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Therefore, the bitter experience is that the people in Beijing have taken advantage of Qianjia Salt Shop to run away other salt shops, occupying and monopolizing the surrounding market. If ordinary people want to eat salt, they can either endure to spend a lot of money to buy salt from Qianjia Salt Shop or avoid it to buy salt in further places, which is sad.

But what can they do? They are ordinary people, but the thick thigh of the Great Emperor can bear it silently.
Because there is no money, many people can go around to buy salt in other places. One day, near Qianjia Salt Shop, the people got up before dawn and prepared to spend half a day buying salt. Just after crossing a street, they saw a new shop with lights on.
After a quick glance, the people were suddenly surprised to see that there were snow-white hills piled up in the shop, but they were not flour-like, unfamiliar and familiar, which made the people afraid to recognize and curious. "What kind of shop is this?"
"This is our salt shop, which is full of snow salt." The shopkeeper of the salt shop said with a smile.
"Snow salt is the kind of salt that people eat? It must be very expensive, right? "Hearing the snow salt, the people shrink back and are in the capital. They have naturally heard the name of snow salt. It is said that snow salt tastes more delicious than ordinary salt for free, but it is not bitter, and it is very popular among the nobles in Beijing.
There is also the same price as snow salt, which costs 100 pence a bucket. At this price, they can buy ten buckets of ordinary salt.
"Our salt shop has just opened, and the owner said that the price of snow and salt will be reduced for three days at a limited time. After three days, the original price will be restored. There is no such shop in this village. If you want to taste snow and salt, you must buy it quickly." The shopkeeper said.
"Really? Fifteen pence for a bucket of snow salt? !” When people heard the price shock, they thought that the pie was just so much.
You know, a bucket of ordinary salt costs ten pence and snow salt sells fifteen pence. This price is naturally expensive for ordinary salt, but it is snow salt. The original price is one hundred pence and snow salt is now fifteen pence, which is simply a fracture price.
"You can taste the snow salt first. Our salt shop supports tasting."
You can’t eat much salt when you try it, because the snow salt tastes salty, but it has been particularly attractive since ancient times. Even if you don’t buy it, it’s good to try the snow salt.
Soon, bold people came out and dipped their fingers in the salt dish. After that, their eyes lit up and said, "It’s so salty and it’s not bitter at all. It’s really a bargain to get fifteen pence!"
Make sure that snow salt is better than ordinary salt, and the people will soon form a circle around the snow salt shop, and each family will buy a lot.
After all, the price of fifteen articles lasts for three days, and after three days, the price of snow salt will return to the original price, which gives many people a sense of crisis and urgency. After all, it is a real purchase and a profit.
From the early hours of the morning until the sun rises, there are more and more people around the snow, salt and salt shops, and even the whole street is blocked.
They are not far from Qianjia Salt Shop. Naturally, some people know that they have tipped off Qianjia Salt Shop.
For those poor people who have no money, Qianjia Salt Shop has never been concerned, but just because they don’t care doesn’t mean that other salt shops can take away their guests. Anyway, those people can squeeze out two ounces of oil.
Of course, what shocked Qianjia Salt Shop was that it actually sold snow salt and set the price of snow salt so low.
"That salt shop is crazy? What’s the difference between this price and free delivery! " Money home salt shop shocking way
They sold ordinary salt, but the price of snow salt was opposite, but they sold snow salt. How can anyone do business like this in the world of ordinary salt?
"Are you sure it’s snow salt?" Money home salt shop shopkeeper look dignified way
"It’s true that they let people taste their salt shops," the informant said sourly.
I heard that it was because there were too many people in that salt shop that he couldn’t squeeze in.
The shopkeeper of Qianjia Salt Shop quickly reported the matter to Qianjia and waited for instructions from Qianjia.
"Who dares to be so bold and my money is right? I don’t know if the man behind us is the great emperor! " Money family received the news angry way
Since their money family had the big emperor as their patron, it was a disadvantage, but they never kicked the iron plate at their doorstep. The salt shop was not far from their salt shop, and they wanted to talk to their money family in gallants.
If you don’t give them money, you won’t give the big emperor a face. Of course, it’s not enough to bother the big emperor.
Qian San frowned and suddenly remembered that he had made bad friends with himself the other day. He believed that Mo Xunzhou would never be polite to him if he had the chance. But can you get the snow salt?
Even Mo Xunzhou’s younger brother Mo Xunping got snow and salt before going, which is also his way.
The most important thing now is that their Qianjia salt shop business is now taken away by the snow salt shop or ordinary guests. What if their snow salt shop guests are also taken away?
Just after Qianjia received the news, many guests had come outside the Xueyan Salt Shop. They all had money at home but didn’t buy Xueyan Road.
Although some people sell snow salt, the amount is too small to eat at home.
But as soon as they heard that someone was opening a snow salt shop, they quickly came to see who would take over the business of think of snow Salt Shop, which almost filled the whole street with their roots and could not squeeze in.
This is embarrassing. They all give up the nobility and reserve, but they never think about the roots, so no one cares and can’t squeeze in.
The people are crazy when the snow and salt are discounted for three days. Even at night, the door is still open, and the guys in charge of loading salt have changed several crops.
"Hum, let those people grab it first. After all, they can’t eat snow and salt for a generation. Unlike us big families, we don’t care about the price difference between snow and salt." We can’t squeeze into the big families’ own elegy.
But there are not many people who agree. After all, their money is not strong enough to buy a bucket of snow and salt for fifteen pence. They are crazy to buy it for one hundred pence.
But there is no way for the people to crowd. They always have to crowd with ordinary people regardless of their status.
When the people of Qianjia Salt Shop came to spy on the news, they saw that many of their big customers’ carriages were parked outside the street, and they wanted to go in. Suddenly, the shopkeeper of Qianjia Salt Shop was startled.
Those ordinary people also calculate these big family guests, but they must not lose. Fortunately, the other salt shop has been packed by ordinary people. Otherwise, according to these people’s financial resources, they are afraid that the other salt shop will be sold.
Jealous and resentful, the shopkeeper of Qianjia Salt Shop went to greet these big customers and wanted to win them back.
"You adults see that the price of snow salt will be reduced for three days. After three days, the snow salt will return to its original price. If you are impatient, don’t go to our salt shop to buy snow salt," said the shopkeeper of Qianjia Salt Shop.
Those who heard the news said politely, "No need. We are not the ones who like to take advantage. We also want to try what this snow salt tastes like. It’s not too late to buy it when it’s delicious."
Even if the original price is restored to the newly opened snow salt shop, it will cost a hundred words, but the price of snow salt in Qianjia is much higher, as if it is certain that they can eat his family’s salt, and every time the family goes to buy it, they don’t take it seriously.