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"You may say that these are all my guesses, but the person who brought Xu Meiling back, Mo Lin, has recognized it, and we followed that person to check. Guess what?"

Mo Jun’s night smile deepened. "This is Shen Han who found out that the man had a very hidden record in the military."
Shen Han sitting next to her eyes is also very poor.
"It took me a lot of effort, but it’s amazing that you can find that kind of manpower."
Shen Han actually praised the sentence before looking at Jun Ruiqing coldly.
"You want to crack down on Mohism, and I am absolutely happy to see it happen, but you use it as a gun?"
Mo Jun stared at Shen Han at night. Can you talk? What do you mean, happy to see it happen?
Shen Han’s tone is grim. "Do you think we Shenyang are idiots?"
Jun Ruiqing kept silent. Mo Jun took the words again at night. "You abandoned him to Xu Meiling after Mo Lian’s revelations … I really didn’t doubt it before, but then I secretly asked someone to check the secret file of the sniper who killed Xu Meiling. It shows that he and the person who took Xu Meiling back actually had it."
"What did you say?"
Maureen roared out, "You mean he did my mother’s death?"
Mo Jun night shrugged his shoulders and lifted it in the direction of Jun Ruiqing. "You have to ask him about this."
Ink winds can no longer bear to get up again and want to rush over to Shen Han and kick him behind his knees to force him to sit back in the chair.
"What are you doing!"
Shen Han sneer at "let you move? Are you really you have escaped from prison and continue to be a young master? "
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
A deep laugh sounded, and all eyes were on Jun Ruiqing.
"I have to say that Mr. Mo really has a little talent for writing novels. Can this incredible story be compiled?"
"Are you? Do you think it’s incredible? So do you want to listen to it even more incredible? "
Mo Jun Yegen didn’t give him an opportunity to explain, "Do you think you are easy to stir up the contradiction between Mohism and Shenyang?"
Jun Ruiqing’s face is stiff for a moment, but it is fleeting.
"Shenyang pinned down Mohism and then planted grandpa’s death on Shen Han’s body. Once this great hatred is settled, it must be life-and-death, right?"
Mo Jun nodded his head at night. "Your calculation is really fine, but sometimes it is not necessarily a good thing to calculate."
"Mei-ling Xu died, Mo Lin was imprisoned for life, and Grandpa passed away … It was like taking revenge on someone who happened to my mother."
The smile in Mo Jun’s eyes clears at night. "Who are you doing this? What exactly are you and my mother? "
Jun Ruiqing’s smile became a little perfunctory. "I said I don’t know what you are talking about."
"What are you doing sitting here?"
Mo Jun’s light words at night made Jun Ruiqing’s face suddenly change.
Mo Jun smiled at night. "Thanks to that painting, we locked in the target. Because we were looking for a needle in a haystack, we had no strength and no place to have a target now. What do you think we can’t find out?"
After he finished speaking, Jun Ruiqing’s face was finally no longer a hypocritical expression.
It’s like he’s a different person, and his whole body has changed into another one … a person full of strategic temperament.
"Her son really isn’t stupid, just different from the scum like Xu Meiling."
"Say it again!"
Mo Lin grinned and glared at Jun Ruiqing, but he took out a cigarette and lit it. He took a deep breath and spit out the smoke.
"So you and shenyang opposition is paralyzed me? Hehehe, I didn’t show up at all. "
Mo Jun’s face was not at all happy. Jun Ruiqing would say that they were right.
Mo Anyan, who has been silent for a long time, suddenly said, "If you really killed Zhan Yan, what should you do to your master?"
"shouldn’t I?"
Jun Ruiqing sneered and asked, "Isn’t it hateful that he gave the Mohist so-called name to let the dead avenge him and sheltered the murderer from this world?"
He looked at Mo Jun at night. "Don’t you hate it? That’s your mother! You don’t hate being killed by someone but being said to be an accidental murderer, keeping a murderer at home and being a second young master of Mohism without being punished? How can you be worthy of your mother! "
Mo Anyan went to see Mo Jun Night with some worries. This man is very difficult. He is good at guiding others’ ideas.
What makes Mo Anyan feel at ease is that Mo Jun has no mood swings at night.
Jun Ruiqing also see the look become a little crazy "you don’t deserve to be Zhan Yan! I cann’t believe you don’t take revenge on her. You don’t deserve to be her son! "
"It’s not for you to decide what kind of person my mother wants me to be. It’s not for outsiders like you to feel it."
Mo Jun night sound calm "so you are my mother to do these things? But I checked everyone around my mother. There is no such person as you. "
Jun Ruiqing’s eyes suddenly blurred. "Of course not. She doesn’t remember me or she doesn’t know me at all."
It was many years ago that Jun Ruiqing was a little-known person. He was born in poverty, and step by step, relying on his talent and hard work, he barely met the edge of the society.
But he is not a world with those people after all.
Section 536
Those mocking and sarcastic Jun Ruiqing can pretend not to hear, but his birth is the last thing he wants everyone to know.
He is a single-parent family. After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother. Her mother treated him like a life, but it was a pity that his mother was ill.
When he is suffering from severe depression, he will always be crazy and afraid that he will leave himself, just like his father.
So his mother would wake him up when he was ill.
Sometimes a narrow dark cabinet is enough for him to curl up, and sometimes a box …