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Su Yan looked around and saw that the players around him were all eager to try. Many people had already taken out some acceleration scrolls and pills.

It seems that these people are well prepared. It is estimated that there is a big guild behind them.
"This little girl is a psychic. It’s very rare for me to see it. I’ll take her to fly later." The beautiful Taoist doted on the little girl and said to the old road.
"Well, but" the road slightly looked at the little girl and nodded yes.
Sophie Su couldn’t help talking. It seems that this girl has taken another big step from that ten thousand-year-old snow ginseng.
"No, I want to go with my big brother and them. I don’t want special care." Unexpectedly, the little girl blinked her eyes to earn the aunt’s hand and ran to Sophie Su’s side
"Good ambition, then I will wait for you at the top of the mountain." That aunt is even more happy to smile.
Even the old man shook his long bridled eyebrows and gave a piece of praise.
Have Sophie Su heart is very surprised and I don’t know what tricks this little girl wants to play.
"Let’s go" Zhou Tong beside wake up.
Sophie Su discovered that other players had already made the acceleration props climb up the mountain after receiving it.
But perhaps those Taoist priests are used to flying around, but there is not even a mountain road to build this dragon and tiger mountain. The mountain turns out to be towering old trees like a jungle, and even with all kinds of props, the speed of the mountain is still not very fast.
Sophie Su doesn’t care much about this. He has spent the last few days in this kind of mountain forest. He is already familiar with this environment and has the property of accelerating walking boots. His speed far exceeds that of the average person.
However, the little girl who had just climbed a short distance quietly pulled Sophie Su’s skirt mysteriously and said, "Let’s not go first, it’s best to fall behind."
"Fall behind?" Sophie Su some doubts at the little girl.
"Well, this Dragon and Tiger Mountain heard that there are many rare birds and animals, as well as the King of Clouds and Tigers, and we just went to catch some to play." The little girl said with two big eyes blinking and quite excited.
Looking at the little girl Sophie Su, who still looks pure in face, can’t help saying that this greedy and fun little girl is really the princess of Qingqiu country!
According to the speed and degree of her trouble, it may be the most difficult thing to accomplish among herself to escort the demon princess back to Qingqiu.
But when it comes to the rare birds and animals that can serve as flying mounts, Yunhu Sophie Su also has a lot of ideas in his heart. When the Fuhumen Taoist priest appeared in Lianzhou, everyone rode a huge Yunhu, which was flying at will in the middle, but it envied Sophie Su.
"This ….. that Yunhu is afraid of being difficult to grasp." Sophie Su asked with some trepidation. Remember that even the three cities in the city that Yunhu is a multi-level boss and he doesn’t have the hunter’s skill to tame wild animals.
"Don’t worry, I have an idea …" The little girl patted her little chest, which was still very flat and heroic, and asked Sophie Su for a package.
"Well, I’ll follow the princess!" Sophie Su hesitated for a while and made a decision quickly. Anyway, he doesn’t need to enter Fuhumen to get any job transfer places. At present, he has a lot of occupations that are enough for him to practice for a generation.
"Great, I just need a bait in my plan. I’ll leave this glory and greatness to you."
"Bait …" Sophie Su couldn’t help but stay. Is this the little girl who pulled herself here?
Sophie Su soon as the little girl fell behind everyone, at the same time, it seems that she has deviated from the original mountain direction, but she feels that she is circling around Longhu Mountain.
"Where are we going?" After trudging in the jungle for more than an hour, Sophie Su finally asked.
"The clouds and tigers in the mountains behind Fuhumen are all in the mountain stream over there." The little girl replied casually, but it seems that she is very familiar with it.
"How do you know so clearly?" Sophie Su not from some surprise asked.
"I was here yesterday, of course I am familiar with it, but those clouds and tigers are too clever. I can’t catch them alone without bait."
Sophie Su couldn’t help saying that it was no wonder that when she met her in that small village, she was covered in dirt. It turned out that she had already been here once in this mountain forest, and it was estimated that she had planned to ask the Taoist to take herself.
"It’s … it’s not dangerous to be bait, is it?" Sophie Su asked some worry.
"Don’t worry, it’s only a serious injury at most. You won’t die even if you die. I have a resurrection pill that can save you." The little girl said casually.
"Resurrection Dan! Do you still have the resurrection pill? !” Sophie Su is not a surprised zheng big eyes looked at the little girl.
"Yes, I found it when I was in Lianzhou." The little girl nodded very frankly.
"Pick it up …" Sophie Su’s mouth was not convulsed. This sounds similar to that of the dragon warrior’s sentence "Pick it up and run as fast as possible".
If the shadow king heard this, he would feel something to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and nine Cloud Tiger King
"Little princess, it’s nothing if you want the resurrection Dan …" Sophie Su asked tentatively.
"It’s really nothing, but it’s the most advanced Dan medicine. Keep it and see if it can be used to fill your stomach when you have nothing to eat." The little girl looked like she didn’t care
Sophie Su couldn’t help saying that he had to find a chance to get the resurrection pill from this greedy little girl, otherwise he wouldn’t have been wanted for so long in vain. Even if he didn’t eat it, it would be priceless.
As the Shadow King entrusted him to look for Liu Rushi, he mostly wanted to inquire about the news of Huanshendan from her.
However, this little girl seems to be pure and practical, but she is very refined. It is estimated that it will take a lot of time and consume a lot of brain cells to deceive the Huanshen Dan from her.
A little girl with a familiar environment led the way in front, and Sophie Su soon followed her to the back hill, where the mountains are steep and many places are still cliffs.
Of course, there are a lot of good things in these steep and dangerous places. It’s a pity that there is a miner in Sophie Su who is good at identifying minerals, but he is a little dumbfounded when facing the plants all over the mountains.