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He said to Jiang Yunchu, "Is it like the altar in the main city?"

Jiang Zhichu "has some similarities"
If the card is similar to the altar, it is very likely that the altar is copied or transformed on the basis of the altar.
Then their function should also be similar.
Cary ghosts may be the ones who should die.
They didn’t necessarily commit a big crime or have a very strong desire that anyone who walks in the afterlife can tell the story of live high, and the queen unfolded the story into a card-breaking.
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Chapter 17 Chapter 17
The brokeback ghost squatted with his legs shaking again, and the old master still cast a shadow on it. "I, I don’t know his name, my Lord. You also suddenly broke in and started to play the ghost and didn’t report yourself, right?"
Xie sent a light smile when he heard this, and his handsome face showed a gentle look. His fingers moved slightly, and the silver hand//gun that tore the ghost apart made a spin at his fingertips. "You are accusing me."
Brokeback ghost plopped on his knees "I didn’t! I didn’t! "
Thank you for sending "What’s going on with that man?"
The brokeback ghost felt a sense of oppression from the thank-you note. The man didn’t blame him, and his tone was very kind, but he was still too scared to look up.
"Big, adult, I really don’t know.
"I remember a long time ago … I can’t remember exactly how long. No one can remember when there was no altar day and night.
"A long time ago, a 16-year-old boy broke in alone and scattered the ghosts on the first floor by himself. It took us a long time to regain the freedom of ghosts and bodies.
"You, you look a little like that boy, but we still came back when he grew up."
That boy is a bit like himself …
A strange idea came to Xie Ji’s mind. He and Jiang Zhichu looked at each other and continued to ask, "What does a teenager look like?"
Brokeback ghost "looks good. Those peach eyes are particularly attractive. You are more handsome than him."
Xie Ji’s throat is slightly astringent. "Does he have a birthmark on his lower back?"
Brokeback ghost "Then I don’t know …"
Just as Xie was disappointed, the ghosts shouted out in ghosts.
"yes! Yes! That boy has a red wave birthmark on his back! "
Red wave birthmark!
Yang Yuan!
Xie sent his mind to the fact that he was alive because of kidnapping his cousin who fell into the water, and karma also entered the altar.
No, no, Yang Yuan may not have broken the card.
The altar of truth is special.
Yang Yuan was sixteen or seventeen when he entered the altar of Truth, but he was in his early twenties when he met Jiang Yunchu in the real world. The ghost in the altar said that Yang Yuan had been to the altar of Truth, and the altar had communication with the real world and the timeline was moving forward.
The queen does not allow people to leave the altar.
Then the true altar is relatively independent. The Queen copied the altar on the basis of the true altar.
There are all kinds of ghosts in the altar building, so will there be all kinds of ghosts behind the white fog in the building at the end of the main city of the altar?
Their entry into the card is equivalent to entering some ghost story.
If the real world is the sea, the altar is independent, similar to a big bubble card in the sea, that is, every ghost story is a small bubble in the big bubble, and both are included.
True, altar bubbles and altar bubbles intersect.
Siyou will say that the Queen has weak control over this card.
Thank you for sending "Where is he?"
Brokeback ghost "he didn’t know what happened on the second floor, but we kids couldn’t go there. Then he came and left the altar not long after."
Thank you. "How did he leave?"
Brokeback ghost "I don’t know that we were all scared by him at that time, and no one dared to look."
It is rare for a first-level kid to know and remember these things, and it is almost equivalent to them that the teenager who once broke into the altar of truth is a cousin of Xie Ji!
Xie Ji told his teammates the clues he had mastered.
Yin Lin "Then if we leave the true altar card, can’t we go back to the real world directly?"
Xie Ji "It is not necessarily that we walk out of the bubble, not necessarily into the big bubble or into the sea, but I think the former is more likely."
Yin Lin was relieved. "Then don’t wait for me."
Xie Quan "Senior, did my cousin say anything to you?"
Nine years ago, at the beginning of Jiang Ji, Yang Yuan met by chance in the real world. Because Jiang Ji helped him adopt a child, Yang Yuan made a divination for Jiang Ji.
However, Yang Yuan said that Xie sent it back to save him from the underworld and did not disclose other information.
Jiang Jichu "Nothing"
Xie Quan encouraged everyone, "It’s okay. Since my cousin can go out, we can definitely go out!"
Xie Ji said, "Xie Quan is right, and we can definitely go out. I think we should go to the second floor immediately."