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"Oh," Qu Yong muttered, "Yeah, it seems that I didn’t hear Boss Cao say that you have a boyfriend."

You!’ Siguniang asked, "Do you often speak ill of me behind my back in your dormitory?"
"Don’t let me catch Cao Jia, I want him to look good!"
Qu Yong "hey hey" laughed. "They usually talk about young girls in school."
"What do you mean!" Huei-fang seems to have been trampled on by a cat. "Am I old and faded?" Hey! I am only thirty years old? "
Qu Yong shook his hand desperately and explained, "We dare not talk nonsense about you unless Sisi is beautiful and clever!" This is true in Qu Yong’s mind. The image of the four girls is almost equal to that of the headmistress in his school. I believe that no dormitory will talk about the good or bad figure of its headmistress at the sleeping party.
"Really?" Four girls are skeptical. "You all call beautiful girls goddesses now. Who is your goddess? That Xue Yingying? "
QuYong eyes a andao "I don’t know"
Chapter 31 Emperor Hainan
Four girls also know that they met QuYong wound, which is actually the wound atmosphere of both of them. When the atmosphere became stiff, the four girls stopped talking, and their hands moved faster. After half an hour, QuYong was finally finished. It was unbelievable to look at the white face in the mirror. The middle-aged man was himself.
"Wow, it’s amazing. I can’t recognize myself."
Four girls looked at themselves with satisfaction. Jie said, "There is nothing wrong with your appearance, but your eyes are not too clean and bright. You should be mature or you will know there is something wrong at first sight."
"Good" QuYong looked left and right in the mirror and found that his eyebrows, nose and mouth had changed except that he was familiar with the eyes.
Huei-fang gave him a push. "If you want to go back to your room and watch it slowly, do I have to get myself?"
"Good" QuYong suddenly turned around before going out and said, "What do you want to become? What if you change and I don’t recognize that we are lost? "
"Don’t worry, I’ll knock on your door in the morning." Four girls thought about taking out a suit from their box and throwing it to him. "You are too young to wear this suit."
The next morning, before Qu Yong finished waking up, the door was knocked on, and he kept ringing. He knocked on the door in a suit and got a big surprise. At present, the four girls were completely changed.
Her long hair is fluttering, and she looks like a plain face with many years of static feelings. Looking at Qu Yong, she is simply a ten-year-old pure high school student. If it is not the silk around her mouth, she is not sure that this girl is a four-girl.
Four girls were obviously satisfied with Qu Yong’s expression. "Have you seen enough?"
"That’s enough."
"That’s enough, let’s go." She conveniently rolled up QuYong’s arm and walked out.
"This" QuYong is a little uncomfortable, but he knows that the four girls must have her reasons for doing so. They just walked out of the hotel like lovers. She didn’t go to the Volkswagen last night, but took QuYong around a corner and across a field.
"Yesterday, I forgot to tell you," Four girls immediately put away their sickly and feminine cold way as soon as they got on the bus. "Your name is Li Tianen now, and Li Yuer, the chairman of Jiangsu Yu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., is twenty-nine years old and a typical rich second generation. This time I went to Sanya to attend the Tianya feast. In addition, my identity is that you brought a woman named Aimee, but the surface is actually a peripheral girl."
"Wait a minute!" Qu Yong couldn’t accept so much information and interrupted, "I’m afraid I don’t play like a rich second generation. What else is a peripheral girl?"
"If you have nothing to do, just think of yourself as Cao Jia’s family. Just do what he does when he encounters something." Four Girls Road "is commonly known as" business model "in the dirty model circle. There is a price list of" code price ",including accompanying food, sleeping at heavy-tasting parties and accompanying drugs; But most outsiders can’t see that it’s better to pretend to be me. Now my identity is that you are out of your wallet and a peripheral girl. "
"Oh," Qu Yong said, "I think I heard the boss say it once."
Huei-fang threw a pamphlet and said, "There are some basic materials on this side. Please recite them quickly first."
At this time, where would Qu Yong have thought that after he typed this book, he really entered another strange and confusing world. An ordinary person could imagine the world when he finished contacting the law. This world is both heaven and hell.
I saw that the book was densely covered with words, which was a good feature of Li Tianen, a character of the Li family, who experienced sex. In particular, he emphasized that he was sent to Melbourne, Australia to study since he was a child. This is the first time to go back to China. I don’t know much about this person, but I can play a bigger role myself.
Qu Yong looked at it very quickly, closed his eyes and recorded these materials in his heart. Four girls waited for Qu Yong to open his eyes again and asked, "How much do you remember?"
"Good" Sisi took out her iPad brain and typed an encrypted file, saying, "You can also remember the photos of the people in it."
"Well," QuYong saw at the first sight that Li Tianen found that this person was really similar to himself, and he couldn’t help but admire the four girls more.
When Qu Yong got a complete understanding of the character Li Tianen, they also arrived at the airport. Four girls had already prepared the air tickets. This was Qu Yong’s first flight and he had not taken off yet. He was already a little nervous, but the four girls sitting by the window seemed to be more nervous. With the sound of "rumbling" around her, she suddenly turned pale and her breathing became faster. Holding on to Qu Yong’s hand was very cold.