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Chapter 25 milli doubt

The three of them casually found some topics and started talking. It seems that the sound is a little loud, and the master bedroom door has been pushed.
"You three don’t know if it’s difficult for the princess to sleep peacefully or deliberately make trouble here?" Shelley walked quickly to the courtyard and glared at them.
The three men looked at each other at each other and looked angry. Shelley was quiet.
Shelley didn’t say much about "sleeping late when the little princess came"
Shelley’s room has been changed to the master bedroom with love. The original room has been moved to the independent cabin in the south of this hospital because it is necessary to teach you Qi Mu on weekdays, which is not in this world.
Shelley hasn’t even seen if Jianjia was woken up, but she was woken up by these three people. She dare not participate in such a thing. After all, she is a wise man and even Jianjia woke her up. Her ability should not be involved.
Just now, when she heard the sound as finely broken as the noise, she saw these three people’s consciousness from the window, and they were afraid that they would hear something they shouldn’t have heard, so they were so angry.
"It’s the first time I saw Shelley angry …" The startled eyes widened and the three people kept their voices down.
Shelley crept into her bedroom, but she could hear her writhing and talking in her sleep. She slept soundly every time, but if you were absent from Qimu, she would be haunted by nightmares. The next morning, she woke up mentally and couldn’t go back to sleep. Otherwise, she would be late.
After half an hour, even the movement of the cockroach was much smaller. Shelley didn’t go out to see her again until she woke up. Three people in this hospital were quiet and vigilant, watching her all the way and watching her out of the hospital.
"Although I am a maid-in-waiting and can’t fight martial arts, I look much worse than Yang’s adult."
"She went out and said that the princess would wake up soon and I was going to prepare hot water."
Yang picked his eyebrows. "Does the princess have to bathe in the morning?"
"Well, if the princess is not in the report, she will have nightmares, often in a cold sweat." The surprise is to tell the truth, but Yang Heqing has his own ideas when he hears this.
Even after taking a bath, it’s clear that you’ve left Yang and waited in the hospital.
Even a bit numb with a stiff arm, Shelley ordered, "Let Yang come in. Today, when the sovereign is not grasping, he will tell the truth at the dinner table."
Yang Lai had some doubts about the words of Jing Zhe, but when he heard Lian Jian’s order to let her have dinner together, he realized that this Jing Zhe could not lie to her.
"Princess, I’ve come to report all this to you. Yesterday, we went to 17 merchants."
"Sit down and speak slowly. If it’s complicated, write it directly to me later. I may not remember it."
I got up in shock and prepared to get a pen and paper. "I’ll just record it, Princess."
Lian Jianji heard Shelley talk about this surprise and Qing’s drinking tea in the courtyard last night. Is this surprise going to kill Qing or how can you say such a thing? "You don’t need to record it, it’s done by Yang. Don’t casually participate."
"There are recorded here but there are three changes."
"Well, go ahead."
Yang came to Lianjia’s side and directly pointed it out on the paper. "In the 19th year of Xuanwen, the Golden Moon Tower was replaced with silver, and the silver in Wenmo Pavilion was drawn out to make a famous restaurant."
"Okay, remember."
"Then don’t disturb the princess’s breakfast."
"You’ve prepared bowls and chopsticks, so it’s good to eat directly here. There are no outsiders, so it’s not too customary." Even without looking up at the toilet paper, I don’t care if this image is like after all, you are not here.
After seeing it all over again, she even frowned. It’s almost quick to move this palace. It’s too much to make a mountain out of a molehill in Beijing, Sui Tan. She can be sure that you have no idea of Yuewang enemies in Qi Mu.
Shelley came in from the outside and looked at Yang, who was still sitting at the table. She frowned. It’s certain that she can participate, but it’s better to wake up. "Princess, if there’s anything else, I’ll leave with the fright first."
"It’s okay, come to dinner." Even the toilet paper was put away.
Yang is thinking about being shocked and talking while thinking about eating a meal. I don’t know if there is a problem with three people or no problem with three people, but it should be clear tonight.
Qing came to this hospital that night, and today he will follow Yang to do things, and even after waking up at noon, he will do it step by step.
Yang handed a piece of paper. "You go to Wangfu to get the account first, and on your way back, record the amount of silver in each store in this order. Each box lock belongs to us, and there is a knife to carve the scratch. It is also very important that this order must not be wrong."
"Young adults want to know what to do in this order. In this order, you may not be able to finish this South-North City run tonight … isn’t it a wave time?"
"I’ll explain it to you when you finish this."
Although I am hesitant to go to my own pace in this order, I can stay there for a while and then go to a point, but I can hear that this last step seems to be that several things fit me, so it is better not to take the risk.
Muslim is to do it in the order given by Yang, and Qing Dynasty has been followed by a person since he took out the account books from Yue Wangfu. It seems to be a conspiracy against himself, and Qing Dynasty has not tried to get rid of this little tail, and it has been normal and ordinary all the way.
Before dawn, it was finished and returned to the courtyard. You Yan Qimu was already waiting for him there. "Finished?"
"Report to the sovereign that it has been completed. This is the account book of Yue Wangfu."
Yang took the books and flipped through them to make sure there was no problem. "The report belongs to this."
"Put this real account book back tonight." Ruyan Qimu looked at Qingyang and was very good at writing whether other people’s handwriting was true or not unless it was recognized by ordinary people.
Qing seems to have guessed that it must be a family that she put back in the account book tonight. Is this what you mean by Qi Muyi? Making evidence, but what does this have to do with following Yue Wang? He couldn’t figure it out, but he already agreed with Lian Jian, and he did as you told him.
But when he heard his third time, he hesitated
Chapter 251 Temporary change
You Yan Qimu knew that Yang Hetian suspected that this was for their performance in coming in and went to find LianJianJian, but LianJianJian hasn’t been discussed with him, the real publisher, until now, which is like waiting for him to choose.
Of course, he can’t be a fine ghost. After all, it’s not good to even tell him about it, but he always feels that he is playing some fancy tricks without telling him about it.
You Yan Qimu looked at the list in his hand, and now all these things have been taken back, but because he didn’t finish reading all the things, he might not have to talk to Yue Wang, so he suddenly decided to change the last step of this plan
"Tell the princess to wait for me in the room."
Yaoguang immediately went to invite her to come over, and even after she packed her clothes, it was very past. The waterside stool in the Qimu Courtyard in Ruyan looked like nothing happened, and she didn’t show any signs of losing her heart.
"Your report called the male and female servants to have something important to tell you?"
"Why do you want to get involved in this matter?"
Lian Jian glanced at the side of Ruyan Qimu and said, "Does your Lord ask her?"