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"What do you give or not? ! !” Nine heavy voice just fell phoenix dance suddenly attacked nine heavy arms lock nine heavy neck b: and forced way

Chapter three hundred and twelve Dragon Soul Cemetery
? "Uh-huh … Damn it, you’re doing this again?" Nine heavy struggle way "can you change something new? !”
"Hum pattern is not in the old and new pipes ~!" Feng Dance proudly said, "Cut the crap and hand over the Sun suit to the young lady quickly, or you will not have a good fruit!"
"Hey … who says it’s not ready-made without my good fruit?" Nine heavy a face of bad smiled a sentence and then back dishonest dawdle, squeeze up the phoenix dance I not iōng a face of intoxication "oh, it’s really luxurious and comfortable ~! !”
"You … you are a big Wolf! !” Phoenix dance I not iōng department was attacked and immediately flushed with Fei Xia, but still didn’t put nine heavy "hum … girl will argue with you today. Hurry up and give the sun suit to miss! !”
The phoenix dance endured the nine-fold flirting while strengthening its arms and fighting tit for tat.
Once a woman looks for the perseverance shown by something, it is absolutely terrible. The death of the phoenix dance has not been cursed for a long time and finally she is defeated. "I am afraid of you! Give it to you, give it to you! "
Jiuzhong fished out the Sun suit from his backpack and was also equipped with the Nine-Yang Method Ring. He also unloaded the skills of "Nine-Yang Elimination Method" and gave it to Feng Dance.
Get the sun suit, and the phoenix dance finally let go of Jiuzhong’s face of joy and fondle admiringly leafing through the various parts of the sun suit. "Oh, how can this still be restricted and can’t be displayed?" !”
"Of course, I didn’t see an arrow in my face!" Nine-fold pointed to hā in the Sun suit, nine arrows for the whole day. "Wait a minute and go back to Dongdong to get these nine arrows for the whole day and then repair the remaining one. It should be displayed! Yueer …! " Nine heavy twist a head to Shen Yuedao "then you also follow her to go to the nine arrows but good things to get just for you! When I have a chance in the future, I will encourage the bow that matches it to cooperate with the arrow, which will be fierce! "
"Sister Yue, let’s go now and find Dongdong ~!" The phoenix dance can’t wait to pull Shen Yuedao 3 ∴ 35686688
"But this country is at war …!"
"Don’t worry!" Feng Dance glanced at Jiuchong’s way. "With this big pervert, even the horrible enemy of Jiuyang Ares can defeat him. What enemy can beat him hard?" !”
Nine heavy smell speech waved a hand and said, "Come on, come on, Yueer, just go with her. This girl has long grass in her heart. If she doesn’t go, she will add luàn to me later!"
"All right!" Shen Yue nodded yes.
Immediately, Shen Yue and Feng Dance returned to the tenth floor of hell, went to the misty city to find Dongdong Luan ‘er and Xiangxiang Princess, and several girls followed them back.
The daughters left Jiuchong and waved to a group of players. "Now that you’re here, don’t poke at that pole!" Hurry up and start working together to smash all the dragon bones of this road into the tenth floor of hell! "
"yes! !” One made millions of hell-mad players take action immediately.
A mountain of dragon bones spanning thousands of meters is definitely a big project for Jiuzhong, but it is simply not worth a piece of cake for millions of people.
In less than five minutes, the keel of the dragon bone avenue was searched clean, and even half of the dragon bone declined.
Sweep the dragon bone avenue with a wave of his arm "the last one in the national war!" !”
When Jiuzhong led millions of departments to cross the bare keel avenue and enter the gate that stood at the end of the face.
Through the gate, everyone entered a sea of clouds at a glance.
As soon as I came in, everyone was dancing all over the sky, and the golden light was almost blinded. Seeing in the vast sea of clouds, like the Ganges sand, countless dragon souls circled through the sky.
The scene can no longer be spectacular, but should be vast and endless.
"Wow …! !” See before exhausted Jin Se dragon soul hell crazy flower players can’t help but opened his mouth and was shocked by the scene before him and gave out pieces of wonder.
Jiuzhong was also slightly taken aback. I didn’t expect to see so many dragon souls recalling the national war scrolls in the third map. At first, he was puzzled, but when he saw the scene in front of him, he instantly understood that the first half of the sentence "Totem Quantity Huaxia Yongchang" really meant totem quantity!
The second half of the sentence "Huaxia Yongchang" is combined with the first half of the sentence. The meaning is so heavy that Brightheart can’t help but be in full bloom at the moment … Are these dragon souls acceptable? !
I was thinking that suddenly the dragon soul was galloping in the sea, and the dragon soul found all the people. Suddenly, the dragon soul was rushing and gathering, and in the sea of clouds, it gathered into a giant dragon soul that stretched for thousands of miles, and it came to the front of everyone and looked down at everyone.
This Jin’s dragon soul is really exaggerated. Compared with it, the second Jiuyang God of War can’t see it. It’s not as big as this Jin’s dragon soul in Long Lin.
Looking at this statue in front of me, it has reached an exaggerated level. The players’ hearts are shocked to the point where they have no other ideas to worship!
"You and others? Dare to break into the sacred land of Long Mai in China-Dragon Soul Cemetery? !” Just as everyone was shocked and inexplicable, a powerful and majestic voice came out of the mouth of the dragon soul.
"We are here under the guidance of God to accept the adventurers who inherit the border blockade!" In the face of great power, such as prison, Jin Se, the dragon soul, nine times poses and is supercilious and replies
"oh? Where is the token? !”
Jiuzhong once participated in the border of Japan and walked through the border base flow process again. Naturally, he knew that the token mentioned by Jin’s dragon soul was that the border scroll was immediately taken out of the backpack and displayed to Jin’s dragon soul.
Jin’s dragon soul pays attention to the hands of nine heavy objects, but when the border scroll has two dragon-shaped golden lights from its eyes, it throws them into the border scroll. Suddenly, the border scroll seems to be alive by J: and it blooms with thousands of golden lights. Finally, it turns a Jin’s dragon soul into the eyebrows of Jin’s dragon soul.
"My grandson, you finally came here!" Jin è’ s dragon soul suddenly turned to peace, and everyone felt relaxed, as comfortable as the wind. "I have been waiting for you for a long time!"
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Dragon in the sky
? Eyes on the spot, everyone swept Jin Se dragon soul nodded and continued, "I didn’t expect you to have so many people here! You are all Chinese Sun Long people but …! "
Jin se dragon soul (a diversion "group of dragons first get one! My totem cache can be given to the one of you who has been recognized by me! Everyone here has a chance to challenge me. Cut the crap! Who comes first? !”
"no!" They smell speech gave a hand in succession and then pointed to the nine heavy way "this is our boss, he is our group leader, not only among us, but also the strongest in Huaxia District! No one is more qualified to accept your promise than him! !”
"Oh?" Jin se dragon soul smell speech slightly one leng to look at it again nine heavy way "is that right? !”
Nine heavy also you’re welcome "just say what standard can get your approval? !”
"Simple!" Jin è Dragon Soul suddenly spat out an N Dragon Soul No.2 smaller than it. "If you can beat him, you can get my approval and accept my commitment!"
Nine eyes staring at the front Jin Se Dragon Soul No.2 rushed behind and raised my hand to the crowd behind him. "Back five hundred meters! !”
"yes! !” Although they don’t know that Bai Jiuzhong will have this order, they don’t know that they will just do it.
Immediately, a group of hell-mad fighters withdrew from the field 500 meters away and watched the situation in the distance.
Dragon Soul II looked down at Jiuzhong solemnly and said, "Then!"
"Magic skill-a crushing blow! !” Dragon Soul II’s voice just fell nine times and suddenly challenged to enter a state of "rapid speed", which instantly raised the speed to an extreme state and turned a bit of time into a response. Dragon Soul II has been b: and faced up to it and exploded to drink "drink! ! !”
"Boom! ! !” A deafening noise was like the explosion of an original bomb, a destructive force with a destructive level. The nine-fold center was put into a spherical shape and exploded outward, instantly flooding the surrounding area with a radius of 360 degrees and a radius of 500 meters.
A crushing blow, Yu, burns all the stones!
In this range, Dragon Soul No.2, Jin Se Dragon Soul Part and finally the skill releaser Jiuchong can’t be lucky if they are in this range.
"Hum … hum …!" The huge ball of destruction lasted for ten seconds before it vanished.
After the line of sight in the field is clear, the people in hell will look at the Dragon Soul No.2 in the field, which has already been completely destroyed, and there is no slag left. However, because of its huge volume, the Dragon Soul is too big to blow, and the range is 500 meters. It is impossible to completely destroy it and dig a piece in its position.
"Wow …!" Everyone looked at the heart and couldn’t help secretly staggering. No wonder the boss just asked them to quit 500 meters away. If it hadn’t run around, it would have been a field of ashes with Dragon Soul II. "Boss, where is this new skill?" Isn’t that fierce? This? !”
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
"Of course the explosive moves are fierce!" Double lyu3 bu4 looked at the thoughtful way
"Explosive? !” Other players are stunned.
"Didn’t you find that even the president was put out by himself? !” Double lyu3 bu4 pointed to just burst a blow 500 meters range a way.
"Er … yeah where’s the boss? !” Players didn’t react until this. Not only did Dragon Soul II disappear, but also Jiuzhong disappeared.
At this moment, the previous nine-fold virtual place suddenly exploded with a purple-black fire burning and expanding rapidly, and finally turned into a purple-black fire phoenix.
In the phoenix flame, the nine-fold figure gradually appeared and finally appeared in everyone’s sight.
"Excuse me, am I up to standard? !” Nine heavy hands stand towering looking up at the dragon soul of Jin E.
Ba was dug up by Jiuchong’s "crushing blow" and the place was automatically restored to its original state. The dragon soul nodded and his eyes were full of satisfaction. "Very good, very good! It’s true that there are talented people from Jiangshan generation to generation, and I’m relieved to give you China! !”
Jin Se Dragon Soul God became solemn and earnest. "My grandson, accept my commitment! !”