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"Is it Feng Zhang’s idea again?" Xelloss struggled to squeeze out a few words from his throat.

"Not bad!"
Cao Cao was pleased to pat Feng Zhang on the shoulder, and the pony caught Feng Zhang’s arm.
"It’s better to raise a child than half a son-in-law!"
"When it comes to this, if your father wants to kill you, you can do whatever you want!" Cao Pi-xin is dead, and you will know that no matter how many people in the city are cool in the west, they will not be rivals of 100 thousand troops.
"What about you? Is it death or surrender? "
Cao Cao cast his cold eyes on Ma Chao. He also had many hopes for him, but he didn’t expect …
"D die! Don’t ask the general to fight before you die! "
Everyone has turned their attention to Zhang Fengshen. Will he promise?
A defeated general doesn’t need to pay attention to him …
Feng Zhang still smiled as if others were not challenging him. His eyes were calm and he could not see any joy after victory or blood boiling before the war.
"I satisfy you!"
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Section three hundred and thirty-nine
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It’s incredible that the doll army has not gone through the war. There are still about 10 thousand people in the rebels. Why don’t they fight without moving a knife and a gun?
Although they don’t want to continue to fight them, many people just live in the city, and the result of fighting is bound to be their relatives and friends. They don’t want to destroy their homes.
However, since Cao Cao and Xia Houyi appeared one after another, Cao Pi and Ma Chaobai have no hope. It is just futile to call again, and there is no escape.
Not to mention that Xu Changcheng is now sure that four doors are occupied by Cao Cao’s office. Even if we can fight our way out, where can we go?
Xelloss is not to mention the crime of killing his father and his brother. Heaven will spit on him. Although this kind of thing is common in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, since Dong Zhongshu’s curse has plagued China people for thousands of years, even if everyone thinks it is another set of mouths, it is bound to hang "Heaven and Earth"; And Ma Chao is not much better-don’t forget that he has an old court official. Isn’t this the same as hurting him in disguise?
Therefore, Xelloss and Ma Chao knew that they would no longer beat their hearts to death.
At this moment, Jia Xu emerged from nowhere, unhurriedly prostrating himself in front of Cao Cao’s horse like a ghost lurking in the shadows, "seeing Wang Wei and seeing the general."
Cao Cao was still angry when he saw Jia Xu betrayed by his own son. He was so angry that he didn’t have a place to chill. "Wen and you are poisonous … and you don’t know anything about such a big event?"
Rao is Jia Xu at ordinary times as calm as Mount Tai. Hearing Cao Cao’s chilling words, bending his back is also a quiver. Feng Zhang saw a novel in Cao Cao’s ear. "My father-in-law didn’t blame Wen He too much. He didn’t expect that there would be a father-in-law tragedy. Besides, if he hadn’t sent someone to inform me, I wouldn’t have deliberately let the college team attack the south gate with great fanfare, so that the army could enter the city."
Cao Cao thought for a moment that he didn’t expect Xelloss to dare to treat himself and Cao Ang as Jia Xu.
"Forget it, Wen and this matter will not be investigated. You go first and see how it is in the palace."
"I just came to report this matter. A small group of rebels tried to control the emperor together with Gong Ying, and was captured by General Boren in one fell swoop, waiting for Wang Wei to show mercy."
Cao Cao listened to want to all don’t want a black face flushed bright red with excitement big drink a way "what are you waiting for! Dare to attack the palace is a heinous crime and destroy its nine families! Who is the first person? "
Jia Xu paused "but Wu quality".
"Hum huan bold jump must be such a person stirred up! Wu Zhima is put into the prison! See who dares to grow this wind! "
Ling chi?
Feng Zhang felt a cold layer of goose bumps all over his body. How could it be so cold?
Jia Xu dare not go against the horse and get up and do it.
Cao Cao seemed to be much calmer after losing his temper. He looked at the distance and waited quietly for Ma Chao. He was worried and asked, "If you know Ma Chao is brave, you will have to fight him in case something goes wrong."
I patted Feng Zhang’s arm again, and the chill in his eyes turned into a trace of true feelings, expressing concern that "I have lost an asshole and don’t want to lose a good son-in-law!"
Cao Cao, the enemy, is as harsh as three or nine days of heavy snow, and he can’t feel his family and relatives Zhang Fengru. He has heartfelt love.
Even though xelloss did such a terrible thing, when he heard about Wu Zhi, Cao Cao put all the blame on him instead of xelloss.
He is also a father and an ordinary person. He is deeply attached to protecting calves and is reluctant to part with family ties.
"Father-in-law, don’t worry, general can’t fight a northwest barbarian?" Feng Zhang stretched out his hand and tossed the ponytail that was blown to the front. The faint red mark woke Cao Cao. This is a true man with feelings and righteousness. "If I am not sure, how can I let you live alone for half a life?"
"Be careful" Cao Caobai Zhang Fengxin also not much to say "will be a bunch of rebel department at your disposal! People leave at the same speed! "
From all walks of life, the army poured into the summer without bloodshed, and all the rebels were disarmed and tied up into a queue. Although we also wanted to see whether the excitement was worse by the general or worse by the northwest star, Nai Cao Cao also strictly withdrew. In addition to maintaining order, Cao Cao, Hao Zhao and Cao Ang were left.
The west street is deserted and quiet. You can hear two horses coming and going with their noses and hooves, scratching their roots and scratching the stone floor. You can tell by the anxious mood and the hot air from their huge nostrils.
However, the two parties were very calm, and even the little finger did not move on horseback-it seemed like a stone sculpture, but everyone present could feel that the invisible coercion released by the two people was hanging over everyone’s mind.
Cao Zhang brought his small square painting halberd with him, and he would have shouted it if Cao Cao hadn’t been there.
Cao Ang seems calmer, but his chest fluctuates violently from time to time, which shows that he is also very nervous.
"Ma Mengqi, I respect you is also a hero at that time, but I can’t think of what you are doing today! Armed with weapons, I will end your last wish! Make a move! "
"General! I also admire your ability to fight against me and make your swordsmanship the best in the world, but you want to ask the general about Ma Kung Fu! "
"Wen is the first martial art and the second martial art, but I didn’t expect that today’s World War I was the last battle. It can be said that Ma asked himself to beat all the enemies in Xiliang, but he was unwilling to stay in history. There was a general in Ma’s early days!"
"hey!" Feng Zhang but sneer at a way "I said you are a han is a vision fool! Who doesn’t know what people are doing and watching? How can you become an educated youth? Zhang has killed the enemy all his life, but heaven and man don’t know me? Also? Because I do things that heaven and man admire! But a little treachery, ingratitude, Zhang did not dare? I am afraid that people will scold my ancestors in Feng Zhang! "
"People fame and fortune but you love money also must take Youdao! Those who make a mess do it 1000 times and 10000 times. Who will cheer you up after a hundred years? Ma Mengqi will shake head a way; Hey, it’s just a little man. Is that a name that goes down in history? It’ s just adding pollution! "
"Good craftsman Zheng Hun builds armor weapons. How many soldiers have I saved? Everyone knows!"
"The good general Gan Ning trained the navy for more than five years, and helped Liaodong Jiangnan to beat Sunjiahuze. Everyone knows it!"
"There are mentors Tian Feng and Ju Shou, and how many talents I have added to my big fellow is well known!"
"Even pawns and peddlers who contribute to the prosperity of our great man with their own hands can deny that they are there!"
"If you compare the sky with a huge house, as I said just now, everyone is contributing to your own efforts, and you are waiting for you." Feng Zhang’s voice turned high. "Not only do you not contribute, but you have to dig holes and dig bricks to destroy the whole huge house. Will heaven and man give you a high five? Still don’t know it? "
Ma Chao listened for a long time before he let go of the pike and said, "It’s a pity that it’s too late to listen to the general’s words. If there is an afterlife, Ma Mou would like to follow the general to hold the horse saddle."
D will pike super again "come on! Look at the general’s martial arts? "
Section three hundred and fortieth
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After the fire, the prime minister’s house had a front yard where people could live, but now you can still smell a faint smell of wood burning.
The outside has been guarded by layers of soldiers. Flies passing by have to check the IPICIQ card. The inside is guarded by carpenters, masons and soldiers cleaning up the burned ruins.
The front yard cabin is not as exquisite as the backyard, but it is still habitable.