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"What’s the matter? I have learned it! "

"ah? Great, I haven’t learned it, and I’m just worried! I’m going to lure these young dragons with meat in the next few days, but it doesn’t seem very good that they are raw. I have already fed them today, or if they are raw in the next few days, I think it won’t work very well. Maybe this young dragon will like cooked food, too? "
"hmm? That’s a good idea! Hey, hey, the first day is bloody, the second day is cooked on the surface, the third day is half cooked, the fourth day is cooked, and the fifth day is better and better. Maybe it’s really good, "I said deeply.
"Yes, I think so, too. I’d like to ask boss Feiyang to help me deal with these meats." The breeze smiled and got out a pile of meat pieces, which attracted a few red dragons not far away to look here.
"Well, let’s do it directly here. Just have a simple barbecue!" After I took these pieces of meat, I processed them and made a pile of surface cooked, then roasted a pile of semi-cooked, and finally roasted a few pieces of cooked meat, and made two pieces with some sesame oil seasoning.
After finishing these things, Qingfeng and I turned around and found that not only the red dragon, but also the surrounding green dragon, yellow dragon, blue dragon and several lumbricus came running, with their mouths slightly open and their mouths dripping ~ but it seems that they dare not come because of my reasons. If there is a breeze, it is estimated that this guy will be robbed by the young dragons ~ "Well, it seems that these guys really like cooked food!" The wind said with a stiff face
"Hey hey this is not just? Don’t worry, they don’t dare to come over. Put them away. Don’t take them out when you are in such a group. If you make a fight and kill a baby dragon, it’s not easy ~ you’d better watch one and secretly feed him every day. "
"Well, I thank boss Feiyang for nothing."
"Come on, let’s go, don’t stay here. As soon as I leave, I guess your horse will be besieged. Let’s go out together. It’s not necessary to stay here all the time. Occasionally, come in and take a look at these young dragons’ reactions. After choosing the target, come once a day and send him something specially. After watching him finish eating, you can leave. Let him know that there are good things as soon as he sees you, so that there can be hope!"
"hmm!" The breeze nodded and followed me most directly.
Stay in the breeze and go back to the square. A group of people are already here. Most of them are excited. A few people are depressed and look at others with envy ~ including this guy liu er.
"All done? It seems that someone has not been seen? " I walked over with a cool breeze and said with a smile
"Let’s come here. Of the 21 people, 4 were not seen, but 7 people didn’t get the dragon eggs," said the widow with a smile.
"What’s the matter? How come you haven’t got the dragon egg yet? " I asked doubtfully.
The widow smiled naively and said, "The four who were not seen were Wu Shen Ruyan, the messenger of the royal beast, and I saw you later. There are still three who were seen but failed to reach the dragon egg. liu er Bee and the dark night ~ dark hall army were wiped out!"
The widow shook her head again. "These three guys were looked at, but they didn’t reject it. But when people gave them dragon eggs, they considered them first. At the same time, they didn’t have any dragon eggs when they saw others at the back ~"
"Damn it ~ It’s still like this ~ Why are these three guys so unlucky …" Sympathetically took a look at the three guys and greeted everyone. "Let’s calm down and get the dragon eggs hatched. Tell everyone about their own dragon pets. Has anyone got the golden dragon and diamond dragon Lei Long?"
"Flying boss, cold front boss and I are both super beasts and golden dragons!" Great mandarin duck cried with a smile
"oh? Three golden dragons are good! " My heart way
"Hey, hey, flying boss, I am a diamond dragon and a super god beast." The drowned fish laughed.
"Ha ha ha good! Diamond dragon is really suitable for you. You are a pure defense mage. Diamond dragon is also a soil mutation defense and attack are super fierce and can also use soil magic. "I laughed.
"Flying boss, I am Lei Long!" Wonderful hand smiled and said
"Haha, you can all fly. Me and the liquor brothers can’t fly beyond Tyrannosaurus Rex!" Shield said with a smile
"I can’t fly either. Tyrannosaurus rex is a god beast," said the horse with mirth.
"President, I am a blue dragon and a god beast," Qing Yue said with a smile.
"I and the tail ring deputy head are Huanglong, but I am a god beast. The tail ring is a super-order pet." My hands are shaking with a proud look, and the tail ring next to me is a face of depression ~ "I am a red dragon, just like the head of pity cream." Seven feet big, you said with a smile.
"I am a dragon and a beast," the widow said with a smile at last.
Twenty-one people and fourteen people got the dragon eggs, the super beast, the seven super pets, the tail ring, the yellow dragon and the beast. It’s very good to stay. It’s too early. Others got five super beasts, the breeze and the wind of the feathers are the beasts. There are 12 super beasts, the dragon pets and the original three dragon pets. If there are four super dragon pets, it’s still my three super beast dragons and Xiaoyu Laner. The number of dragon pets in our guild has reached 27, which is scary enough ~ "Well, it’s very good. I’ll bring 14 It’s also the biggest card house in our guild. Don’t publicize it when you get back, and don’t go outside for the time being to train and brush more pairs. Let’s connect the dragon pet levels first. "
"Ha ha, let’s guild name can be changed to Dragon Gang ~ It’s not bad to call Liuzhou directly if we build the station! Don’t worry, boss, when we get back, we will arrange an organization to brush the vice! " The widow said with a smile
"Well, there is a dragon pet who runs fast and practices the level. For the time being, all the legions and a hall will first arrange for the face people to be attached to you. There is no extremely special situation. Don’t summon your dragon pet in public! In addition, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the dragon pet brothers. After this, it depends on luck. I’ll find another way to get a good pet. "
"Hey, hey, boss, don’t worry. I think it’s not too big for a thief to get a dragon!" The little bee said with a smile
"Hehe, the really powerful dragon guy may not be too big, but I’ve already found all the pets of the dark hall brothers. It’s also a dragon, right? Well, the rank is poor, but the number is large, and I think it’s also very suitable for thieves!" I looked at liu er several people said with a smile.
"oh? Boss Feiyang is also a dragon? What? " Asked the little bee curiously
"Hey hey when the time comes you will know that will give you a surprise! By the way, there are wonderful hand sticks and white wine. You three will arrange for me to take them to get a mount when the brothers in the law enforcement hall hurry to train for me. "
"Well, you all go home first. Go to work whatever you should. Cold front, flow, frost, doctor, liu er shield and spike hand, you have something to do."