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"ah! !” In the mixed screams of men and women, four people involuntarily flew half a liter to the maximum height, and then returned to the original road and finally fell to the ground.

"Aye …!" Four people low groaned mess from the ground up and looked up to one side and looked at them cheerfully nine heavy happen to coincide said a sentence "… another dead pervert! !”
"How to continue? !” Nine heavy smiling asked
"No … no! We’re not as good as others! !” Seeing Jiuzhong’s smile, as always, the four people really have the impulse to beat him up, but they can also think about yy. If they really go, they will appoint zi you to fall.
“……!” The four men stared at each other and silently walked towards the virtual door.
"Hey, don’t go in a hurry!" Nine heavy he stopped four people "this also hit you have to give a statement? !”
"What do you want? !” Four people stopped and turned around.
Chapter five hundred and ninety Pit
"What do you mean I want? What do you want? !” Nine hands spread out, "I also called this plane at your request. Let’s get back to the point. Do you have any comments on my two conditions?" !”
"Ah …? !” Gone with the candlestick and purple blood after a pause just frozen thinking "you mean … we can continue to negotiate just now? !”
"Otherwise, what is our fight? !”
"Uh …!" Halfway through the negotiations just now, they first announced that the negotiations had broken down and took tough measures against Jiuzhong. But troubled times and purple blood didn’t expect Jiuzhong to ignore them at all, which could not help but make their impression on Jiuzhong change a lot. "Well, then we will promise you two conditions! But can you also guarantee that you can compensate us for the loss of grades and cities these days? !”
"Fair trade is natural!" Nine nodded and said, "If you promise me two conditions, I will naturally compensate you for all the losses you have suffered because of me!"
"It’s a deal!"
"It’s a deal!" After the troubled times and the purple blood also reached an agreement, Jiuchong rushed to the four people and waved, "Come here!"
The four people have been doing it for a long time when they see it. They are not used to this feeling of being bossed around. Reading novels will go to Ye You ~ You.
Jiuzhong walked over to the four people and compared the "V" gesture to show friendship to the four people.
“……!” Four people nai good turned around and came to nine heavy tone appearing defiantly asked "why? !”
"Now that you are my people, I always …!" Nine words are still unfinished and interrupted by four people.
"Stop, we are not your people, but we are temporarily obeying you according to the agreement!"
"Fine, comfort yourself whatever you want!" Jiuzhong continued, "What about me? I have to give you some sweetness!"
Said the nine heavy from dry Kun bag out a gourd pick then although most of the pick then have been regarded as guild rewards but still have a little bootleg "know what I didn’t change hands just now, the four of you can’t move me together? !”
"What? !” Four people speak the same language [
"This equipment is on the one hand, although your equipment is also an artifact set, it must be incomparable with me! In addition …! " Jiuchong Road "The most important reason is the grade! The three of you are now in a grade of 91, 97, and 96, and you haven’t faced me for a hundred years. It is naturally difficult to cause effective damage to me! "
"We know that advanced God-level players are powerful, but we didn’t expect them to be so powerful!" The four of them suddenly said, "No wonder we can’t detect your grade information by exploration. It seems that the grade gap between you and us is not as big as usual!"
"This level gap, even if my level is similar to yours, you can’t detect my level information!" Nine heavy freely said a sentence to continue the topic just now, "I want you to break through the top 100 and acquire your own magic skills. When the time comes, the four of you will join forces to attack me, and I will deal with it … although it is still very easy, others will definitely make them prostrate! Hey! "
"ha? !”
Nine heavy pull four people squat will pick then fell to the ground in the gourd rushed four people motioned "eat one by one to one hundred level will stop the waves! I want to find out who dares to wave the market price to compensate me for a million gold coins! "
Four eyes wide slip circle "what is so expensive? Are you just trying to cheat us? !”
"I said eat to one hundred level check or wave even if you eat more than just plan! Eat quickly! "
"Da … Da Luo Jin Dan!" The four people were full of curiosity, reaching out and scooping up a pick from the ground. When they saw the introduction of the attributes of the pick, they couldn’t help but swallow their mouths. Boy, there is such a panacea for direct experience. No wonder this sacred one dared to ask us for one million gold coins. It’s really worth the price!
I didn’t expect that the miser would give them such a priceless elixir to eat. Isn’t this worse than giving them some gold coins directly? This man … is really understandable [
However, it is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to understand the law and return it to the law. After this village, there is no such thing as a hammer trading place. The four people don’t like Jiuzhong’s polite hands, and they keep sending the pick elixirs into their mouths like a ribbon, and they are all connected into a string.
Four people eat nine heavy watch and have been critical to see the four people’s character attributes, pay attention to the growth of four people’s experience, see a meal, then go to four people’s experience and soar, and soon the department has broken through the ninety-nine level and approached the hundred level.
And the four people are obviously a little addicted to eating, and they are immersed in the thrill of rocket upgrade, oblivious to the fact that their experience has reached a critical point. Nine heavy warnings have already been thrown behind the second door, and they are still eating the pick and then. After all, they can upgrade the rocket without fighting hard. Who doesn’t want to raise more points?
Although Jiuzhong saw the dangerous situation of four people, he didn’t say anything but was so happy.
Sure enough, in the case that Jiuzhong did not make a blocking indication, four people properly exceeded the standard.
"Stop it!" At first glance, Jiuzhong said something to stop the four people from stopping. First, take back the left-over pick and then throw it into the dry bag. Then, with a very bright smile on his face, he rushed to the four people and reached out and said, "Pay as promised!"
"Tao … what money? !” What do you mean, four people are still immersed in the joy of breaking through the top 100 levels and have no reaction at the moment?
"I said it before!" Jiuzhong was very patient and explained to the four people, "I gave you this pick elixir until you reached the 100 th level, but if you continue to eat after the 100 th level, I will accept it from you according to the market price!" Did I say that? !”
"Er … I did!" Nine heavy so say four people just remember this quarrel to suddenly sweat came to the body swallowed water guilty asked "how many … how many did we eat? !”
"Ah, I have calculated this for you ~!" Jiuzhong is very happy for four people. "You ate twenty-five more at most; Your little sister in the pit is rather reserved and ate ten more; You have eaten seventeen pieces in troubled times. Finally, it was your purple blood. You ate fifteen pills from the bottom! All of these can be well documented from your own experiences, and some of them have been wiped for you!
According to the market price I just said, you have to give me 25 million gold coins; Ten million pit girls; 17 million in troubled times; Purple blood 15 million!
The number is true. Pay the money! "
"I this …! !” Seeing the nine faces, the four people suddenly realized that they … had been pitted by this sacred party, and he just set a set for them to drill in.
And they also really cooperated with the old man and got in.
As a result, in the end, this party should owe them money. They are creditors, but now their identity has been reversed by a hundred degrees. He has become a creditor.
"You … you cheated us!" Iron king kong is more outspoken, and he just says what he thinks freely.
"King Kong, pay attention to your words!" Nine heavy a serious asked "I which pit you? !”
"This …!" Iron King Kong was right for a while, and this sacred question also asked him where he had cheated them. He really gave them vaccination in vain before, but they were carried away by the thrill of rocket upgrade for a while, and they didn’t put their arms around themselves and crossed the cordon. This was really irrelevant to others, and it was their own fault.
“……!” At one time, four people looked at me, and I looked at you and fell into the language again.
They are all small businesses, especially Iron King Kong and Pit Little Sister, who started from scratch. Together, they have to pay 35 million yuan. Even if they steal, they don’t know where to steal so much money!
At first glance, the four people became very depressed and offered an olive branch. "But if you don’t want to give it, it’s negotiable!"
"Really? !” Four people are shine at the moment.
"hmm!" Nine nodded. "But you have to promise me one condition!"
"Another condition …!" Four people looked at each other’s eye contact and came to the condition again. Brothers and sisters, it is estimated that we can’t jump out of this pit. "Say what conditions? !”
No matter what four people are flirting with, Jiuzhong said, "Simple, you three major forces submit to me and join me! Then I don’t want the money as a gift to you! Such as? !”
“……!” Four people, you look at me, and I look at you asking each other in the eyes, whether to jump in this pit or not, you have to pay back the money to jump, even if you sell yourself completely.
"Don’t worry!" Nine heavy command of the three major forces of the four people is inevitable. I saw the concerns in the hearts of the four people and decisively added preferential policies. "If you don’t follow me back to Huaxia after joining me, you will stay in the United States to operate your respective forces! And …! "
Chapter five hundred and ninety-nine Guerrilla fighting