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The last star shot out, and all the purple spiritual force shot out disappeared! That piece of empty space. There was a slight fluctuation, giving birth to a trace of fog!

See Zhang Xiaotian’s formation arrangement in one go. Standing on the side of the sky and sky, two dazzling flashes broke out!
"This … this is what array?" Asked Yang Xiao to tone some hesitation.
In addition to the sky and the sea, there are ice spirits coming out of the fire and water space. Everyone looks at the misty eyes of the law with some flicker and suspicion. Others are full of doubts!
"This is the four-road, seven-level array of nine deaths and ten lives!" Zhang Xiaotian smile and said slowly.
"What?" This time, except for the sky and the sea, everyone’s faces showed a look of horror!
Seven, nine deaths, ten large arrays! Seven ranks …
It was instantly woven!
Even an idiot who doesn’t understand the law should know that Zhang Xiaotian’s trick is not simple! A few people from the ice spirit out of the fire and water space know the law, and even, they themselves have not low law repair! However, it is precisely this that makes them even more shocked! See Zhang Xiaotian instantly arranged law, they began to have some doubts! Just in my heart, some can’t believe it! Seven-level array, is it so well arranged? "Seven … seven law? I thought it was a first-class array! " Yang Xiao scratched his head and said awkwardly! Although he knew that the advanced law could not be arranged in an instant, his shock was only over in an instant! In his mind, what amazing feats Zhang Xiaotian has made are taken for granted!
"Seven … seven law! It was instantly made! " Ice spirit several people’s eyes, happy at the same time, turned out to be some wry smile.
"What about Xiaoqing?" Looking around for a week, Zhang Xiaotian asked some doubts.
"Xiao Qing is arranging her people to practice law! As you know, there is only one array, but there are many ghosts! " Yang Xiao wry smile way.
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head.
"Eldest brother! You are out of customs! " Before Zhang Xiaotian said anything, a crisp voice sounded with surprise.
"Small fine! You are just in time! I am looking for you! " Twist a head to see people, Zhang Xiaotian light smile said.
"Eldest brother have something though commanded! Little sister, I dare not obey! " Xiao Qing walked at a brisk pace and approached Zhang Xiaotian, laughing and said.
"Ha ha! I hope to make a deal with your people! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said slowly.
"Deal?" Xiao Qing looked slightly stunned, and then smiled gently: "Brother has a crush on something, just tell Xiao Qing! Also said that the transaction is not traded! " .
Zhang Xiaotian shook his head gently: "I want to turn all my men from Heaven and Earth into other ghosts through your people! As compensation, I will arrange ten sets of seven-level, narrow escape and ten large arrays for your people! " . Although every achievement of an alternative ghost, the ghost will lose the number of a ghost guard! However, although there are many members of the Heaven and Earth Sect, there are also many people of the Ghost, and each ghost person has only one less number of ghost guards, so the loss will be minimal!
"Another kind of ghost!" Xiaoqing slightly opened her mouth.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded for sure! He studied it. Now, the ghost people are sad except when they are growing up! Once you reach the ghost stage, when you grow up. In ghost repair, it is the strongest! However, the narrow escape and the tenth large array have blocked this shortcoming!
The most important thing is that after the help of heaven and earth becomes another kind of ghost. You can absorb the power of the nether world to enhance your mind! Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t have psychic black liquor, which has been absorbed by so many people! He tried. The dark power of the essence of the mind cannot be transformed into black liquid of the mind through black beads! Otherwise, he doesn’t have to worry!
"It’s really great!" Xiao Qing cried happily.
"In this way, we can quickly increase the number of the ghost family! My mother will definitely agree! " Xiao Qing said happily.
In fact, she still hasn’t said a word! That is, if all the people in heaven and earth help become other ghosts. I am completely on the same side as the ghost people! You can’t run away if you want to. Although their essence is ghost repair, their origins are different! Ordinary ghost repair. In the upper bound, it is called spiritual practice. Once brilliant! With the major races, side by side! Now It’s just declining! Heaven and earth help ghosts to stand up against Lingshan Buddha and other monks, which has a fair reason and will be supported by all ghosts in several circles! As long as you have the top strength, you will easily stand on your feet!
And the identity of the ghost people, but it is the origin of dimensional space! If they break into the upper bound, or go to war with the upper bound Buddha Xiu! Will be labeled as aggression and alien! At that time, all major races will kill their ghost people again without hesitation!
Nowadays, the ghost people are just like a small one swinging in the sea! There is the possibility of collapse at any time! If there is heaven and earth to help the ghosts practice and stand on the same front with them, it will undoubtedly relieve them a lot of pressure! Especially Zhang Xiaotian these top forces, for the whole family of the nether world, will play a big role!
This is also the reason why Xiaoqing is happy!
"Although become alternative ghost, fix for will fall on a realm! But we have a narrow escape and ten large arrays, and the lost realm will soon rise back! In that case, the strength of the Heaven and Earth Gang will soon be greatly improved! " Xiao Qing said happily.
"Wait! Big brother! You just said … to help our people decorate ten sets of narrow escape and ten large arrays? " Suddenly, Xiao Qing stopped talking and asked with some hesitation.
"Yes!" Zhang Xiaotian light nodded with a smile.
"Seven?" Xiao Qing’s voice trembled!
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian had a smile on his face.
"You … your array level has improved?" Xiao Qing shouted with a face of surprise.
"You’d better discuss this matter with your mother soon!" Zhang Xiaotian shook his head, light smile said.
"good! I’m going! " Xiao Qing nodded hard and said with a face of excitement. The figure flashed and suddenly disappeared!
"elder brother! Do we really want to become another kind of ghost? " After Xiao Qing left, Yang Xiao asked some complicated questions on her face.
"Why? Not good? " Zhang Xiaotian looked at Yang Xiaodi with a smile on his face.
"But … but …" Yang Xiao stumbled, but didn’t know what to say!
"I suddenly have a pair of wings behind me, and it’s a bit weird to think about it!" Zhang Dianfei said with a wry smile.
"yes! Yes! Yes! It’s a little uncomfortable to think about it! " Yang Xiao hard nodded, wake up and said.
"No! I look at the wings behind Xiaoqing, which are very beautiful! " Aside Li Yan son gently shook his head, said some don’t agree.
"well! I think those wings are really beautiful! " Qin wan nodded and agreed.
"That’s it! Exactly! Let them out when you want them! You can put them away when you don’t want them! " Gongsunziyin followed suit!
"I just don’t know if I can become a ghost!" One side of Lin Er, a face of envy and uneasy said.
Four girls talked about this, and several big men looked at each other, not knowing what to say!
"Don’t we also want to become a ghost? That my wings … "One side of the eagle nine bitter face said.
"If I had a pair of wings, wouldn’t I be a flying cow when I turned?" NiuTong stare big eyes, murmured.
"I think! The boss should be careful about this! " At this time, the sea sky, which has been silent by the side, spoke.
"Is there a problem?" Hear the sky, Zhang Xiao, as a fiercely, a face of dignified asked. He knows that the origin of the sky and the sea is unusual, and his knowledge is extensive! He said to be cautious, there must be a reason for caution!
"Isn’t the boss the weirdness of the ghost?" Two eyes looking at Zhang Xiaotian, the sky slowly asked.
"Weird? What’s wrong with the ghost? " Zhang Xiaotian was a heavy, heavy voice asked. Although Haitianqiu is no longer the fat boy it used to be, Zhang Xiaotian still believes in Haitianqiu’s words. However, listen to the tone of the sky and the sea …
"Eldest brother misunderstood! I’m not talking about people! It is a physical problem! " Haitianqiu shook his head and said with a faint smile.
"Physical problems?" Zhang Xiaotian has a strange face.
"well! I don’t know if you have any nether people who have never achieved the seventh level of cultivation among the nether people? " Sky nodded, light said.
"Really!" Don’t say I didn’t pay attention, but after the mention of the sky, everyone realized it! At present, Yang Xiao just woke up and shouted!
"Is it the problem of the ghost people’s physique?" Zhang Xiaotian was asked hesitantly.
"well! If I’m not mistaken, that’s why! Ghost people, not only have certain restrictions when they grow up! After reaching the sixth level of cultivation, there are also some restrictions! " Nodded, sea sky light said.