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Qingchen said, "Then let her stay with Xia Lang, but Xia Lang should be much longer than her when she is in prison."

ChuNingZhao casual look at the pool saw each other’s eyes.
Don’t tell Qingchen about the ending of Xia Lang.
It will be uncomfortable for her to know the bloody things that will be told to her in a few years.
At this time, the poetic art was disheveled in the room, sitting in the dark room, and the curtains were pulled so thick that there was no sunlight.
The family is at the door, but they can’t get close to this room. The people outside are all sent by Chu Ningzhao.
This time, Chu Ningzhao’s attitude is also very tough. Since the family wants poetry to stay at home, it is only limited to staying here, so don’t want to get in touch with her.
In the follow-up, the family can no longer have a way. At this time, don’t say that you have to beg again, just to ask the king to be old.
Poetry and art, her eyes are sitting on the ground, and her mind is full of the past. She can’t help laughing when she thinks about the present situation.
Karma. This is karma.
And the real retribution is yet to come.
One day when the meal was delivered, Chu Ningzhao sent someone to find the poem art fainted in the room. After consulting Chu Ningzhao, he sent the poem art to the hospital.
This time, the doctor said that the cancer cells of poetic body had recurred.
Moreover, this time, the recurrent cancer cells have mutated and spread, and the only way to do it again is to die.
Poetry know when to look at the inspection report dribbling a long time lifted up her head crazy laugh.
Yeah, it’s good that she came to deceive thinking things, and now it’s really true
Her cancer cells actually relapsed …
This is the real karma.
Later, the physical condition of poetry became worse and worse, and her heart soon died.
Chu Ningzhao was kind enough to let his family go to see the poetry art, but after agreeing, he added, "Go home and wait to disappear."
The family finally chose the latter between poetry and family.
Poetry died on the Lantern Festival. She was lying in a hospital bed, and Chu Ningzhao arranged a luxurious ward for her, but it was cold and didn’t smell of people.
She stayed alone in this ward with a needle in her wrist for infusion. She was so weak that she didn’t have the strength to get up. The whole person lost weight rapidly in just over ten days and soon became bony.
At this time, the family has announced that poetry is no longer a family, and my father said that he does not have this daughter.
In particular, the kidnapping of poetry has humiliated the family, and they are no longer willing to give anything to poetry.
When she closed her eyes, there was nothing around her. There was just the moon outside the window, and at the moment when she closed her eyes, there were fireworks outside the window, which exploded into gorgeous fireworks.
She is the smallest in the world, especially when no one cares about her. No one cares about her now.
Section 37
Poet’s arm hung down and never woke up.
At the moment of her death, all kinds of experiences in this short life came to her mind. She suddenly regretted it, but she couldn’t say what she regretted.
She just left this world.
It was not until the next day that the news of her death was known. In the end, the family did not choose poetry to hold a funeral.
A poet with a bad record like that doesn’t deserve to enter a mausoleum.
I was stunned when I thought about this matter.
Then she sighed, "It’s a relief to die."
Otherwise, even if you are alive, the rest of your life will be torture.
She was born in luxury and caught a good hand. If she is a landlord, she directly took four 2 pairs of kings. If she is playing mahjong, she needs only one card to touch all the Hu cards.
However, thinking was a mess from birth, but in the end, poetry lost the worst and lost his life.
And after crossing the border in Qian Fan, Si finally treated Chu Ningzhao honestly. The two people finally stopped hiding and torturing each other as in the past, and they were finally able to stay together without caring.
It’s no wonder that she lost her poetic skills because of herself.
Sigen doesn’t sympathize with her. She thinks she’s asking for it anyway.
The death of poetic art did not cause fluctuations, and not many people cared about her death.
Even Xia Lang, who is still in the detention center, knows the news but only looks up at the corner and laughs. "She’s dead!"
If you die, you die.
Xia Lang’s mood has not been affected.
After the death of poetic art, the family tried to get Si back, but Si refused.
That home means nothing to her. She has her own family roots and doesn’t need them anymore.
Chu Ningzhao said to her, "You don’t need to go back and have me here."
"Good" thought nodded and promised to choose to believe ChuNingZhao.
Even poetry is dead. What does she care?
And Si found that Chu Ningzhao was always very strange recently.
He always asks Si to go to his company if he has nothing to do. Today, he asks her to deliver food. Tomorrow, he asks her to take Rui Rui with him. Otherwise, he says that he forgot to bring any information at home and asks her to help him deliver it.
Beth said, "can’t you ask your secret to go home and get it?"
Chu Ningzhao answered naturally, "I don’t like people coming into our house."
"They often come to Chenchi. Why don’t you say you don’t like them?"
"They are friends. It’s different."
"Anyway, what you say makes sense …"
Spit out, spit out, or complain. I always go to the company to find him according to Chu Ningzhao’s instructions
Finally, after this situation lasted for a while, I couldn’t bear to ask, "Honestly, what do you always ask me to come to your company for?"
Chu Ningzhao’s feelings remain unchanged. "Didn’t I say the reason every time?"
"Do you think I’m stupid? Do you really believe those excuses?"