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So the consciousness flying knife has been shot! Strange things happened when Tang Tianfei’s knife met the pear blossom needle in the rainstorm! Originally shot from the long box, the flying needles were as fine as ox hair and as many as raindrops, but after Tang Tian’s shot, the glittering flying knife suddenly appeared across the distance and then flew to the place where Mu Yuhe had passed. The flying needles were adsorbed on the flying knives like magnets, but the flying knives were very fast, so there was a strange scene. Tang Tianfei’s flying knife attached some flying needles as fine as ox hair in front of it. It should not be said that it was like a half-cloud flying needle in front of it! And behind it is a long black line. If you stop, you can see that it is made up of thousands of flying needles. It is condensed in the middle by the suction magnetic field emitted by Tang Tianfei’s knife, just like dragging that tail behind a jet plane!

Say cumbersome! In fact, in the blink of an eye, Tang Tianfei’s knife penetrated Mu Yuhe’s body and nailed it to the wall. Then the pear flower needle was smashed on her body like a huge hammer. Mu Yuhe jumped up and fell down on the front steps of the hall, and his eyes slowly lost their luster. It’s over!
Tang heavenly heart is depressed and even lost! He suddenly felt a little quiet around him. He looked up and looked around. Everyone couldn’t believe it. Looking at him, he was puzzled.
So he asked, "What’s the matter? ?”
Crazy took a deep breath and patted Tang Tian on the shoulder "Brother, you are really good! You are willing to destroy such a beautiful woman. It is very good and powerful! "
Tang Tianyi leng then nu way "I depend have to make a mistake! I only did it to save you! Then you have the nerve to talk about me! I am not you! "
Crazy embarrassed shan shan way "that how also get an artistic way to die! It’s either beautiful or affectionate! Either ~ ~ ~ ah! But what about you! This is a beauty! I finally know what you can’t get rid of your wooden title! "
Tang Tian also refuted madness and patted him on the shoulder and walked into the hall without looking back. Then Fengshen came over and Tang Tiankou was about to explain "I ~ ~ ~"
Fengshen patted him on the shoulder and went in! "Ah! ~~~”
Then everyone came over and patted him, walked in, and finally left him alone and thought, "Am I wrong?"
I was thinking when I heard a burst of laughter in the hall! Tang Tiancai reacted. Oh, my God! I was fooled by these grandchildren! Tang Tian plunged into the hall and chased the crazy, so he would go crazy and turn around and run! Others are not busy with their arms! Where to cheer! In the past few days, the tension has been swept away, and the bully and the punch Nanshan looked at each other and saw the same thing in each other’s eyes. It’s actually not bad to stay here!
Mu Yuhe on Gusu Line stayed for a while and then hurried to Munanqi’s room. When he saw the servant who was driven out, he lamented that this was a big deal! Then push the door and go in, and you will see Munanqi sitting on the sofa as if he were going to erupt a volcano!
I heard someone come in and shouted, "Didn’t I tell you not to bother me? My ears are deaf! " Angry looked up and found that Mu Yuhe suddenly turned pale and cried, "Sister!"
MuYu lotus approached him and put his arms around him. "How can Xiaoqi stop this blow?" ?”
"Where is it?"
"Which have? It’s written on your face! Xiaoqi has achieved great things from ancient times to modern times. Do you know what it is? "
"yes! People who have achieved great things through the ages are often not smooth sailing! They always fail again and again, however, they are not discouraged. They always laugh at the end by summing up the lessons from their failures! Think about Liu Bang in the Han Dynasty! Li Shimin in Tang Dynasty! Chao Zhu Yuanzhang! Ha ha! Do you want me to say anything more? "
"Ha ha! Sister, I am fine! "
"That’s good!" Just as the two men were talking, they hit each other again. When they looked up, someone got up. "Father!"
"yeah!" Bearer is longed for him to come over and say, "I know all about you! Don’t worry about this time, although we lost the wild goose gate! But it’s not fatal! You also need to blame yourself! This time, I didn’t expect that the two sworn enemies, Yi and the Guards, should join hands to deal with our business alliance! It seems that they have been planning for a long time this time! These two guys are not saving oil lamps! But since it’s lost, leave it alone! It is more important for us to do it! "
"More important? What? " Mu Kou said, "After so many years of understanding, we accidentally discovered a secret, that is, most martial arts in the game can be found in reality! So I asked people to pay attention in the game. Sure enough, I spent a lot of money to get a clue from them after the update! "
"What clues! ? Is it in our desire for home? "
"yes! The speaker accidentally revealed that one of the vice students said that we admired the family! "
MuYu lotus asked "which one! ?”
Mu smiled mysteriously and said, "Tianlong Department!"
"Dragon department? Father, if you want to enter the vice, you must first find the entrance to the secret realm! Did you find it? "
"Ha ha ha ha!" Mu burst into laughter. "Money makes the mare go! The most important thing for our business alliance is money! Yes, after I paid a huge reward, someone finally couldn’t hide! Mu Shijia’s last base, Shenhezhuang Site, has been found! If I didn’t guess wrong, that’s entrance one of the world’s sub-secret realms of Tianlong Department! This time we’ll get ahead of everyone!
Hum! How about clothes and wild goose gate! What can I do if I get the whole of Shanxi? ! If we can get into the Tianlong Department first, it will be an uncultivated virgin land, and a large number of martial arts secrets are magic weapons, which are really gangs. Haha! It’s exciting to think about it!
Xiaoqi, as soon as you die, you will go online immediately, and then the horse will go to Jiangnan Shenhe Village and enter Tianlong Department, okay? I’ll give you the exact location later! "
Then Mu Yuhe interjected, "Father, I want to go with Xiaoqi!" Desire for one leng before she is a woman but can’t avoid these things? What happened this time? I heard Mu Yuhe say, "What’s the matter, father?" Mu busy way "cocoa have you to I am more relieved! Haha! "
Say that finish and leave! Mu Yuhe looked at Mu’s departure and thought in his heart that it was time to make a change. Don’t say that Mu Yuhe is in such a mood here!
They are crazy in the wild goose gate of fate, summing up after the war and arranging some matters in the later period! A group of people sat in the lobby of the business alliance and said crazily, "So far we have controlled the whole Wild Goose Gate, and I declare that our first goal has been successfully completed."
People shouted wildly and stretched out their hands to calm everyone down. "Brothers, do we say that clothes have weathered the storm and now we are finally going to make a name for ourselves again, but it’s not because the time is not yet ripe! So everyone has to bear it for a while! I hope everyone can understand! "