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Before Cao Zhang danced with excitement, Cao Wei, Cao Ang and Cai Yan picked up a horn ruler from time to time to imitate Feng Zhang’s dancing at that time.

"That Ma Chao is also a long silver gun with some means of riding." Cao Zhang’s hands are as good as "swish" towards his brother-in-law! "
Cao Wei and Cai Yan were not there. Yes, they reached out and covered their mouths. Cao Angwei couldn’t sit still.
"I think if I shot quickly and quickly, I can’t hide in the past, but my brother-in-law’s kung fu … gee, it’s amazing."
"Don’t sell it. Tell me what happened behind it." Cao Wei blamed Tut.
"Brother-in-law just stretched the square-day painting halberd, and the whole halberd turned like a water dragon, and slammed it like a waterwheel."
Cao Zhang seems to be a competent speaker. When it comes to the climax, it seems that the protagonist is himself instead of Feng Zhang, and the body is a tool for explanation. It seems that Feng Zhang’s war horse overtime at that moment is really unstoppable.
Waterwheels have long been in Pulaite, especially in the Xuzhou area under Chen Deng’s jurisdiction, where water resources are much more than those in northern Yanzhou and Hebei, and it is not surprising that there are as many waterwheels as today’s bathing centers.
With Cao Zhang’s cadence and stand-up show, Yan Er and Cai Yan exclaimed from time to time and then clenched their little fists nervously as if the thrilling contest was still going on and there was no winner. When they heard that Feng Zhang finally stabbed Ma Chao with a trick of "returning to the horse", they breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and the breasts fluctuated violently as if they had been violently exercising.
At this time, Cao Jiecai seemed to forget how rude he was just now. "This is crazy. How can I do something scary? A general has a lot of troops to command, but he has to personally fight with a man who doesn’t know where to run out!" What if there is a mistake? "
When I say this in my mouth, I feel a sense of pride that I am afraid that others will not see it. I hope that heaven and man will praise my man if something happens.
Wen-chi is naturally aware of her psychological covering her mouth and laughing. "Isn’t it a good face for a man?" Don’t say that you can’t beat him crazy, even if he can’t fight for his life, otherwise, where can you put a general’s face? "
You said, "That’s a general, too. Why haven’t you heard of him fighting for someone with a knife?"
Cai Yan staggered with laughter. "My good sister Na Jin is a pig butcher. Can you compare with your heroic enemy man?"
Cai Yan is Cao Wei’s "mother" according to seniority, but the problem of JiaHe Zhang Cao family’s seniority has always been a muddled account, and how to calculate it is not clear
Two women twittering and laughing are quite talented. Cao Zhang can’t get into the topic of women. Cao Ang has been sitting in silence with his eyes glancing at the room from time to time
Feng Zhang and Cao Cao have been in for a long time, and Jia Xu hasn’t come out.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *.
The rebellion was put down, but what should we do with xelloss?
Ma Chao was wounded and waiting for his fate, but he was the only one. Marten was tricked out of the city at that time, and it was only after he was recovered that he suddenly realized that when he returned to Xuchang, he offered a humble apology to Cao Cao and was accused of being a "cult" and didn’t have a hat of "killing nine families"
Wu Zhize, the scapegoat and the first offender, will wait for him, which will be worse than death before the execution.
But what should Cao Cao do to xelloss?
Kill them, too?
After all, it’s him, Cao’s own son, and two people are bleeding the same blood.
Forgive him?
That’ll be the day!
Don’t say that Cao Cao cherishes feathers very much now. Even if he wants to cover his sins, think about it. After all, he wants to kill himself and Cao Ang!
Moreover, if this case is difficult, some people will make a fuss about it in the future!
His only idea now is to put the main responsibility on Wu Zhishen Xelloss, an accessory …
But it’s not interesting to say it yourself
"Know the machine and say nothing?"
Cao Cao knew that in this case, besides Guo Jia, these two men could say something that suits their own mind.
Feng Zhang seemed to be in a daze for a long time before he woke up in Jia Xu. "This … little husband thinks there will be another conspiracy?"
Don’t plot?
Cao Cao’s spirit was refreshed and his eyes shone brightly. "What do you mean?"
"Father-in-law’s adult, imagine that no matter whether Heng’s chaos is successful or not, someone will eventually benefit from it … will it be someone else’s ingredients?"
Cao Cao is not a fool. Jia Xu is not a fool. He looks at each other and says, "Liu Xie? ? ?”
It is true that even if Xelloss’s rebellion fails, it can seriously hit the Cao family’s spirit. Not only will all royalists see a light, but also let heaven and man know that the Cao family, which seems to be an iron plate, is not so United. And once xelloss rebellion is successful …
Then I’m afraid I’ve already reported the idea of schadenfreude. Liu Association hurriedly ordered Cao Pi to replace Cao Cao’s official position, and then watched Cao Cao die from afar. Cao Pi’s rebellion will inevitably make Cao Cao’s family fight with each other. What’s more, Cao Pi’s rebellion will inevitably arouse the loyalty to Cao Cao’s department to resist to the death!
Then Liu Xie will benefit even more! Maybe Cao Shi’s power will collapse!
"Wen and palace can someone that inverse collusion? Check it quickly! "
Jia Xu didn’t dare to go against his orders.
Cao Cao thought quietly after he left Feng Zhang, and he felt more and more that it was really possible, just as Feng Zhang said it was not that simple.
But because of the prevention target, Jia Xu found out that there were many wrong places and the most favorable evidence pointed to the last loyal servant around Liu Xie-Mu Shun! This old servant who fell behind
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Liu Xie walked by the window lattice and looked for his own world from the world carved by the window lattice with a yearning and greed in his eyes.
Unfortunately, there is not one.
Mu Shun lay motionless on his forehead, but Liu Xie didn’t look at him.