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"Prepare for the shock!"

When Wang Tianping said this, the shuttle slammed into the outer armor at the bottom of the transport and finally stopped in the collision of the outer armor of the transport.
No matter what the process is, now the frenzy squadron has completed the first step of the sergeant, and the progress is 1%!
Chapter 242 Enter the transport ship
Wang Tianping, who was stunned by the impact of falling or falling, saw the record immediately after waking up and finally took a small step forward.
Although there is one percent, it somehow means that their efforts in the first stage were not in vain, and finally they successfully landed on the armor outside the transport ship.
A little relieved, Wang Tianping immediately said on the squadron channel, "Did the crew report the damage and be killed?"
After recovering from the huge impact, the team members reported their situation to Wang Tianping, and people were killed. This is good news, but several mecha were damaged a little during the landing.
The main engine of the shuttle stopped working before landing, but after this impact, most functions of the shuttle have failed, such as automatic doors.
It took a lot of effort for the weapons to get in and out of the shuttle, and they came to Taizhong.
The scenery in Taizhong was so shocking that all the people who got out of the shuttle were robbed of their minds by what they saw. Although they had seen it through the viewfinder before, it was a different feeling to stand in Taizhong while driving the mecha.
When Wang Tianping woke everyone up, he turned on the magnetic adsorber of the mecha’s feet, so that he could be stable in this place without gravity. Later, Wang Tianping, who was used to seeing the scenery, found the directional bomb that the commander had visited in the cargo hold.
It is the same as the directional bomb that Wang Tianping, a retired veteran, saw during his service in the army. This kind of bomb is about the size of the mecha cockpit. After it is set, most of the impact force of the explosion can be directed to one side. It is a weapon to break through the wall in the army.
In dragon three, the blood helped the bomb to be placed in the outer armor of a transport ship after the shuttle fell, and there was some damage after the friction of the shuttle, which can ensure that the bomb can blow the outer armor into a gap to the greatest extent.
Setting, setting direction, starting and remote control, and remote control connection all went smoothly. After everyone hid behind the shuttle, Wang Tianping pressed the initiation button on the control panel.
Instantaneous bomb incarnates a fire, but most of them are in the direction, and there is a small amount of impact force leaking from other directions, which has no effect on the people in the mecha.
There is fire and no sound. In this real environment, there is no sound broadcast by the media. Although everyone’s external microphones are turned on, the light and shadow effect is very gorgeous but there is no sound at this time.
The fire cleared, and everyone drove the mecha near the explosion point, where they saw a circular gap with a diameter of five meters, which was a little narrow for the mecha, but now that it had been nicked, it would be easy.
Wang Tianping organized all arbitrators to follow the fire along the gap that was already weak due to the explosion, and soon one enough mecha entered the big hole and appeared in front of everyone.
"It’s really bright, Doug loves Tintin. You two guardians are advanced to pay attention to the defense. Stop and stop. Don’t put your feet on the magnetic adsorber first. There is a gravity field in the transport ship. From the inside, it seems that we are upside down and we will be affected by the gravity field after entering."
Understand the current situation, the best guardians in the two frenzy squadrons grabbed the armored propeller outside the transport ship from both sides of the hole and slightly started drilling in.
The situation inside is the same as their radar detection, but there are many enemies, but they are all infantry, no armored troops, no mecha troops and even heavy weapons, with the most basic infantry.
In this way, the fire will naturally not pose any threat to the guardians. After the two guardians enter, they will defend separately, and at the same time, they will continue to shoot laser combat rifles. For infantry, mecha rifles are similar to guns.
Behind the two guardians, the frantic squadron mecha successively passed through the hole and entered the transportation department. First, all the guardians followed by the arbitrator and then the patrolman. By the time the last pursuer came in, the battle was over and the enemy had been wiped out.
All the mecha in the frenzy squadron didn’t suffer much damage in this battle, but there were still some minor injuries. These infantry were different from those in their former middle school who solved the stragglers. They were all dressed in individual power armor and armed with regular interstellar infantry.
After the battle, everyone has leisure to observe the surrounding situation. They are now in the bottom cargo hold of the transport ship. This environment is not strange to them. They were also arranged here when they boarded the transport ship.
It can be said that the transport ship is actually composed of cargo holds of large and small sizes. Now this is the largest one here, which is mainly used to transport large-scale equipment, such as mecha, armor and fighter planes. There is also an ejection port where fighter planes and rescue capsule shuttles can be temporarily launched.
Besides here, there are many small and medium-sized cargo holds for transporting food, medicine, life, spare parts and small equipment. Each cargo hold has an external hatch, which can directly transport materials to other warships through belt feeding, which is very convenient.
From the current large cargo hold to the first floor medium cargo hold area, you can take the lifting platform to see that everyone’s observation is almost over. Wang Tianping called everyone to go to the lifting platform at the stern of the ship, where the enemy has been cleared, and it seems that nothing special has been found. He is ready to move on.
Before coming to the lifting platform, Wang Tianping said, "I won’t say much. I think everyone knows that if we protect ourselves here first, we can’t make up for the loss of durability due to maintenance. Be careful. I’ll just say that."
It’s still the old rule that the guardian and arbitrator can ensure adequate defense and suppress the enemy to a certain extent. The enemy must have been waiting for them on the lifting platform, so there is no place where there are not many patrolmen and pursuers.
Just as the one they called Bean, Dream Glass, Lingyun, Zhenliang and other vanguard troops were about to operate the lifting platform, the other side was very interested in the enemy infantry power armor just now, and suddenly a wail came from the sad straight line.
What’s the matter? Everyone is puzzled. Is it that they are afraid of seeing the enemy’s body? It shouldn’t be. It’s not that she hasn’t seen a bloodier scene before. At that time, she didn’t respond and was sad. After shooting her camera in a straight line and sharing it with the team, everyone understood the reason for her mourning.
This time, even Wang Tianping frowned and was sad. The straight line came to the picture. She took off the enemy helmet and saw the scene. Everyone saw that the root inside the power armor was not human, not ordinary human.