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In fact, the real La Liga in the history of 2002-2003 was an atypical season.

The final league ranking of that season was Real Madrid ranked first with 78 points, followed by Real Sociedad with 76 points. La Coruna followed with 72 points. Then Certa, the fourth place, was eleven points behind the third place, and finished fourth in the league.
The top four in the league can qualify for the Champions League, the top two directly enter the race, and the last two participate in the Champions League qualifiers.
So far, there is no sign of Barcelona, which means that Barcelona has not qualified for the Champions League. It would be hard to imagine such a thing ten years later, but now it is a fact, a true history.
The fifth place in the league is Valencia. They are only one point less than Certa. They have no qualification for the Champions League and can only play the UEFA Cup again.
To the sixth place in the league, Barcelona finally made its debut in BLACKPINK. Fifty-six points, four points less than Valencia.
Teams like Seville and Atletico Madrid are all in the top ten.
However, from this ranking, we can also see the influence of the Champions League on Spanish teams.
Except for Real Madrid and Barcelona, it seems that all other teams are participating in the Champions League, so it is impossible to strengthen the domestic league.
Valencia qualified for the Champions League this season. As a result, they only ranked fifth in the league and lost the qualification for the Champions League next season. Why do you say "again"? Because the last time they participated in the Champions League, although they made it all the way to the Champions League final, Barcelona snatched the fourth place in the final round of the league.
Last season, Mallorca almost relegated because they qualified for the Champions League last season.
Certa finished fourth in the league this season and qualified for the Champions League next season, so Certa will be relegated next season.
Real Sociedad is the second in the league this season, and it is also eligible to participate in the Champions League next season, so they will finally rank 15th next season, only five points away from the relegation zone, and almost relegated.
This seems to be the curse of the Champions League belonging to La Liga teams.
Changsheng doesn’t know if he will be influenced by it, but anyway, he values the league more this season, and the Champions League is a place to accumulate experience and increase knowledge. He is not particularly demanding on his grades. If the league ranking plummets because of the Champions League, it is not worth the loss in the eyes of Changsheng.
The league is fundamental, and he doesn’t want to let that happen again last season. Only by participating in the Champions League in succession can we be regarded as a truly strong team, otherwise it will always be a pseudo-strong team.
Chang Sheng’s words didn’t work. Chang Sheng can’t directly guide the results, but he can learn through other channels, such as the media …
After the game, both the media in Valencia and Madrid are really discussing this matter.
That’s about the use of mendieta.
In this game, the blind can see that mendieta is not suitable for the back position.
Changsheng is not lying. The most suitable position for him is indeed the right avant-garde, but if he is on the right avant-garde, it means to grab the position with Figo.
And figo for position … That’s big.
Figo is an important figure who florentino can successfully run for office and be elected as the president of Real Madrid Club. In florentino’s mind, Figo’s position is obviously more important.
But if we want Figo and mendieta to play at the same time and don’t let mendieta play in the back …
That’s a real headache.
The media listed many practices, such as letting Figo play the left avant-garde, letting mendieta play the right, and Zidane playing the front waist. But Figo doesn’t want to go to the left. He prefers the right.
Or let mendieta go to the left, but this will interfere with and affect the forward insertion of Roberto Carlos.
Besides, no matter who hits the left, there is a problem.
There are eleven people on the court. If there is one more person, there will be one less person.
So who will be reduced?
If you call 451, there will be fewer people on the front line. But neither Raul Gonzalez nor Ronaldo can be a substitute.
Then you can only call 442, and reduce one person in the midfield, from the original disc midfield position to the diamond midfield position.
Sacrifice helguera, let Makelele play in the back. But this will weaken the team’s defensive strength, and at the same time make helguera feel dissatisfied …
Anyway, I think this mendieta is very difficult to arrange.
The Madrid media, which was cheering for Real Madrid’s purchase of mendieta three months ago, also frowned and said that the problem of mendieta was difficult to solve.
In addition, Chang Sheng’s words seemed to be a wake-up call to reporters.
Journalists began to pay attention to mendieta’s plight in Real Madrid, and more and more news about mendieta’s unhappy life in Real Madrid spread.
Seeing these reports, Chang Sheng knew that his plan was successful.
When the nail fell, the trigger of civil strife appeared.
He believes that at this time, Bosco must have made florentino feel overwhelmed.
He doesn’t know whether Bosco can perceive his real intention from his speech. But even if I notice it, what’s the matter?
Since I can put an end to the era of Super Laco ahead of schedule, I will naturally let Real Madrid sink the Galaxy warship ahead of schedule!
As a traveler, if you don’t do such a thing, you will be blind in this identity!
Anything that can threaten you will be strangled in the cradle!
Madrid media have been arguing about mendieta’s position until the second round of the Super Cup.
The Valencia media, on the other hand, seemed silent and indifferent to mendieta’s tears at Real Madrid.
In fact, it’s not that they really don’t care, but that the media in Valencia don’t know what to say. At this time, they are still surprised.
Surprised by Chang Sheng’s ability to turn his hand into a cloud and cover his hand for rain in the transfer market.
Because when the Madrid media exposed mendieta’s difficult situation in Real Madrid, the Valencia media remembered that it was only three months ago, and they thought that it was definitely a big defeat for Changsheng to let the team captain go. Not only weakened their own strength, but also enhanced the strength of competitors.
At that time, people even thought that Changsheng was paving the way for coaching Real Madrid in the future, and was trying to please Real Madrid.
But now it seems … Real Madrid’s strength doesn’t seem to be enhanced by getting mendieta, and Valencia didn’t really lose its strength by letting mendieta go …
Their previous criticism and speculation about the winning streak now looks like a joke.
They were severely slapped by the facts.
This fact embarrassed them, so the Valencia media simply stopped talking about it, as if they didn’t know a player named gaizka mendieta at all.
Lest the more we talk about it, the more humiliating it will be. Now they hope that Valencia fans don’t remember what they said three months ago, otherwise, once someone turns over old scores, their faces will be ugly …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-eight We want to defend the title!
The second leg of the Spanish Super Cup was held in Mestalla, Valencia.
Before this game, everyone’s views changed a hundred and eighty degrees from the last game.
Before the last game, many people thought that Real Madrid would beat Valencia at home.
Now, many people think that it is impossible for Real Madrid to win the Spanish Super Cup.
For a team that has won the Champions League nine times, such an evaluation is really a kind of … sadness.
In fact, it is indeed the case.
In this game, Valencia continued to use the tactical idea of the last game at their own home, that is, defense.
What is attacking is defending, and defending when defending.
Defense can be seen everywhere.
The scene is not very good, because Valencia is slow when attacking, which makes people sleepy.
However, they can guarantee the possession of the ball, and the ball will not be broken because of frequent direct plugs.