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Mu Xiaoxiao immediately threw out an attack. When Guanyin was about to launch a raid with tears, the staff had waved several ice crystals again to form an attack. Tears could not move another step.

The timing is just right. No one can be sure how long it will last for Guanyin to be frozen in tears. Even Mu Xiaoxiao doesn’t know, but Mu Xiaoxiao has maximized the damage in the previous column.
If you can kill Guanyin in tears during this period and give him a chance to get close to him, it can be said that it is life.
Mu Xiaoxiao did not approach, but kept the maximum distance to attack. The fireball was mixed with ordinary attacks and flew towards Guanyin with tears, while Mu Xiaoxiao kept a hand in ice hockey. Even if Guanyin broke through the ice with tears, it was a kite flying.
However, Guanyin’s tears have never been washed away in the ice
It seems that in the face of tears in Guanyin at this time, there is no hope. Without fighting spirit, Guanyin is doomed to stay in Mu Xiaoxiao’s frozen ice and be constantly attacked by her.
Until the moment when life runs out
Mu Xiaoxiao can easily bring a game score of 1:
Guanyin was angry with tears and went out of the venue. Not far away, she could vaguely hear Guanyin’s tears and couldn’t understand, "How could it be that I found me as soon as I moved, and I was directly skilled?"
I was also very confused and asked the client, and Mu Xiaoxiao said two words "intuition"
I thought about it, but I still didn’t want to agree with this explanation. At this time, Xiao Li once again made his remarks, "Lying in the trough is so awesome. She must have died!"
Xiao Li was excited and said that Xiao Bai was attached and hung on one side. If you can let plug-ins in when the weather is right, it can be said that the weather is no different from ordinary online games.
It’s always a dish
"This is how can there be a plug-in?" Chiba said lightly that Xiao Li naturally knew about it, but still shouted, "That’s not hanging up. You can’t say what it is."
"Intuition!" Before Chiba could speak, she answered Xiao Li’s question "Women’s Intuition"
"well! Right … "The morning tea girl echoed to the side.
"Cut a woman intuition? Why didn’t I see how powerful your intuition is? " Xiao Li is still not angry, but he is competing with Qing Deng and morning tea.
"I’m too lazy to tell you!" Qing Deng ignored Xiao Li with a pie mouth and a squint, pulling the morning tea and saying, "We’ll ignore him when tea leaves."
"Tea tea ….." They were startled by this name …
Ok! It’s so fucking good!
At this time, Mu Xiaoxiao had tears with Guanyin, and the second game had already started.
Since they were admitted to Guanyin, their eyebrows have never been stretched with tears, but Mu Xiaoxiao seems to be from the random map of this game to the snowy hills.
In the ups and downs, the terrain is covered with a thick layer of snow. This world wrapped in silver is naturally a trouble in Guanyin’s tearful eyes.
The snow on the ground directly leads to the loss of Guanyin, which means that Guanyin has tears and it is difficult to get close to Mu Xiaoxiao’s melee, and it will definitely be flown to the dead.
All Guanyin has tears and worries, but no one can be comfortable with a collar.
Mu Xiao Xiao smiled.
Mu Xiaoxiao’s face is all smiles, and his fingers are blurred in the snow. He gently rubs his hands and waits for the game quietly.
With the sound of the stereo, Guanyin rushed out in tears and rushed around the broken line towards Mu Xiaoxiao, which could not make the hidden assassin get close to his opponent as soon as possible by Cao Cao.
Mu Xiaoxiao tapped the ground and stepped back rhythmically, waving his staff at the same time. At this time, Mu Xiaoxiao did not use his skill to slow down Guanyin’s tears by ordinary attacks.
Guanyin has tears and deliberately evades, and at the same time, she approaches Mu Xiaoxiao as quickly as possible. The distance between them is getting closer and closer to this number.
Mu Xiaoxiao has also put away her face and smiled solemnly at this time, which means that she is very focused on her tearful distance from Guanyin.
Gradually narrowing the distance doesn’t make Guanyin cry and relax, but she frowned gently and stared at her opponent not far away.
One yard and nine yards … The distance is very close. In this period, Guanyin will be attacked by Mu Xiaoxiao when she has tears. At this time, her blood is not at her best.
Mu Xiaoxiao has now seen that the distance between the two people has slowed down a little, and then the staff is raised to make the skills a prelude.
Guanyin has tears, and immediately takes two steps forward with an unusually dignified look.
Mu Xiaoxiao wants to maximize the damage by leaving a glimmer of life for Guanyin, but how can Guanyin give up such an opportunity easily? It is only one yard away from Guanyin’s tears.
Mu Xiaoxiao’s staff has waved very clearly, and it can be seen that Guanyin has tears and ice crystals began to appear on Thursday. However, at this time, Guanyin’s tearful figure has drifted and then suddenly disappeared behind Mu Xiaoxiao.
At this time, Guanyin was in tears, but it was not frozen. She did not find the right position and raised her hand and crossed Mu Xiaoxiao’s shoulder with a dagger.
"Mu Xiaoxiao was banned." Guanyin was tearful. As soon as the Chiba sound was over, it had already come. Even so, there was still no panic in Mu Xiaoxiao’s look, as calm as ever.
Guanyin has tears and can’t consider other people’s speed bonus at this time, and Mu Xiaoxiao has lost his skills. We must seize this opportunity to slay Mu Xiaoxiao.
However, Guanyin rushed forward with tears, but didn’t move. Guanyin had tears, doubts and expressions that filled the whole face instantly, and Mu Xiaoxiao had turned around and waved his staff again to attack.
Guanyin’s tears have been frozen
"Is it so easy to hide when you and I are frozen and imprisoned?" Mu Xiaoxiao sneered at Guanyin’s tearful expression when he heard this sentence.
Despair of victory seized the opportunity to slay the opponent in one fell swoop, only to find that everything was in the hands of the enemy.
This is Mu Xiaoxiao’s plan to attack Guanyin’s confidence in tears. Even though the weather and location are on his side, human harmony is not Guanyin’s tears. It can be said that it is a mage killer, but this time it was defeated by the mage.
Then the plot couldn’t be simpler. Guanyin had tears, and his confidence was greatly reduced. His actions were different, so the lamb to be slaughtered generally accepted that Mu Xiaoxiao had brought him blows again and again.
And Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t relent at all. He attacked again and again and released one skill. Even in such a great situation, he still walked cautiously and kept the distance between two people.
Guanyin’s tears and qi and blood have been gradually polished, and this game has already been in suspense.