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Japanese players looked at the 500 cavalry who rampaged in their own crowd, and they were horrified. Several guild leaders shouted and commanded the team to intercept them.

Idiots also know that only 500 cavalry charge, including many elite players for more than 50 thousand days, even if they are ten times braver, they will eventually be surrounded and strangled!
Of course, the soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the Gods Cavalry are not idiots. The purpose of their charge is to disrupt the enemy’s army for precious landing, so that Japanese players will not recapture the city gate before the general attack of the gods, and the city gate will be in the hands of the gods. Even if Japanese players are full of collapsed walls and ruins, they will not be able to build a human flesh Great Wall, but they will continue to attack from the city gate and break their defenses in a short time.
To keep the gate, don’t say it’s a cavalry battalion, even if it’s vast and blue, it will cost the four thousand pioneer elite to break the gate.
Every brother of the first battalion of cavalry knows that being sent to steal the city gate means letting them be cannon fodder, but they are not cannon fodder, they are cannon fodder that is decisive for the battle of sunset harbor
The overall situation, they had a heroic consciousness and feared that only 500 people would fall into the trap of tens of thousands of enemy troops!
"Samurai fear! Kill the enemy line! "
A series of dazzling lotus flowers rose from their bodies and the dark sky was reflected in a latosolic red!
A bloody battle!
Berserker, Killing Warrior, and War Knight, the three attacking heavy armor, are in a state of frenzied melee. At the same time, they activate the infiltration of blood and light, and their armor weapons keep flashing. They roar like a torrent of blood and collide head-on with the Japanese team.
They shot and stabbed the sword, and the blood arrows burst out in the sword shadow. When the residual limb and arm were thrown away, the team was cut down by the cavalry of the gods as soon as the cliff was blocked. The so-called heavy interception was so vulnerable to the madness of the fighters of the gods …
"Bastard! They are violent melee! How is that possible? Such a single professional team doesn’t have much continuous fighting ability. Are the gods crazy … "The arrogant voice of the East is getting lower and lower, and he seems to have lost something.
In fact, not only is this overlord cavalry division with 500 personnel, but also the three cavalry divisions of the gods are composed of these three heavy armor violent melee. In the cavalry battalions of the various cavalry regiments of the gods, there is no knight who can wear heavy armor except a small number of teams to charge and act as meat shields and shields, let alone priests and druids.
Abandoning the treatment profession and sacrificing the cavalry team’s endurance and team fighting explosive force, which was decided by Ye Feng after careful consideration.
Ye Feng advocates attack, which is not only known to China players, but also to all eternal players.
In his view, cavalry is a sharp knife and sword that can penetrate the enemy’s heart. Their mission is to charge, charge and then charge! The concept of "afraid to fight and retreat" is not in the cavalry dictionary. Those who dare to ride cavalry must have the spirit of fighting to the death.
After a rush, you have to slow down and let a group of priests paladins treat you. Plus buff cavalry, which one is not a cavalry, let alone a samurai warrior.
The cavalry of the gods must have the courage to break the enemy!
Whenever the cavalry of the gods go to war, they must have the momentum of winning every battle.
All the cavalry of the gods don’t need treatment, they don’t need remote, they want violent melee!
By the time East Proud came to my senses, the 1st Battalion of Cavalry had traversed the uneven lines for more than 200 yards, and the bodies of Japanese players were trampled and chopped everywhere.
At the moment, the elite team of Wu Temple has finally encountered this cavalry, but it is still difficult to stop the violent rush of the cavalry of the gods by hastily forming a shield wall. They are like an overwhelming tidal wave and tsunami, harvesting the lives of Japanese players fiercely and brutally.
However, the seemingly chaotic arrows and magic projectiles of remote players have caused a lot of damage to the cavalry of the gods. Every few seconds, 3322 cavalry are shot by these weak but dense instant skills.
On the other hand, Japanese remote players can also cast weak instant skills at this time. They are all crazy and frustrated at this time, and they want to annihilate the gods. This pioneer retakes the city gate and builds the first line of defense with the collapsed wall. Fifty or sixty thousand people are carried away by hatred, organization and discipline, rushing around like a swarm of people, and it is difficult for remote players to sing stably.
East proudly looked at this tough and brave cavalry and the increasing Japanese team coming from various streets in silence. He knew that the Japanese crowd would drown this cavalry battalion sooner or later, although it might cost several times or even ten times.
Such a heavy sacrifice is not important to the whole battle of Sunset Harbor. What is important is to recapture the gate before the army of the gods lands.
He frowned in a highland and continued to wait and see, and his heart suddenly relaxed.
The elite group of Wu Temple did not let him down. At this moment, nearly 10,000 people have avoided it, which can resist the cavalry of the gods taking advantage of the chaos to outflank the past horses, so that those teams who are ready for the gods can face the battle.
See a piece of arrow rain and gorgeous magic suddenly cut through the sky, screaming and roaring towards the other end, covered by a huge flame demon …
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Chapter 949 There is a pride flowing in the blood.
It is comparable to the Dragon Language Magic Temple’s summoning magic summoning flame magic. The blood volume can be as high as one million, which can last for ten minutes. The attack damage is strong and automatically clear all fire attributes. Even if the strength of the elite master of the Wu Temple is still greatly broken, the attack is too dense. Those players who have made a crazy day continue to charge and intercept the flame magic, and the flame magic finally sinks into the ground in a snowstorm.