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Chapter 202 Unitary gathering, the genus of chaos
Chapter 202 Unitary gathering, the genus of chaos
Who mowgli smell speech, busy with Zheng Fan. With a large number of monks who want to worship the sword vein, they go where the voice comes from.
Obviously, half of the sixteen Buddhist monks in the Five Elements Sect are sword-pulse and half are dharma-pulse. Soon, after a month of hard fighting, thousands of monks lined up in front of the sixteen people.
Among them, there are obviously fewer people who want to worship the sword pulse than those who want to join the dharma pulse, only more than 300 people, and the remaining nearly 800 people all want to join the dharma pulse.
As soon as this happened, the eight Zhu Ji, who were in charge of receiving the disciples of Dharma Pulse, were all smiling. And the eight preconditions responsible for receiving the disciples of Jianmai, although their faces have not changed greatly, all the people present are not fools, and anyone can see that their mood will not be too good.
Sure enough, the eight monks of Jianmai. Say hello without saying a word to the fellow practitioners of Dharma Pulse. Say hello to the team in front of you, and then take care of yourself and take people across the archway and step into the Five Elements Sect.
The Dharma Vein Foundation did not enter with a bunch of monks, but was telling the benefits of joining Dharma Vein. Who mowgli even walked out of the distance, still can vaguely hear some words.
"In this way, at the gate, it seems that the relationship between the disciples of the five elements and the two veins is not very harmonious! Moreover, it is obvious that the sword pulse is still at a disadvantage. In the future, I have to pay more attention. " Who mowgli heart secretly thought.
After walking about a thousand feet, the road at the foot is divided into two, one to the left and the other to the right. Brother Tsukiji, who led the way in front, kept going to the right. In a short time, everyone saw the pavilions built along the mountain, which were numerous and difficult to count.
After this short journey, perhaps these sword veins were in a better mood, and they rarely began to explain to the disciples who followed behind them, "This mountain is called Foundation Mountain, where all the disciples who have not achieved the foundation live. You will accept a series of tests here, and after passing, you will officially become my disciples of the Five Elements Clan Sword Pulse. If it doesn’t pass, where will it come from and where will it go back! "
"What about the disciple of the preconditions? Where do you live? " After a month of fighting, none of the monks who refined gas were timid. As soon as they saw their mouths, someone asked them at that time.
"In our five elements, every then reality can have an independent mountain. The disciples who have achieved the foundation live on the peak where the master sits! " This disciple did not lose his temper, but immediately gave an answer.
Seeing this, at present, everyone is talking and a series of questions are asked. The monks of Tsukiji picked up important questions and answered them one by one, and the atmosphere was harmonious at that time.
So all the way to ask questions, all the way to walk, and soon, they came to a platform near the top of the mountain.
This platform is about five thousand feet in size. Obviously, the ancestors of the Five Elements Sect were abruptly created with great magic. Otherwise, according to the mountain, it is impossible to have such an area.
This platform is a solid stone. In addition to the innermost, where the three halls are located, the rest of the places are criss-crossed with sword marks, which divides the space of this platform into more than a thousand squares of four feet.
Wei mowgli’s eyes are so sharp that when he first got on the platform, he saw the words written on the plaques of the three main halls. Three halls, from left to right, are: Linggen Hall, Chuxie Hall and Zhengfeng Hall.
First, the eight preconditions arrested more than 300 gas refining monks who wanted to worship the sword vein. In this regard, Wei Wuji is no stranger. Obviously, this is to test everyone’s qualifications.
For those who practice kendo, Jin Linggen is indispensable. Without Jin Linggen, it is impossible to bring the incomparably powerful innate golden spirit into the body, and to achieve unparalleled shock wave. And the monks who have Jin Linggen, the purer the better. According to what Zheng Fan told him earlier, pure Jin Linggen, as well as four kinds of Shuang Ling roots, namely Jinshui, Jin Mu, Jinhuo and Jintu, can all be directly worshipped in the Five Elements Sect, and there is no need to compete in that ring.
Wei Wuji changed his qualification by studying Thirty-six Changes of the plough, and also tested his spiritual root qualification. The result is that he has all the attributes that exist between heaven and earth. According to the world. He belongs to the worst qualification.
Because, according to the situation of this world, the more complicated the spiritual roots are, the slower the speed of absorbing external aura will be, and if they lose to others at the beginning, the possibility of surpassing them in the future can be imagined.
However, Wei mowgli is completely inconsistent with the accepted laws of this friar world. Although his spiritual root is complex, the speed of absorbing external aura is definitely not slow. Although he didn’t compare with those who are purely spiritual roots, he tried it with those who are from Shuang Ling Root. His speed of absorbing a single aura is as good as his. In this regard, Wei Wuji can only attribute it to the magic of Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Day.
More than 300 monks who refined gas soon entered the Linggen Temple. This Linggen Hall is very empty, but on the wall facing the gate, eight oval bronze mirrors of the size of a ruler are inlaid, which declares that this hall is not empty.
After eight Buddhist monks entered the temple, they quickly stepped forward and stood under a bronze mirror. Then, the monk on the far left said. "Now, you will stand in front of us in the previous order, and let us test your physical qualifications with Tianlingjian!"
They smell speech, nature is all nod should be. At that time, led by eight people went up to him.
Seeing that they stood still, the Eight Sword Veins and Foundations immediately twisted their bodies and twisted the tactic, and each of them sent out a flash of light, which penetrated into the celestial mirror hanging on the wall. Brake time, the mirror of the eight heavenly spirits. Qi qi rippled like a water wave, and then, eight feet thick and milky white brilliance shone out, completely enveloping the eight people standing in front.
A moment later, the milky white brilliance was recycled, and then, on the mirror of the eight celestial mirrors, a column of handwriting emerged. From left to right, it is: Jin Mu, Jin Mu fire and water, golden fire and soil wind, golden fire and water, golden fire and soil, golden fire and soil, Jin Mu water and soil, and Jin Mu fire and soil.
Everyone knows such a clear situation, and the displayed handwriting is the spiritual root attribute of eight people. However, when the fourth person saw the handwriting on it, he was obviously dissatisfied. At that time, he shouted loudly, "There must be something wrong with this celestial mirror. I am obviously the root of the golden fire!"
"Shut up! It is impossible for Tianlingjian to go wrong! " As soon as he shouted out, the sword vein foundation that tested it shouted at him in a cold voice, and his face was very cold.
"People may make mistakes. It’s just a multiplier. How can it be wrong?"
The gas refining monk, although on the surface, is also the monk of dzogchen who refined gas on the 12th floor, in fact, his real strength is just the gas refining on the 10th floor. Because he knew that Shuang Ling Root could get started directly, he didn’t spare the powerful instruments given by his elders in his home in order to get through the chaos of the previous month.
It can be said that now, he, besides this disguised as a multiplier, has no more than a lingqi. Now let him fight in the ring. It’s made of iron and iron. He carries the hope of three generations in his family. Where can he allow this close opportunity to be missed? So … However, he did not care about the majesty of a Buddhist monk, and he argued unceremoniously.
With such an attitude, the friar refined gas laid the foundation for the sword pulse to be tested, and he was naturally not in a good mood. At the moment, he replied in a more impolite tone, "This spiritual lesson is the sacred object of our five elements, and the top-level spiritual treasure. Do you think it is the spiritual root measuring instrument of your small family? If you still want to enter my five-element mountain gate, stand on the right now, otherwise, you can go straight down the mountain now. "
The two men looked at each other, and finally the monk who refined gas flinched. Standing silently on the right. At this time, the leftmost sword vein foundation spoke again. His voice was a lot softer, and he only listened to it. "The spiritual root qualification measured by Tianling is different from that measured by yourself outside. It is not once or twice, but it is a normal thing.
This is because the spirituality of Tianlingjian is extremely subtle, even if a person only has the spiritual root attribute of a certain aspect, it can be measured.
I have explained now, and then, if you find someone different, don’t say anything more. After all, it is everyone’s time that is delayed. "
With that, he reached a finger, and the owner, Jin Mu, stood on the left, while the others stood on the right. Obviously, the people on the right have a big battle to fight.
Next, the test process of Linggen was very smooth. Groups of people went up, and groups of people diverged from left to right. There are a lot of people with different faces, which are obviously inconsistent with their original tests. However, this time, no one spoke again and stood obediently to the right.
Zheng Fan is in front of Wei Wuji. After testing, he is the three spiritual roots of gold, fire and soil, and he also stands on the right. Then, it was Wei Wuji’s turn. He is very curious, this top order Lingbao Tianlingjian, what kind of results can be measured for himself?
Wei mowgli stood at the place where Zhang Xu was appraised by the heavenly spirit. At that time, a milky brilliance completely enveloped him. This brilliance, in addition to testing the spirit root, should also be good for the body, because he vaguely felt that his physical strength was slowly increasing.
Others don’t know, who mowgli himself is clear. The strength of his body now is enough to compete with ordinary jewels. Compared with the fragility of the ordinary monk’s body, his body is really tough, and it is very difficult to enhance it again.
The seven monks who tied for Wei Wuji, like those who had previously tested, all had white light in the blink of an eye, and Tianlingjian quickly gave the results. But who mowgli, has been shrouded in milky white brilliance, such a strange situation, nature is to let everyone pay attention.
Among the monks who refined gas, those whose test results are inconsistent with their previous tests, at this moment, are all looking forward to it in their hearts, looking forward to the test of the heavenly spirit. In this way, their results are more likely to be wrong. After all, Tian Lingjian unearthed his hidden attributes or subtle attributes, and all of them suppressed their qualifications to the lower level, which naturally made them unwilling to believe.
And the eight swords and veins are the foundation, and they are also unavoidable in their hearts, because such a situation has never appeared in the five elements for more than ten thousand years!
Fortunately, such a situation does not last too long. About a moment later, Milky White Guanghua finally recovered from Wei Wuji, and then, gold handwriting emerged from the mirror of Tianlingjian.
"Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, ice, electricity, light …"
At first, the handwriting was the same size as others’, but with the increase of the number of words, it soon spread all over the mirror, so the standing time of those handwriting was shortened by one size. In this way, every time the mirror is covered, I will be a little smaller. If so, after the handwriting has been reduced for more than 20 times, even the monks can’t see exactly what it says. I just know that every time the light flashes, it is a microfilm, which also represents that the attributes of the tested monk have increased a lot.
Such a situation made all the monks present stunned. Because, with such a complicated spiritual root attribute, what is his qualification? Many people even think that the monk with the worst qualification will be born in front of them.
Facing the people’s surprised eyes, Wei Wuji was oblivious, with a faint smile on his face and very calm.