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Du Guren vomited blood, but still begged, "Hua Er, your uncles are koos."

"Hey?" DuGuFengHua sneer at "if it weren’t for their original meaning got ten excalibur, how could I be sealed? In order to kill me, you actually scattered all ten Excalibur and let each gang and faction keep it! If Fort Dugu had made good use of ten Excalibur, he would have taken all other countries into his pocket and I would have become a generation of saints. Unfortunately, you are short-sighted. Do you think you should die? "
Du Guren felt that he was going to faint, but he still begged, "Hua Er, look at Dad’s hard work to save your life and let them go."
"Ha ha, ha ha, Du Guren, you are so good at acting. Do you want to save me by accepting the top ten Excalibur? You and I didn’t know that you planted the method insect in the glass body to the Excalibur body and to me? But you didn’t expect that Liuli would actually solve the problem! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be confused if I didn’t drink her blood! Then we are not controlled by you? "
Du Guren suddenly lost his argument when he heard this.
At the beginning, he really wanted to revive Fenghua by borrowing the glass hand, and then both glass and Fenghua lost consciousness and listened to him alone. Since then, he has been self-centered, and even the jade emperor can still call!
But dreams are always too beautiful, and reality is always too bumpy.
He spent his whole life trying to draw water from a bamboo basket. Who can he blame? He can blame himself!
"Why? Nothing to say? Do you want me to let them go? " Lonely and angry!
Du Guren vomited blood again, and he felt that he could not be happy.
"Huaer, since you hate me so much, you can-kill me!" DuGuFengHua finish closed his eyes.
Since the bet failed, it would be better to die than to live like this!
DuGuFengHua smile "kill you? Isn’t that too cheap for you? I want you to die like them. I’ll give you another breath to make you have a little consciousness. I want you to know what it means to be dead. When you’ve tasted enough, I’ll let you die. Otherwise, you won’t realize what I suffered. Chapter 6 is powerful enough to imagine.
Although Dugu coloured glaze suspended animation Dan, but consciousness is awake because Cher they are awake, through which she also knows Dugu Fenghua’s situation.
She really didn’t expect DuGuFengHua even DuGuRen.
But seriously, can you expect a demon to turn over a new leaf? That’s impossible.
Coloured glaze dugu is glad that she fainted, otherwise she really can’t bear to see such a bloody scene. After all, these people are all relatives of Miss Wu.
There is a problem with her. She can be cruel enough to kill strangers, but there is absolutely no way to kill her relatives and friends.
Although these guys in Fort Dugu, she is, after all, with the help of Miss Wu’s body.
Dugu Ren screams and makes Dugu Liuli decide to close his brain wave association with spiritual pets.
The more Du Guren saw their pain, the more he was happy.
"These guys bullied you in front of the glass. Now I’ve given you a sigh of relief. You should be very happy, right?"
DuGuFengHua finish then laughed.
Soon he flew directly to the palace with glass in his arms.
Dugu Fenghua is covered with blood everywhere.
Sang Yuchen was shocked when he received the news!
He was ordered to take over Hechang country and change Hechang country into Sanguo. It didn’t take him long before Sanguo became a river of blood, which made him really ashamed.
Tianxirui, I’m sorry for your love!
"The emperor that guy is a big devil. He is too powerful. In my opinion, you should turn to God bless the country."
"It’s important for the emperor to run for his life. The devil has broken into the palace. Please run for your life."
"The emperor quickly fled!"
Sang Yuchen clenched his fist. Is he afraid of death? If he doesn’t have a good fight with this big devil today, he will waste King Sang!
But when Sang Yuchen saw Du Gu Fenghua, the whole person was completely shocked!
God, there are so many demons in this mainland. He needs to lift his eyes and you can already move! Such a man is so powerful that he can imagine that he absolutely has the strength to compete with heaven. Is it that he can fight against it? Maybe he came to the palace today?
"Call your imperial doctor out."
Dugu Fenghua can suspend Dugu glass in the middle without blowing off dust.
Sang Yuchen suddenly became silly when he saw the glass in the dugu. "What did you do with the glass?"
"Coloured glaze? Do you know? " Du Gufenghua was looking at Sang Yuchen.
Sang Yuchen was no longer afraid that he would reach out to test her nose when he went to the glass side of Dugu, but was stopped by Dugu Fenghua.
"My woman, don’t touch it. Call out the best doctor or I’ll destroy your whole palace!"
"Your woman?" Sang Yuchen was frightened. This guy didn’t kill Tianxirui, did he? Oh, my God, he thought that there would be a miracle after Tianxirui came. It seems that Tianxirui has been killed by him!
Du Gu Fenghua was angry. "What do you have a problem with?"
"My horse called cure too much" Sang Yuchen said and quickly ordered the eunuch to invite cure too much.
Du Gufenghua added, "If the doctor fails to wake her up as soon as possible, you will be dead!"
Sang Yuchen feels cold sweat. He has always been the strongest in Tianxirui, but he can’t beat this ten days!
It can be said that it is too easy for demons to be evil enough to get promoted now, and this evil magic is stronger than normal people’s cultivation magic. Don’t you like me?
The best doctor was invited by the eunuch.
As soon as he saw the glass floating in the middle of the school, he looked at the Dugu Fenghua under her control and was dumbfounded! Oh, my God, there is a magic that can control a person’s floating degree without blowing off dust. How powerful is this magic practice?
"Still dreaming about showing a woman what’s wrong with her?" DuGuFengHua endure anger as cure too much.
Cure too much and be in a hurry
The feeling be nasty, he can’t diagnose the disease of glazed dugu.
It’s been so long since Du Gufeng met me, and this quack didn’t diagnose it, so he killed him with his eyes in anger!