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The clouds of white light are human-sized, and a fist-sized light group flashes in the white light, which is also white but harsh and dazzling …

Ye Feng Zheng saw that the fist-sized light mass seemed to be spinning like a whirlpool. The energy light body in the gas was visible to the naked eye and rushed to the light mass at a rapid speed. At that time, the light shone brightly, and Ye Feng’s eyes hurt.
And that big white light suddenly instantly condensed and materialized …
"Mecha, I’m hiding."
Ye Feng roar loud it’s a pity that it’s already late. It’s almost in his mouth that jǐng moments have a total of 12 laser beams from all directions.
Boom boom …
Not counting the big bang, it exploded almost at the same time. Ye Feng felt that the whole body had a sharp pain and the blood volume had bottomed out. The cursors of the five sisters in the team also dimmed at the same time
Chapter 54 Mecha
The cemetery is not far away, in a small corner at the exit of the tunnel. Looking back, you can see that they have already shown their physical mecha.
A man and five women are all wandering in the state of soul. ZH not ng y ā ng looked at each other in the cemetery.
It’s the first time that everyone has entered eternity when they just emerged without even seeing the monster.
"What are these attacks so fierce?" Tang Weiwei said with a wry smile. Deborah, a strange staff, was lying far away beside the body with a black flame grip.
Ye Feng turned over a battle record. "You lost 5 points of blood when you were attacked by the skill of 【 Ruins Guard Level 3 Mecha Warrior 】 【 Shaped Charge Gun 】"
A single injury of 53,000 mecha guns together. Ye Feng can’t ride a mount to fight. Without blood gas bonus, it is naturally also a second field.
"It’s a tragedy that I’m dizzy with more than 90,000 single injuries." Lan Yumin pie pie said, "This is a three-level guard. Maybe there are two levels and one level in this hall. Isn’t it more aggressive and more outrageous?"
"Wash and sleep. There is not even a paladin with pastor buff. The mecha attack is so fierce that we can’t carry it at all." Luo Yunmeng was also discouraged
"Ah, don’t you think it’s strange? Tuoba defense even the 120-level method BOSS can’t blast out so high and hurt these mecha, and it can’t be BOSS. Isn’t it too pit for twelve BOSS?" Tang Weiwei wondered.
"Let Tuoba go to identify it. It’s over. Go, go, go. We can’t hang it like this or my sister will die unsatisfied." Lanyu Mian urged.
"Why don’t you go to the devil’s pupil as identifiable?"
Ye Feng rolled his eyes. If he simply pulled a monster to identify him, of course he was not afraid, but the hatred chain of these mecha might be too big. Twelve mecha could get together and bombard him. His defense would be twice as high as it was.
Smell speech LanYuMian pulled pull modeling feeling than breastplate "eldest brother, I am a leather armor is not as thick as your skin, how dare you let me take risks"
"But do you think there is a difference between leather armor and armor?"
"Oh, it really doesn’t make any difference. I just don’t know if they will riot as soon as I get there. Forget it, sister."
"Go, go, you’re going to be heroic. I’ll help you collect the body."
Sleeping in the rain, wandering and running to the body, there is no way to run without the resurrection of the priest. No matter how high the monster’s perception is, it is impossible to sense the player’s presence, but there is no need to worry about even the soul exploding.
Those mecha lingered in place for about ten seconds as if they didn’t find anything. They scattered away from that unknown metal to build a two-yard tall body. It seemed particularly heavy and faint, with a unique metallic luster, and stepped on the ground with a clanging sound.
Ye Feng didn’t see that their appearance is metal structure, which is many times higher than the mechanical puppet he met in the Black jiaqi Holy Land. The left arm is a barrel thicker than the right arm for two full laps. Just now, the shaped charge gun was the left arm hand shelling hair.
On the other hand, there is a miniature gun on the right arm, which looks like a machine gun.
MLGB Heavy Armor Remote Blame Ye Feng feels better than a pothole. Fortunately, these mecha are not invisible again, otherwise it will be even more pit if they are elusive.
Mecha soldiers walked out of the body for about 30 yards, and the sleeping horse chose to resurrect the holy white light. Six pieces of equipment immediately disappeared and sneaked away. A series of fast Ye Feng didn’t see clearly. It seems that this syren was really scared by the powerful mech soldiers.
Hatred didn’t disturb the mecha and walked away. Some Ye Feng five people also floated to the body and resurrected together. The mecha’s perception was moderately separated by 40 yards. They would never find Ye Feng and others.
Everyone retrieved their own equipment from Lanyumian’s hand. Lanyumian’s mind moved the magic. shadow hunter launched a light enchanting light and shadow to appear in front of her, and then flew out. The purple Se pupil flashed with a touch of gold light, and the demon pupil looked at it.
【 Site Guard Level 3 Mecha 】 Abyss Monster
Grade 13
Blood volume 15
It is said that the low-level mecha guards guarding the ruins of the Westeros military base were saved by the excessive energy consumption of the self-destruction device when the military base was self-destructed thousands of years ago, and most of the mecha guards were destroyed by their own energy consumption. The few remaining guards still carried out the mission entrusted to them by the Westeros to defend the base to the death and destroy all intruders.
Magic shadow hunter just put the appraisal data back to be appraised, and the mecha sensed that she was seeing it when the forehead indicator light lit up, and her body turned sharply, and then she raised her right arm and pointed to the magic shadow hunter.
LanYuMian didn’t come to let the magic shadow hunter react. The mecha’s right arm shaped machine gun chug chug spewed out a half-foot-long silver Se beam.