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Li Xuyin, an interest alliance with Shenyang, monitored Ye Zhang’s actions, and they would secretly do other things. At this moment, the last entanglement in Ye Zhang’s heart disappeared.

Although he still can’t put himself in the shoes to figure out the original idea of residual blood, at this time Ye Zhang turned to look at the residual blood mouth way
"Brother Blood, I want to recruit some bodyguards. Do you consider one?"
Residual Blood and Teddy Boy both looked back and saw a sharp edge in their eyes. Maybe at this moment, they were not talking about such problems, but in the end, Residual Blood’s face showed a refusal attitude.
"Sorry, Ye Zhang, we’re done."
Residual Blood turned down Ye Zhang without much disappointment. He couldn’t let everyone revolve around him. At this moment, Teddy boy threw the car keys to Residual Blood and smiled at Ye Zhang.
"Ye Zhang, let’s go first. Naturally, someone will come to take you home later."
Ye Zhang stared at the bloody sports car leaving when he and Xu Yin looked at each other. It seems that this is not the finale. How can a group of people say goodbye to a group of people?
However, when he didn’t return to absolute being, he saw the third car parked in front of them, and at this time, the figure behind the window made Ye Zhang and Xu Yin stunned.
"Why don’t you drive?"
The little beauty’s tone is not good. She is also pampered by thousands of people, but I didn’t expect that now she has become a little girl being bossed around and an extra-large light bulb.
Ye Zhang and Xu Yin looked at each other and smiled at the little beauty in front of them. When the picture was fixed at this moment, Ye Zhang said that he never dared to speak.
"Wives, let’s go home!"
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[Online games are easy to master]
[Name] Twist is not a Muggle [Category] Virtual Online Game [Last Updated] 214121 21:46:14
Occupation Division [Chapter Words 54 Last Updated 2147 11:57:12]
The division of occupations, career change, weapons and expertise, gives a brief example. When you look at it, you can refer to it. The monk is a male player’s exclusive role, and Yi Ji is a female player’s exclusive role.
Warrior (knight pike is good at riding)
Warrior (shield, one-handed sword and two-handed shield are good at defense)
Warriors {Fierce fighting with two-handed swords and two-handed swords are good at breaking out}
Archers (elemental archers are good at magic arrows)
Archers (magic-breaking archers are good at sniper and magic-breaking)
Archers (machine crossbowmen are good at rapid attack with one hand and two hands)
Chivalrous man (Gunman is good at storming)
Chivalrous man (Knife is good at fast attack)
Chivalrous man (Chivalrous man is good at combo with one hand)
Summoner [spiritual bird summoner is good at piccolo]
Summoner [beast summoner whip is good at group fighting]
Summoner [Elemental summoner staff is good at containing]
Physicians (acupuncturists flying needles are good at medical treatment and assistance)
Physicians (medicine boxes for spiritual pharmacists are good at continuous medical care)
Physician (Bitter poison master’s poison bag is good at group poison)
Killer [assassin dagger is good at stealth assassination]
Killer [hunter dagger is good at traps]
Killer [fighter dagger is good at control]
Wizards (curse wizards for being good at imposing negative States and assisting)
Wizard (battle wizard spear is good at magic attack melee)
Wizard (Aura Wizard staff is good at assisting)
Taoist priest [talisman Taoist charm is good at magic attack output]
Taoist [wood blade, the Taoist of the Holy Word, is good at assisting]
Taoist priest Qian Jian is good at fighting in groups and reducing defense.
Monks (fist and fist monks are good at close combat and combo)
Monks (Buddhist monks are good at assisting with Zen sticks)
Monks (sticks, monks, long sticks and mord are good at defense)
Yi Ji [Wu Ji Ling is good at control]
Yiji [Quyi Jiqin and Pipa are good at magic attack and output]
Yi Ji [assassinating Ji’s dagger and dagger is good at being in two places at once]
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Testimony [Chapter Words 27 When Last Updated 214914 1:13:56]
First of all, I’d like to thank the devil for his big zZ VIP ticket. I’m a little excited to receive it for the first time! Then thank you for a word, a star, a drunken Xianxia idiot, who loves to spend all night with flowers! Finally, I thank those who read me for their support! I can only go further with you! Longer!
In fact, I used to be a novel lover, and I loved reading almost any novel. I also spent many lonely nights with those wonderful novels, and I slept with them. Among them, the most favorite novel was online games. Later, I found that it was a little difficult to find an online game novel that suited my taste. I don’t know when it became a bit difficult. Assassins killed too many online game novels.
Of course, it’s not that I don’t like assassin’s rebirth novels, but that I want to read them. It’s not that I’m more prescient than others, or that the protagonist is awesome when he comes. Who thinks it’s meaningless for the novel’s protagonist to abuse people with an enemy attitude? Later, I had some messy ideas in my mind and gradually came up with the idea of writing novels by myself ~
Later, I really wrote my novel and abandoned a lot of western things. After all, I think it was written mainly for China people to see for themselves. There is no need to take the assassin-mage profession as the mainstream. There should be some special styles in our East, but lying down is not the kind of character that likes to let the protagonist come and give him the enemy. It is a master potential. Only a novice who knows little about the game will see the game and be killed at first sight. It is necessary for the protagonist to beat those who are talking about it step by step through his own efforts, and finally he will become a talker himself.
In addition, in terms of feelings, of course, there won’t be one heroine, but I think feelings must be the basis of understanding. That kind of heroine should not appear in my life at first sight. After all, there is too little love at first sight in life, and the protagonist has no divine light. Why can a girl like him at first sight?
It seems to be a bit too much. The main purpose of sending this speech today is to thank you for your support! It’s not money, it’s interest, but I didn’t expect the first signing to be successful. Of course, I was very excited and happy! How happy it will be to be able to turn my hobby into my own career!
So I want to go further and write longer without everyone’s support! Therefore, I hope that everyone has flowers and tickets, and don’t be stingy with giving them to the younger one or a ticket! Thank you very much here!
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1 cross-era online game "Yaoshi" [Chapter words 3429 latest update 21426 17:51:1]
Feather who sat in the garbage dump and picked up half a cigarette end from his pocket and pulled out an old lighter. He snapped two people and spit out a smoke turn and looked into the distance.
At the end of his sight stands a huge poster picture, a giant axe with shoulder resistance riding on a golden oriental dragon with a length of nearly 1,000 meters. The eyes of all beings are full of arrogance, which makes Yu Fan very unhappy and wants to beat the man from the dragon body with one punch and take his place.
In the right corner of the poster are several dazzling characters-Yao Shi, the second world of mankind.
Yao Shi, a simulated virtual online game, which was widely claimed a year ago that the revolution of the times could completely change the way of life of human beings, attracted the world’s attention when it was announced.
In this world, billions of players also include Yu Fan. The reason for this game is not that he wants to play or experience this game that claims to change human life, but that this M "Yao Shi" billboard blocks his room light and delays his sunbathing.
When Yu Fan was carrying a bucket of stinky water and trying to paint this advertisement as before, he saw the lifelike dragon and the man riding on the dragon with a tomahawk.
Yu Fan was holding a cigarette butt at that time and stared at the poster man for half an hour. Finally, he looked away from the man and saw the words "Yaoshi" in the second world of mankind, and he paid attention to this game from then on.