Qi. Liu Xixi actually didn’t want to come, but she felt that she still cared about Oriental Yun Qi, so she thought twice and followed.
"Sit down, I’m in a mess here." Oriental Yun Qi has a special palace and servants in the palace. Liu Xixi looked curiously at the string of small flowerpots on the windowsill at night. Isn’t this succulent DIY?
Curiously, she leaned over and saw that besides cactus, there were dripping Guanyin and so on. I didn’t expect these things to exist in this dynasty.
She was in high spirits and then surprised. What was she thinking?
However, Liu Xixi is now used to suddenly popping up rare names in his mind, probably-memory is recovering, right?
"Your palace is really bright, and our palace is very dark now." Mo Yao saw the Oriental Yun Qi, and there would be no arrogance and poison tongue to her former daughters. If she complimented people, she would still be very likable.
Liu Sunseeker gave her a faint look at night and didn’t decide to dislike this kind of person to eat in the palace.
What is so bright? Cause-
When she touched the window paper, it wasn’t hard ―― glass?
"That’s the glass is our miss hair? When the emperor saw what he liked, he seemed to say that he would vigorously produce it. Not only can all ordinary people’s homes in our palace be promoted to benefit the public? "
"Sister Yun Qi, you are too clever, and you are so clever that you can match the temple with such amazing and gorgeous men." Mo Yao exclaimed enviously.
Liu Xixi paused at night. Mo Yao said that he would defeat the Oriental Yun Qi and grab the night cry of the Emperor. It is still in his ears.
It’s just that it’s not her business, is it?
Because-she doesn’t like Oriental Yun Qi very much, and it’s not that she did anything bad. On the contrary, she did a good job, but she just couldn’t like her and she was still hostile to her.
Liu Xixi touched her head at night. She felt that there was a reason for all this, and she remembered it.
Hanging eyes slightly, I heard that the outside was busy and busy. "Miss Yun Qi is ill again."
Oriental Yun Qi was surprised and busy. "What’s the matter?"
The bearer was sweating profusely and hurriedly tunnel, "I was in good spirits and accompanied the emperor to hunt a wild boar today, but suddenly I came from a horse and was unconscious. The emperor wanted to see a foreign envoy, so he asked me to send him back to the temple first and said that I must let the doctor cure too much check and tell the emperor immediately when he woke up."
Cure too much said that I was tired and got cold, so I was allowed to cultivate myself in the house.