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Chapter two hundred and five Destroy the stronghold

Full of disappointment, Youxun couldn’t help but give up the idea of getting the’ savage staff’. Although he was very reluctant, he couldn’t importune something that didn’t belong to him.
It’s almost time to see bare in playing. It’s easy to hurt people if you tease them too much. Smiling at Youxun, this lovely girl, is at a loss. When she sees bare, she can’t help but feel relieved again.
"This is you take it! I believe that it will be of great help to you to show our Xuanyuan League well, and we have to rely on you to develop in the future! Ha ha …! " Bare, casually handed the stave to Youxun, smiling as if giving away something worthless and not caring.
The sudden arrival of happiness completely blinded Youxun, a inexperienced girl, and she was at a loss where she neither accepted nor refused.
"Silly girl is asleep. What are you doing there? Take it quickly!" At this time, Hidden Hate came over and touched it gently. She was still in a daze. You Xun woke up and she quickly seized the opportunity. This is a rare opportunity!
"Oh, thank you! I will work harder in the future! " Woke up from the stupefied deep and remote invertors can stretch out his hand and take the bare hands to the staves. Nuo Nuo thanked them and then seemed to feel a little wrong, but she really didn’t want to lose so much equipment.
It’s bare’s turn to be silly. I never thought it would be so like a surprise attack from Youxun. I kissed him in the face in front of everyone.
You invertors don’t know where they got the courage. They don’t have anything. They can’t take anything to return the boss’s attention. They stood on tiptoe before a quick heartbeat and respected the boss’s handsome face. After that, they hid on one side and bowed their heads and fiddled with this staff. Seeing her trembling body, they knew that she was not calm at this time, and her heart kept beating.
Watching from the sidelines, I never thought that you would make such a bold move without saying a word at ordinary times, and then I was a little stunned, and then I saw Bare’s embarrassment and looked so uncomfortable there that I couldn’t help smiling.
"Hey, wake up, why haven’t you finished it yet!" Smile before holding bare arm jokingly laughed.
"This misunderstanding is a misunderstanding. Hehe, how did you learn this little girl? The staff gave it to you. That’s what you can do better. Little sister’s scented tea has been equipped with your own equipment. Who else can you give it to if you don’t give it to you? It’s just teasing you! I want you to say a few more words. Don’t always be silent. It’s all your brothers and sisters who have nothing to do and communicate with you. "It’s quite thick-skinned and bare. Naturally, I can see that Yan ran didn’t get angry and divert my attention. You are in a panic."
"Yeah, I know. Thank you, boss bare. I will communicate with you. Hehe, I’m sorry, Yan Ran Jie." Seeing that you didn’t blame or laugh at yourself, you relaxed your nervousness slightly and responded unnaturally. Finally, you gave a thank-you note to Yan Ran.
"Silly girl, what should he thank you for?" I don’t know what I’m going to do when I start. I’m shocked when I export my thoughts and words
"This charming elder sister … won’t tell you that you bully others!" Just calm down, the heart was once again provoked a wave. Bai Jie Qiao’s face climbed two blushes in the next time.
"All right, let’s go home and have a rest. Let’s get back to the best state. After 5 minutes, the target cottage is free to play. How many monsters can be destroyed and how many things can be gained depends on you. This is the final review of your performance, and the final sprint will be evaluated at the end of this time. You are allowed to change your most proud equipment. I still won’t make moves or the equipment will be owned by everyone according to the preface …!" Speaking of this, I suddenly stopped talking and took a look at everyone. "Because sacrifice is an auxiliary profession, it is relatively disadvantageous. To be fair, your income will be allocated by the body according to the output capacity. Do you have any opinions?"
"No boss, you’re in charge. We’ve all gained a lot from this dangerous forest trip. In the end, it’s natural to make some contributions. Hehe, boss, you arrange it!" Everyone agreed that bare decided that this special training would really be the two auxiliary occupations with the least gain. Although they also gained a lot, they were the least compared with them.
"Well, that’s it. Take a break when you hurry. After 5 minutes, the goal of action is to subvert the whole cottage and kill the savage chief." Bare as a soldier’s handsome command.
"Subversion of the cottage to kill the chief subversion … cottage to kill the chief …!"
Chapter two hundred and six Savage chief
"Well, that’s it. Take a break when you hurry. After 5 minutes, the goal of action is to subvert the whole cottage and kill the savage chief." Bare as a soldier’s handsome command.
"Subversion of the cottage to kill the chief subversion … cottage to kill the chief …!"
The collapse of the savage cavalry, the most important force in the savage cottage, has brought a fatal blow to the whole tribe, which has led to the virtual strength of the whole cottage. At this time, the chief Mostandin was very depressed and sent out the cavalry team. Up to now, there is no information. I believed that it should be easy to eliminate the invading enemy, no matter what kind of enemy, and the cavalry would return without triumph.
But now he has a very bad feeling that something might happen to the cavalry he sent, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so long and no information had come.
The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. He couldn’t help but invite the guards at the door. "Have you heard from them yet?"
"Report back to the chief’s adult and there is no exact news yet, but …!" The bodyguard hesitated a little and answered the question, but he was interrupted by Mostandin before he finished.
"All right, don’t talk about sending scouts out to find out what happened to the troops sent. Why has there been no information for so long!" Savage sheik showed some grumpy frown and ordered guards to send people out for investigation.
"Yes, sir. I’ll do it!" The bodyguard should turn around and go out to arrange someone.
"Alas, I hope they are all right! Otherwise …! " Mostandin shook his head and sighed. The most depressed chair was frowning behind him.
Just as the savage chieftain sent investigators, members of Xuanyuan League rushed to the door of the savage tribal stronghold at a very fast speed in Xu Tianfeng’s lonely heart. Before a few reactions came, two soldiers were drowned by the sudden magic arrow feathers, leaving a lot of gold coins with little experience to change back to the original data.
And the thieves are not willing to lag behind the wind. They rushed to clean the battlefield, but they didn’t even let go of the poor silver coins. That’s called cleaning.
With remote assistance, Xu Tian and others acted quickly. After breaking through the defense at the door, the wind was lonely and quickly commanded everyone to occupy the favorable terrain. The boss said that it was free to play, but group action plus attacking a well-defended fortress was not so easy. After discussion, everyone unanimously decided to cooperate with each other and play a more effective fighting force to solve the battle quickly.
Xuanyuan League’s fighting momentum is very high. After nearly half a month’s training, everyone’s level has risen a lot, not to mention that the fighting skills and skills are very high. At this time, they have all changed their original equipment, which is even more powerful. Now, if a member of Xuanyuan League takes it out alone, he can stand alone.
This is exactly what bare wants to follow, bare, wearing it at random with broken steps. Still, the novice outfit is a hand beforehand, but there are many cold light flashing swords. The blade of the god of war has not been held in his hand for a long time. Bare, stroking the baby artifact, sighed slightly and said, "Old chap, you are the earliest partner who accompanied me. I can’t achieve today without you. You have been accompanying me on the battlefield since you helped me!" I believe that I will not humiliate your former master and deliver you to me, nor will I bury you. I will give full play to your potential and work together to create a better future.
No one among kings can stop me from moving forward, and neither can God. Hehe, God blocks the gods and demons from killing demons. I thought that when your old master, the God of War I, was destroyed in the magic world and delivered it to me, I couldn’t live up to the high hopes of Master’s old man’s house. Hehe, the magic world, you wait. Even if you don’t come to me, I will wipe out where to be my bare best stepping stone. "
Smiling, bare, thinking of the miserable god of war in the magic world, that is, the first master in his game, he can say that his achievements today are all given by his old man’s house. If he hadn’t met his family, even if he was working hard, he wouldn’t have today’s status.
Although opportunity and hard work are inseparable, without this old man, not only can I not become a hidden professional player, but I can’t let myself go even if I wait for the heavenly leader. I don’t know how long I will be trapped in the magic realm! If it’s that late, it’s naturally impossible to meet your favorite smile in this life. Everything will change. What will happen specifically? Barely dare to continue thinking about the gap between the rookie and the bully today …! !
God of war blade flick to draw an arc and smash a half-meter-high stud to vent sudden feelings and continue to stare at the hot battlefield.
Chapter two hundred and seven Savage chiefs
Players who change into Xuanyuan League members are frantically dividing monsters everywhere at this time. Savage tribes are much worse than before because of the lack of cavalry to help defend against attacks. There are not many troops left, so they can’t take care of them. These crazy bursts of arrows and feathers shoot at the front and are the craziest. After that, it is just a few days before the wind is lonely.