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The beggar in front of him was none other than Qin Shaojie, who grew up playing and admired him.

When he was a child, Qin Shaojie didn’t talk much and didn’t have many friends. Of course, perhaps only comics can be his friends, but admiration is the only one who can play with Qin Shaojie.
Wear open-backed pants to kindergarten together, go to the melon seeds stall on the roadside to steal melon seeds when they grow up, then sit in the stands of the stadium and watch a group of high school students chase fiercely on the basketball court, and spend a week together to save five dollars, just to be able to go to the game hall early in the morning on weekends and play crazy all morning, and then go back at noon and be reprimanded by their parents. During the summer vacation, do homework together, and work together. One writes math, the other writes Chinese, and then copy it to each other. In my spare time, I lie on Qin Shaojie’s little bed together, watching the comic books that Qin Shaojie has saved since childhood and I don’t know how many times I have read them, and then laughing heartlessly together. This is their childhood. But this wonderful childhood was completely shattered when Qin Shaojie was fourteen years old.
Admiration left, and this brother who grew up wearing open-backed pants with him went away and immigrated to England with his parents. Then, Qin Shaojie completely lost contact with him. From then on, Qin Shaojie never had a friend to play with. Gradually, he became a complete otaku.
Childhood is always unforgettable. At this moment, all the memories about childhood and crazy play with admiration are all injected into the brain from the depths of Qin Shaojie’s heart. Just like Uncle Zhao said. "The virus is rushing to your brain at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour."
Qin Shaojie looked at the beggar in front of him, and his eyes gradually became moist. The only friend he grew up with was in front of his eyes. However, he became a beggar.
"Admire, you, how did you become like this?" Qin Shaojie woke up from the memory, hurriedly wiped his eyes, his eyes were red, and his voice trembled at admiration and asked.
"Are you … are you Qin Shaojie?" Admire leng for a while, staring at Qin Shaojie along while, just not sure asked 1.
"Yes, it’s me. I didn’t expect to see you again." Qin Shaojie said, and directly in the waiter to follow up in and out of the guests’ strange eyes, hugged the dirty admiration, and said excitedly.
"Qin Shaojie, you, you are quick to let me go, my body is dirty. People will laugh at you. " Admiration is also very exciting, but he still knows his present situation. He is a beggar, and his hair is now estimated to be a rich man. Otherwise, this hotel ritz is not so easy to live in.
"Smile, let them laugh, you are my brother, my only brother." Qin Shaojie doesn’t care what others think. This kind of friendship can’t be realized by anyone.
"Go, go, come in with me, go up and wash a algae and change clothes first." Qin Shaojie said, and took admiration and walked into the hotel.
"Here you are, sir." When the waiter saw that Qin Shaojie was pulling the beggar to go to the hotel, he hurriedly came over and tried to stop him, but he was sewed up with a stack of colorful bills thrown by Qin Shaojie.
Well, you’re rich and you’re an uncle, even if you want to invite all the beggars in London.
Along the way, Qin Shaojie almost walked with admiration, and met many people with puzzled or disgusted eyes. However, Qin Shaojie was unaware of it and directly took the admiration to the elevator and came to the presidential suite where he lived on the top floor.
Looking at the luxurious presidential suite with admiration and disbelief, his eyes were full of surprise. He couldn’t believe that his introverted childhood had changed so much now.
"Dude, what are you doing? Hurry in and take a shower. I’ll call the hotel to find a barber. Just wear mine first, and I’ll take you out to buy it later. " Holding the admiration of stupidly standing at the door, Qin Shaojie directly stuffed a pile of clothes into his arms, then pulled him to the bathroom door and pushed him in directly.
Chapter 316 Admiration experience [8].
The admiration of the whole body after cleaning seems to be accustomed to sitting on the cold and stiff street, and suddenly sitting on this soft top leather sofa, the whole body is very uncomfortable, and the ass only sits on a smaller part.
Wearing Qin Shaojie’s casual clothes, his hair was cut short by the barber. At this time, his admiration, except for his pale face caused by long-term hunger, was still the person Qin Shaojie knew and played with his big friends.
"Eat first, and then tell me what happened to you when you are full." Qin Shaojie pointed to a pile of food just sent by the waiter and said.
Admiration is really hungry. At this time, I don’t care about being uncomfortable. I don’t even need a knife and fork. I just grab a steak and eat it with a big mouth. After eating two bites, I seemed to be choking. I quickly grabbed the opened red wine and drank it directly at the bottle. In less than ten minutes, it was as if a war had just been fought on the table, and all that was left was the residue and the empty red wine bottle.
"Hiccup." Admiration is very satisfied with a burp, picked up the paper towel on the table and wiped her mouth and hands full of oil stains. This just looked at Qin Shaojie and received it embarrassedly. "Well … I’m so hungry."
"Nothing, nothing." Qin Shaojie hurriedly said. "Are you full? If you are not full, I’ll call them and ask them to send it up."
"No, no, no, I’m full." Admire and wave. "This meal has cost you a lot of money."
Indeed, counting the bottle of red wine that is admired for running out of drinks, this meal can’t come without 20 thousand euros.
"Just kidding, what is this money?"
If there is anyone who can make Qin Shaojie, a miser, pull out a few hairs without hesitation, it is only her admiration besides her woman. They are the kind of brothers who can break a dime and spend half of it.
"I really don’t need it." Admiration said. "I’m full."
"I’m serious, too. What’s the relationship between us? It’s not like you, brother. Even if we have only a dime when we were young, we can break flowers. What are you polite to me?" Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Yes, it was a good time." Admiration suddenly said, as if recalling the good times of childhood.
"Well, don’t say anything else. Since you are full, then tell me what happened to you. Why did you become like this?" Qin Shaojie asked. This is the question he wants to know most.
When he was a child, he only heard some news from his parents in bits and pieces, saying that his admiring father was hired by a British company and the treatment he provided was not bad, so he admired a talent and immigrated to Britain. Since then, Qin Shaojie has lost contact with admiration. Unexpectedly, when I saw my best friend again, he was already in the street. This makes Qin Shaojie confused at the same time, and his heart is also very unpleasant.
The friend who was extroverted when he was a child and always helped him fight, has now become timid.
"I was framed." Admire suddenly said, eyes immediately filled with hatred.
"Frame, what’s the matter?" Qin Shaojie asked. "Didn’t your dad get hired by a British company to bring your family to immigrate?"
"Yes, my dad was indeed hired by a biological company here, and the treatment was very good." Admiration said.
"At that time, I followed my parents to come here and went to a middle school in London. All this has completely changed since I was in high school. " Admiration looked at the ceiling and recalled. "On the first day of high school, I fell in love with a girl in my class. Really, she is very beautiful, but beauty always has many suitors. After school, I was about to ask her out, but I saw her get on a Ferrari sports car. I didn’t care at that time, as long as I wasn’t married, I still had the right to pursue it. The next day, I confessed to that girl. I didn’t think about it. She actually promised me. I was very excited at that time. " Say, admiring eyes are no longer hatred. More is replaced by a good memory.
Qin Shaojie didn’t speak, just sat there quietly, waiting for admiration to continue.
After a while, admiration said. "Later, she naturally became my girlfriend, and we were very happy together. However, one night we went to a classmate’s birthday party. After I sent her home, I was beaten up inexplicably on the way. I was already passed out. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My parents told me that my arms and calves were broken and three ribs were broken. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, otherwise, I would die. "