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Xiaoqi thought for a moment and replied, "I should be able to go back before dinner. I’ll cook you what I want to eat later."

Enron was happier. I reported a lot of dishes before I let Xiaoqi hang up. Xiaoqi still looked satisfied and turned around, only to see Lan Chen staring at Xiaoqi at the door with a blue face at this time.
Xiao qi put away his mobile phone and looked back at Lan Chen.
Seeing Xiao Qi’s alert but strange eyes, Lan Chen was very unhappy, and his face froze again.
"Who is Enron?"
The cold tone is not asking, but like an order. In general, Lan Chen would never explore other people’s privacy, especially Xiao Qi, but Xiao Qi’s just calling other people’s names made him feel chest tightness.
Xiaoqi knew that his conversation with Enron should be heard by Lan Chen, and he didn’t want to hide it. He smiled and asked, "Who is he and what is your business?"
Anyway, dogs can’t spit ivory, or they will distort the facts and say that they are just another man after Xinyang Qin Zhengyi.
Xiao Qi’s tone is full of gunpowder, disdaining Lan Chen’s feeling that his chest is as uncomfortable as suffocation. "Enron? Is the art that Enron? "
Xiaoqi is noncommittal that he is gay and accepts men. Lan Chen sneers at who Enron is and it is his own business. There is no need to report to him.
Lan Chen felt something was wrong, and his chest was so stuffy that he forgot that he had come here. His eyes and chest fluctuated faster and faster, and he didn’t know how to calm this damn inexplicable anger.
"Did you get me here?"
Xiaoqi asks you’re welcome. She still pretends to be human. It’s not the same when it’s completely different, and it’s all torn up. There’s no need to pretend again.
Lan Chen glanced at Xiao Qi with a little meaning and then took a long breath before saying "yes"
"Listen to Wang Guanjia said that you called Wang Lao to make house calls and I will return the medicine to you." Say that finish, Xiaoqi will leave.
Anyway, if you can see him for a minute before Lanchen, you will see him for a minute. Besides, he doesn’t like this person now. Although he is still strong, he can still leave.
Just stepped out of a few steps, his arm was suddenly pulled back to Lanchen, and Xiaoqi was extremely powerful and undefended, which caused Xiaoqi to bump into Lanchen’s arms.
"… well," it hurts. Xiaoqi was caught off guard but couldn’t blame anything. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Lanchen angrily.
A pair of dry but unusually warm hands cover Xiaoqi’s eyes and fingertips and gently stroke the corners of the eyes scraped by buttons. "Does it hurt?"
Chapter 60 Who said you could go?
Xiaoqi is really not white. What medicine does Lanchen sell in this gourd? Raise my hand and block Lanchen from staying in his eyes.
Xiaoqi stepped back two steps like avoiding snakes and scorpions. Although she meant it, she still couldn’t hide her expression and suppress her disgust.
Take back your hand in a passive way. Lan Chen has an indescribable loss, depressed and a little hurt.
"Is there anything else?" Xiaoqi is impatient.
A big hand suddenly stretched out in front of Xiaoqi, and the five fingers were slender, and even the nails were well maintained, clean and powerful.
Xiao qi yi leng "why? I told you that I would pay back those. "Is this person too stingy to be afraid that I will run away?"
Lanchen shook his head with a little anger in his eyes.
Xiaoqi frowned. "I can’t read palms." Xiaoqi can understand this.
"Cough, cough …" Blue morning choked.
Xiaoqi is so cute!
Scared by his own thoughts, Lan Chen was stunned and coughed. "Give me a birthday present!" "
Xiaoqi suddenly opened his eyes. Yesterday was Christmas. He was bent on helping Chen Hua put money into Qitaili. He didn’t even remember that yesterday was someone’s birthday, but what the hell is his birthday?
"no!" Xiaoqi answered honestly.
The hand froze and then withdrew. "Don’t you help me prepare every year?" There is a little bullying injustice in Lan Chen’s words.
Xiaoqi’s heart was pumping. In which year did he care about giving gifts himself?
He either threw it in the dustbin or threw it in the sundries, and he gave gifts by himself, such as wearing scarves, handmade pottery and other worthless things. In the past two years, Xiaoqi spent tens of thousands of dollars on painting and bought a pair of jewel cufflinks, but Lan Chen said that it was tacky, and then he didn’t even look at it and even threw it, so he was born again. Don’t forget it. Even if he remembered it, he wouldn’t ask for this thankless thing. Besides, they are all gone, right?
The two of them are so stiff in the same place. Blue Morning’s eyes don’t know whether it’s anger or resentment. It’s a whole awkward appearance. Xiaoqi chuckles in his heart. At ordinary times, Blue Morning is as arrogant as a peacock. Whether it’s in the sea or now, the wrist of the Beijing shopping mall is strong and sophisticated. If you are seen by others, you must not scare it off.
However, Xiao Qi is even more puzzled. What’s the point of this blue morning?
Did he lose his memory or selectively forget it? Then we can pretend that nothing happened, and he will be his master and I will be mine?
"Well …" Xiaoqi broke the silence. "I’ll go first if it’s nothing …" People who owe money have to keep a low profile.
"Who said you could go?" Lan Chen’s anger can’t be dispelled. It’s obvious that he didn’t receive a gift and took it out.