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Ink scene sealing evil smile approached oblique mound to several people cruel smile slowly melt away from the corner of my eye.

His feet evoked the cold of the people lying down and asked, "Tian Ze said who sent you to tie up the small research."
On that day, Tian Ze led people to intercept Xiao Yan Ze, the elder brother of the complex. On the day of the incident, he was arrested by Mo Jing Feng.
"Bah!" Tian Ze sniffed with pride.
"It’s also a backbone to keep fit and be fat." Mojing looked at him with a round belly and snorted. "But today I want to hear something different."
"That’s really sorry. It’s estimated that Mo Shao will be disappointed." Brother Ze is also a man of backbone, and he is still unwilling to reveal the employer’s moral awe.
"Ha, ha, ha." Mojingfeng slowly loosened his feet and put away the corners of his mouth. He smiled and recovered his usual evil spirit. Brother Ze was raised and knocked back to the ground. Mojingfeng looked at him for a moment. "Then I want to see how loyal your hand is to you?"
"Hum … ahem" Brother Ze fell to the ground and laughed, but he was injured and hurt. "Although we lost to the ink, we are all sentient beings and righteous people."
Mo Jing raised eyebrows and gave his hand a wink with a hint of contempt and said, "I said that if I want to hear something different, I will definitely be young."
Mohist several people went over and dragged Tian Ze’s fat body through a series of tortures. He was unusually spineless and said nothing.
Because this is the basement, almost no sunlight can be irradiated all the year round, and it can be seen from the only air outlet whether it is day or night at this time. The weak sunlight reflects a small aperture in the dark room, which just falls on the side of the ink scene seal.
He looked up along the light, and the sun was half set on the horizontal line, and the clouds were dyed into a golden red beautiful sunset.
It turns out that it’s been half a day. This name is Tian Ze, but he has a backbone and a good skill. If it was before, he would definitely take him into his own hands. Unfortunately, now Mojing Feng wants to know about the winding, and his patience is exhausted.
"How do you want to drink water?" Mojing Feng sat in a chair with his legs up and a leisurely face as if he were watching a musical.
Ze elder brother now don’t like wave strength to talk to him.
O "qi pour him a glass of water" ink scene sealing a wave of his hand to serve beside ink qi is brought a glass of water.
O qi walked past strong hand a pull Tian Ze will cup to his mouth "young master reward you grateful to drink"
Warm water touched the lip crack, Tian Ze felt a pain and then spit it out and coughed vigorously. "Ahem … little ink … it’s really young."
"Speaking of this, physiological saline is a good thing to treat." Mojing seal half supported the evil spirit with a smile.
"That’s … thank you for your kindness." Tian Ze forced himself to say hoarsely.
"You’re welcome." Mo Jing smiled and met O Qi in the middle. O Qi immediately went to feed Tian Ze with salt water.
"… ah … um …" A glass of salt water to Tianze can make a faint groan. After three days of torture, his original round body is thin.
Mojing put his hand on his eyebrow and looked at Tian Ze. He drank a glass of salt water and his fat body began to twitch slightly. He still kept his face straight and continued to reach the order. "O Qi, give Brother Ze a good wash. Don’t say that my Mohist school is not good enough to let the guests go out so filthy."
"Yes, master," said O Qi, turning to the ink scene seal respectfully, and then told people around him to carry a bucket of salt water, which is not just the solubility of normal saline.
Ah Qi picked up the spoon in the bucket and prepared to pour it at Tian Ze, but deliberately paused for a few minutes in the middle, and said coldly to a group of people behind Tian Ze, "Don’t worry, everyone will turn."
"ah! ! !”
The tearing wound met with salt water, which probably aggravated the pain. The body came to burn, and the heat invaded the bottom of my heart. Tian Ze moved his lips and was taken care of by salt water. He felt the pain like a needle and coughed lightly.
"It seems that Brother Ze thinks that Ah Qi isn’t clean enough?" Three days of searching has exhausted Mojingfeng’s patience. He stands on the edge of the explosion. He slightly shakes his chestnut hair and smiles "Continue".
A man behind Tian Ze heard the smell and immediately shouted, "Don’t torture Brother Ze any more. I said I said."
"It’s really heavy feelings and heavy righteousness." Mojing Feng slowly walked over and smiled. "It’s good to say no from the beginning, so how much your brother Ze suffered."
"Ahem, Ahem …" Tian Ze wanted to speak but couldn’t help coughing up. He saw the fat but weak body trembling and turned to curse, "Shut up. What do you know?"
"Brother Ze, I saw it when you met with each other that day." Arrow’s eyes were open, and Tian Ze’s angry face was reflected in his eyes. He forced out a nai smile. "Brother Ze, I can’t see you like this …"
Tian Zewen rushed to get up, but O Qi held it down for a few seconds. Mojing Seal has reached Arrow. He bent down to eyebrow eye with a little smile. "Arrow, right? Say it. I’ll let you go. Chaper51 It was her.
"Do you keep your word?" Arrow looked up at Mojingfeng and wanted to see the truth from those deep amber eyes.
"It’s your mother … it’s like a cloud." Arrow’s words were just exported and he immediately changed his mouth.
"It was her," Mo Jing said with a smile without any emotion, but it was so strange that people were chilling. "If the cloud leans, if you dare to move, you must be well aware."
"Will Master Feng bring her here now?" On the side of the ink qi respectfully asked
"Don’t worry, such a thing can’t shake her and take it at a stroke." Mojing Seal stretched out his hand to stop the eyebrow eye from bending and smiling in amber.
Looking up at the sky outside the house, you can already see a faint crescent moon, and the golden red glow is gradually dissipating.
You’ve been running away for three days, kitten. You should hide well and don’t let me catch you.
Ink scene sealing goes to the outside.
"Master, what do they do?" Ink prayer inquiry sound from later
Ink scene seal stopped, but didn’t look back and didn’t speak. It seems to be considering.