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I’m naturally not drooling at the starting price of 1 gold coin, but I’m more interested in the matter that Dragon Map is a big head, so I asked him, "Why is there no place to spend more money?" 25 gold coins for such a creature. "

"Ha ha ….." Long Tu smiled indifferently and then said, "It’s rubbish in your eyes but a treasure in others’ eyes."
"There is no you in this other person, is there?" I say
"Ha ha, I naturally can’t get there, but many people at my hands will always come." Long Tu said suddenly, "But this is also to help you. At the same time, suppressing the momentum of a Tangmen is too strong, which is not a good thing after all."
"Help me?" I asked doubtfully.
"How do you say that sentence is not to help you? Friends and enemies are enemies and enemies are friends, right? All is to help me, "said Long Tu indifferently, but his eyes did not leave the auction table.
"So are you doing this because Tangmen is a friend or an enemy?"
"It’s so complicated that we are always friends." Long Tu said with a smile and looked up at me at the same time.
I nodded to him to indicate that the two men looked back and threw themselves back into the auction house, but the price was much less after a short time.
After the auction went on in an orderly way, every piece of equipment went through fierce competition, and the price was naturally 2 gold coins. At this time, one piece has reached 4 gold coins.
It’s a level 3 silverware sword, and its properties are quite good. The price of 4 gold coins is naturally not high, but it can’t be sold at a abnormal price because of the low level.
You know, the top strength of Breeze City is now at level 35, and now it needs 35 high-grade equipment.
"This piece of equipment is amazing. It is the top three of all the auctions today. It is not only from celebrities, but also of extraordinary value. Do you want to know who the owner of this equipment is?" The auctioneer tried to arouse everyone’s interest and he succeeded.
"yes!" People are buzzing all over the auction house.
The auctioneer suddenly smiled and then pointed to the Nangong one by one with one hand and shouted, "That’s the Nangong one by one, the first beautiful swordsman in Breeze City sitting in our room vip1!"
"Wow …" The auction was like an explosion, and the eyes were turned to the direction of the Nangong one by one, which made the Nangong stunned and couldn’t figure out what the situation was now.
But the nangongshan auctions one thing at a time. It’s not like auctioning her off, is it? And it’s not her personal thing, it’s just a piece of equipment. These people are crazy.
"You have a lot of fans." I said to Nangong one by one, "Otaku Goddess."
"Don’t fuck off with this word," Nangong said angrily. "I’m just selling something and being dragged out to advertise. I want to ask them for an advertisement!"
"Go and ask np for an advertisement, haha." I don’t care how unhappy the Nangong is, but the Nangong will ignore me with a cold hum.
Let’s look at the property of silverware, a weapon of 35-level frenzied warfare, which is auctioned now. Needless to say, it is a ride at this stage.
"Wow!" Xiao Li has already flowed to the ground and turned to ask Nangong Yi, "How did you sell such good equipment for Nangong Sister? What a pity!"
"It’s not a pity that I can’t get there anyway." The tone of the Nangong one by one shows how so-called she is.
"That … it’s all right to sell it to me and bring it here …" It’s a pity that Xiao Li’s expression and tone are all displayed, but the Nangong won’t pay attention to them one by one.
"Sell it to you? Do you have money? " The nangongshan asked one by one.
"Well … it’s good for us to pay back the money in this friendship." The Nangong well, a little Li immediately changed his mind. "Why can’t you give me a cheaper price? Isn’t it such a good knife?"
"Haha, no way!" The nangongshan said happily that Xiao Li was left in tears.
Gradually, the auction became quiet, and the auctioneer wandered around and read, "Everyone saw that the price of such a peerless piece of equipment is definitely not lower than the starting price of 4 gold coins, and the highest bidder has to bid now!"
"Psst …" A burst of air-conditioning sound started at 4 gold coins, which is the starting price, which is already an impossible price for most players.
Although the price is only 6rmb now, can such investment really achieve results at the beginning of this game? Of course, most people can’t, because they are already too late.
And want to rely on such a piece of equipment to complete the counterattack? That’s crazy. Most people can appreciate it. Just take a look. What’s worse, even if they come to compete, can they really grab it? Our own possessions may also be seen by others as spending money.
So they just watch quietly.
But in my opinion, such an equipment is peerless? It’s just a 35-level silverware, so how should he introduce it when the gold dagger comes out later?
"1 gold coin!" The dragon figure side shouted out its own price, but it was not the dragon figure that spoke, but the chrysanthemum behind him filled him with a pair of things that he was determined to win. Obviously, he was very interested in this knife.
"15 gold coins!" Uncle build house’s human condition leisurely said that at the same time, he looked at Long Tu and his party without moving, and they didn’t seem to take them to heart.
"Hum!" Chrysanthemum sheng leng repeatedly opened his mouth to bid, but it was robbed by others first.
"16 gold coins!" Guanyin has tears and sits quietly. Bodhisattva blood walks up to her eyes and looks at the people sitting in the vip room at this time.
"Don’t look at me, I won’t shoot," I said faintly when his eyes swept me.
"17 gold coins!" Call me again when the chrysanthemum is full.
At this time, the price increase has been much smaller. Obviously, they think that it is worthwhile to buy this knife in this price range, and it will not be worth the loss. Of course, there are no fools among these people who want to get this really good knife at the lowest price possible.
Suddenly, the auction became very quiet. The auctioneer looked quietly at a room in Longtu and read "17 gold coins for the first time …", which was played very slowly.
Is this the end? It’s not a very high price, and when I look at Nangong, her expression is obviously not satisfied with the price, but if no one bids again, the price will be fixed here
"The 17th gold coin …"
"3 gold coins!" A melodious sound came out of my left room, and I couldn’t see who the other party was. It wasn’t loud enough for the auctioneer to hear the’ second time’ and was blocked before it was called out.
The nangongshan one by one that half cu eyebrow at this time also stretch to but others face is not good-looking, especially the chrysanthemum not mercilessly glared at here and turned around with dragon figure said something.
But Long Tu smiled and shook his head, and Chrysanthemum Sheng looked unwilling to retreat back, seemingly giving up the bidding.
Even at this time, Puxue and build house people also showed a surprised look. Of course, I was also surprised. 2 gold coins is the best price I think this silver knife can shoot, and if I want 2 gold coins, there will probably be no more competition, but the other party will add it to 3 in one bite. I am very curious about who the other party is.
All eyes were on the room next to me and I asked curiously, "Who’s next to me?"
Everyone shook their heads, but no one knew that Xiao Li said, "Who cares? It’s not our thing to buy anyway."