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This treacherous scum has a little sense of justice, and players can’t wait for everyone to get it.

Even though Eugene’s psychological quality is excellent, Eugene’s golden thread has begun to waver.
"Brother Jin … you say this business opportunity is ok? Why are there so many people? "
A line in the group slightly dissatisfied asked.
Wen said that Eugene wanted to change his face and build his prestige through this incident.
But even the foundation was dug by the unlucky bear before the prestige was built …
"Don’t panic, I’ll take care of this. You are busy." Eugene reassured the group line.
Then Eugene finally attacked.
"The unlucky bear didn’t expect you to catch up with the fourth district of Zhejiang," Eugene said in a private chat with the unlucky bear.
"Hehe, Pluto asked me to say hello to you."
Tianyu has not forgotten that he promised Pluto that night, and now is a good time.
"Well, it seems so honorable. Tell me, what do you want?"
"What what? Why can’t I understand? "
"You tuen those equipment! You’re not going to push the hard-earned price down again. It’s not good for anyone. "
"It’s none of your business if it’s good."
"Don’t go too far. If it’s a big deal, let’s have a larger foe."
"It’s worthwhile to be with a big businessman like you, the larger foe." Tianyu replied with a smile and typing.
At the moment, the sky is like a furnace emitting heat; Eugene is a icehouse from head to foot.
The so-called "know yourself and know yourself" Tianyu has a "chest" for Eugene, while Eugene has a plan for Tianyu like "touching" the black river and Eugene has already lost from the heart.
"… is there really no better solution?" Eugene softened his attitude and suddenly felt that he was worth a lot less.
Eugene looked at the word from the unlucky bear, and his eyes lit up, waiting for the other text.
"Tell me that the walking dead’ meat’ falls"
"Walking dead’ meat’?" Eugene murmured a word, and a big question mark flashed through his head.
What’s the relationship between the walking dead and the unlucky bear? Walking dead is just cheating Pluto into stealing his ship. Does the unlucky bear want Pluto to uphold justice? Then is the world a bit chaotic, and it was as fierce as a battle at the foot of the Red Cliff? How can they say that they are congenial?
"What do you want with him?" Eugene asked without thinking.
"Tell me first, are you a walking corpse?" This is Pluto’s guess. It’s not impossible
"Me? Of course not. Although I have cheated people, I have never done anything called da. You know that I still have the status of a businessman. If I have passed someone else’s number, I won’t be able to cry if I get a permanent one. "Eugene’s long speech was divided into several paragraphs and sent it over. After that, he felt that this reason was flawed. He immediately added and typed," Even if the account may be independent, I won’t be a walking corpse because he contacted me. "
"Sure enough, just like Pluto said …" Tianyu looked at Eugene and later made that sentence in his heart.
"Walking dead’ meat’ from QQ" typed Tianyu questioning.
Eugene sit tight at this time, which dare hesitate to quickly send the walking corpse’ meat ‘qq in the past.
Tianyu looked at YouJinFa to the qq number is also ten and immediately check the qq number with a note in his hand.
"Ah, another ten-digit trumpet …"
Obviously, the walking corpse is very cautious to connect with Pluto and Eugene. qq is a trumpet. I’m afraid that one that I connected with myself was also a trumpet qq.
"Bad bear, do you have anything else to ask?"
"Your address"
"….. this can’t be done. I’m not stupid if the profit of such equipment suddenly reveals my whereabouts. If you tell Pluto my address, I can’t stop eating?"
"Ha ha, just kidding."
Chapter 377 The second turn
"All right, just order a small quantity and make a fair price. If I order a large quantity, let’s get the equipment price together and make money for everyone. [] I honestly’ pay’ what you ask me, and others say that your reputation is good. I don’t think you always lie to me, do you?" Eugene typed one sentence after another and said
"Is it a lie to cheat?" Tianyu looked at YouJinFa to feel a little funny at the last sentence and then replied.
"…" Eugene saw this sentence from the unlucky bear. His heart was cold and his heavy eyebrows were angry. He just swore at his brain.
"Well, in fact, I did lie to you, but it may not affect you much."
Eugene looked at the unlucky bear and sent two more sentences and typed back, "What do you mean?"
"I have this equipment, but I just set up a stall for a dozen pieces, and I don’t know which businessman gave me a second."
Tianyu looked at his 601,000 pieces with a price, and two rows of 14 pieces of equipment were all bought at once. He felt a little embarrassed that the price could be sold.
"…" Eugene saw here and knew that he was fooled by the other party.
"Eugene, you become stupid and don’t sound out my actual situation. I said that I am really tuen? The second da’ get’ me badly hurt. How can I take action so soon? "
"Well, since you said it was out of stock now, I’ll believe you."
"It’s enough to lie to you once. Thank you for your cooperation just now."
Tianyu played the game with Erxiu Angle after finishing this sentence, and then clicked Erxiu qq to type in the discussion group and said, "Bones, let Xiaowen act."