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Let those angry and suspicious passengers also have some confusion.

"Do not believe you see my letter of introduction? Send me to the public security bureau. It’s my poor daughter. I don’t know if I can survive these two days without delay. "
Her nose was full of tears, and the people around her were instantly dispelled.
"It’s good to beat the baby twice if he doesn’t listen." Some people have suggestions.
Momo peach …
Why don’t these people help her?
"You just died, dad. My dad is the battalion chief. My mother can hit two of you with a hoe." Momo Tao was angry.
Flower Niang don’t talk sad face is to let people believe in a few minutes.
Seeing that no one spoke for themselves, Momo Tao began to struggle crazily. She really wanted to bite the flower girl, but she did what she said, which made everyone look at her disapprovingly
"This is too skinny."
"Where there is a disown mother aunt, this must be taught well."
"I can’t bear to part with my only grandson."
Flower Niang continued to look at the struggling Momo peach with deep eyes and quietly pinched her where others could not see her.
"Pain" Momo Peach’s eyes are red, but it has been deeply seen that these people are unreliable and their little heads are turning wildly.
If you jump out of the window, it will be a broken peach.
The distress car is full of some milk. Did she say a wooden stick?
The explanations are all idiots.
Momo peach sniffed and stopped.
Flower Niang is a little wary when she sees this, but people in the car can’t run away anyway.
I don’t know where Momo Peach is at the moment. Her red eyes are crazy and she is looking at the car. She is about to cry after thinking about it. Only then can she see the driver in front.
Driving = traffic brigade = acquaintances
Momo peach suddenly picked up Hua Niang’s hand and gave it a hard bite. When she was in pain, she quickly ran to the front driver’s position.
"Uncle has a turn" Momo peach sniffs
The driver picked his eyebrows, and he heard what he just said, and he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Hua Niang’s words
After all, there hasn’t been any abduction in these years. Everyone has a hard time. Why do you abduct children? Especially girls.
"Me, me" Momo Tao immediately remembered that he didn’t talk and cried, "I really don’t know this man. You see Momo Tao is so beautiful, she doesn’t look good."
Flower Niang also came running over there, feeling sad. "Grandma is not good enough, Taotao, don’t disturb the driver’s uncle to drive."
See will be caught by flower niang Momo peach flashes jumped up and shouted.
"The main name of the traffic brigade is slowly, and the main ding should deal with them. They are all traffic brigades. I am her niece and uncle. Please help me."
"Brake ~" car suddenly stopped.
The man stopped and looked almost crying. Momo Tao picked his eyebrows. "Why didn’t I know you were my brother’s niece?"
"…" Momo peach Meng force.
But no matter what, first rush to hug someone’s thigh and look at him in tears.
"Uncle, I really don’t know this bad guy."
"I was in the transport brigade with my sister and dad just now. We are in town to sell vermicelli."
"You send me to the police first. Send me to the police."
Ding Ye picked people up and looked at Hua Niang.
Flower Niang felt bad when she parked in Ding Ye. She said before that she could go to the public security. It was all a scam. Where did she dare to go to that place to confront and bite her teeth? She looked like a peach hiding behind her.
"Stop people quickly" Ding Ye shouted "Stop people quickly" when he noticed that he was not going right.
I didn’t know that Hua Niang looked a little fat, but she walked nimbly to the window, jumped outside and went into the forest, and soon she couldn’t see anyone.
"Damn" Ding Ye doesn’t look well.
"The bad guys have run away". It’s a relief to see people leaving Momo Peach. It’s pitiful to look at them with tears in your eyes.
Ding ye released the man, found a small stool from the side, and took out a handful of candy from his pocket and gave it to her.
"Be good, don’t cry, just sit here and take you to the public security bureau to find your parents when you arrive."
"thank you"
Frightened, Momo peach took the sugar, with a flat mouth and tears in her eyes, peeled off the sugar one by one and stuffed it into her mouth.
Ding Ye glanced at his teeth and began to have a dull pain, but he didn’t say anything. He drove again to speed up and walked to the scheduled city.
It’s almost halfway now. Yes, keep walking.
And the passengers sitting in the back of the car are talking about it
"God, is this turn so good at acting?"
"I really can’t see it at all."
"Is this child clever or …"
It’s obvious that it’s hard to say if she doesn’t find someone smart.
However, they are thinking too much about Ding Yesui. Although they didn’t think there were any problems with Hua Niang, they also planned to send people to the public security bureau.
Whether it is true or not is for the public security to judge.
It’s before now, even if this turn has escaped, it’s hard to say which situation is good
"This is one thousand parents sell …" Some people speculate.
Momo peach didn’t know that she was sitting on a small bench with sugar in her mouth, bending her small hand over her belly and looking at the strange environment in front of the window, sipping her mouth and feeling a little scared.
Momo misses her parents, her sister and her brothers …
Besides, here in the city, I found that Momo Peach is gone, and both father and daughter are going crazy. So I went to the toilet, and both of them are here. Where are they?
The size of this public toilet pit can’t drop people.
Before, those women were pulling persimmons to take her to Jiang Gongan. Now, the father and the daughter are pulling a lot of people to see the police.